Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean acceptance for US update

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2012

Living in the US with a Samsung Galaxy S3 can be pretty frustrating right now, especially if you want the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update and are continually being teased by the almost here messages from Samsung. You’d think the flagship smartphone would include this update already on T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and even US Cellular thanks to tests being run a few months ago and hopes of a release date were initially thought to be back in August.

While we expect the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update to arrive at each carrier with their own unique spin and extras, it seems that most users would just be happy to see the new software that’s even arriving on the Mini version shortly. Some users will of course be happy to wait, so that others test it first and fixes can come for the expected bugs that normally accompany new software.

The biggest problem is leaving users in the dark over Jelly Bean and not giving the Samsung Galaxy S3 a solid launch date, so that these people know when they will definitely be able to download Android 4.1 Jelly Bean before it also becomes outdated. Sadly previous promises of a September update never happened, and no US carriers have provided a date for the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update at the time of writing, which is causing even more frustration and official channels still state “coming soon” for all the main carriers.

Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean acceptance for the US update – it seems that the majority of users wanting the Android 4.1 upgrade are starting to accept the reality of waiting, and after seeing Taiwan, Poland, Korea, and Hong Kong receive the update it seems that frustrated Galaxy S3 users can only relax in the knowledge that it will arrive sooner rather than later. The UK and Germany are likely to be next, some people in the UK paid out for a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE with Jelly Bean onboard already, and then shortly after we should see the United States finally see Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3.

Reality with how slow US carriers are when updating Android devices – it is well known that carriers like Verizon and AT&T are much slower at updating Android smartphones when compared to European networks, which is one of the reasons why the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update will take that much longer to arrive in the US. This wait is also made longer thanks to Samsung favoring Europe when it comes to release priority, and carriers needing to give the OK after filling the devices with their own software that some people find useless.

If you live in the United States, have you accepted the longer wait for software updates from Samsung? We’d also love to know if you like the extras US carriers add to their devices, especially when it comes to the Galaxy S3 and expected extras coming with the Jelly Bean update?

The popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 should’ve meant the Jelly Bean update arrived much sooner, but the continued delay only led to more people going for unofficial updates like this Sprint ROM. Did you download a custom ROM, or are you waiting patiently for something official?

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  • builderbob

    4.2 update btw…not 4.1 😉

  • builderbob

    Sometime on December im assuming

  • malc

    I have heard reports that it came out in Hong Kong but i have been checking for 2 weeks now and “you have the latest firmware”.

    I think you can strike Hong Kong off the list for the time being because i definitely haven’t got JB yet.

  • Andre

    Theres a crack in the white galaxy 🙁

  • I am a admit, I am a bit sore since I have bad been struggling between the Galaxy Nexus and S3 for some time, last week I thought, “hey they [Sprint] have the ROM, it should be out in a few days.” I have a Nexus S Dev Phone (though ATT use Wi-Fi only) and I love Google Now, the cards are awesome. They are so awesome, as highly as I think of the GS3, I am still debating to turn it in if this update doesn’t show up soon.

    I wish I could say that Sprint needs time to load their “bloatware” not really bloatware in the PC sense, but if that is what writers want to call it, fine. The more concerning thing is that the reason that Sprint puts those apps on is because of deals they make to push such products. Simply, don’t use them fine. But the point is lost. Sprint makes deals. I am starting to think that the delay of Jelly Bean has more to do with Sprint’s close relationship with Apple or their “privilege” to carry such a device. Verizon too, which may explain why it took so long for the “Google Phone / Galaxy Nexus” to get Jellybean if you bought the phone on contract. Unlocked phones received the update right when it came out. If you got your phone via contract, it took some time. Not true with ATT. If you look at the Sprint site and shop for phones you can tell which phones they are pushing. The top banner, ad for iPhone 5. First 3 phones, iPhone 5. Next row, pre-owned iPhone 4s, 2 other phones. Next row, HTC, two other iPhones. Next Row, all pre-owned iPhone 4s, then finally, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    For a first time user, new to the Internet the iPhone 5 (iOS6) and SGS3 (Android 4.0) are neck and neck, personal preference.

    SGS3 with Android 4.1 with Jelly Bean vs iPhone 5 (iOS with fixed maps) no contest, SGS3. The difference is Google Now, and unless you have used Google Now for a few weeks you cannot understand how unbelievably awesome of a feature this is. The SG3S is a better phone than the Galaxy Nexus no question, it comes down to OS and these “deals” the titans make. It makes sense that Apple would put pressure on carriers to delay the release of Google Now, at least until they can fix their maps.

    What sucks more than anything is hearing how these carriers “care” about their customers. I find it a lie. They don’t care. They withhold technologies we want. I have a Samsung Flip Phone, it is awesome. Pure Google Voice, makes phone calls really well. I am thinking of ditching everything and using just that phone.

    The biggest lesson I have learned through all of this. Unless you are with Apple, Apple will find a way to screw you and you will hate it. If you are with Apple, Apple will screw you and you will love it. Hey, where the FTC and FCC on this one? How can anyone doubt that there is something not right here ???

  • I think the carriers should leave the software alone, or at least allow it to be uninstalled. Finding out I cannot uninstall software from something I paid for is insulting.

  • iH8sns

    The software the carriers put on is crap. The overlays the manufacturers put on is crap. It’s all useless bloatware. Just put it on the market and if I want it I’ll download it. Just like when I buy a PC I have no idea why the pc makers put their stupid skins on top of windows. All their stupid widgets do things that Windows already does and the stock Windows does it better! Same goes for Android. The only keyboard that is any good is the stock Google Keyboard. All the ones with the skins suck and the 3rd party ones on the market or just horrible – to those I say ‘Can I get a normal button layout!’ Is it really that hard to design a keyboard? It shouldn’t take 3 or 4 clicks to make a ? and 1 click to make an = sign. Last time I checked I type more ?’s than =’s. Why people waste time, effort and money on making products worse I will never understand. Don’t even get me started on Apple. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Galaxy S3 never gets Jelly Bean from the US carriers. Guess I’ll be using Slim Bean.

  • chris

    Jelly bean will be hitting UK and Germany next week, possibly the 20th however could be earlier. US will then follow with a release towards the end of October. All updates will be offered via KIES USB connection and will soon be offered wireless after :).

  • zion4887

    I’m ready to sell my S3 because of the delay on jelly bean.

    • lord5456

      that is the most stupid comment i’ve head from all gs3 users. trying to get rid of s3 just cuz of delay on jelly bean. LOL. go for iphone 5. thats the phone u need.

      • zion4887

        I have no problem knowing I go thru devices very quickly. I actually have both phones thank you. I do prefer the S3, just have the delay.
        They are already talking about 4.2 it just sucks.

  • Marcus

    I’m definitely curious as to how much better jelly bean is than ice cream sandwich, and I hope the updates soon, but my phone’s pretty awesome as it is. So, it’ll be here when it gets here, and it’ll be a nice surprise when it does.

    • Marcus

      *I hope the update’s soon

  • ipd76

    im running jb 4.1.1 downloaded from samsfirmware … but its not available anymore…

  • “Coming soon.”

    Stfu and give us a date.

  • Im trying to wait for the update ,but its starting to get on my nerves these stupid delays

  • Dan122686

    I got the frosty_jb custom rom. My girlfriend and I both have the GS3 so we’re kinda using my device as the guinea pig because I am more “technicallogically savvy”. So far so goodwith this ROM, theres only one bug I saw with Google Talk. You can’t use the effects when video chatting. Also once you alter the original Firmware, your device will not be compatible with Samsung Kies. Overall great ROM though also one of the first ROMS I’ve ever used that keeps the WiFi calling feature.
    Galaxy S 3 T-Mobile

  • “carriers needing to give the OK after filling the devices with their own software that some people find useless.”
    No, you’ve got it wrong… we ALL find it useless, and this is the reason many people root in the first place. So in essence, the carrier should be held accountable for people bricking their devices because we’re simply trying to remove the stuff forced onto and locked in the device. If it wasnt bloated, many people trying to remove it and bricking the device wouldnt happen. Carriers meddling with the OS negatively affects the users experience.
    The developers are the unsung heroes for android. Without them we would be left to the mercy of these uncaring carriers. *Hats off to all of you devs out there*

  • I got cm10, been running it for more than a month.

    • Mitcell C.

      Me too! Love it!

    • zion4887

      Is it easy to install

    • Sri745

      Any issues as far as bugs?