Apple averting iPhone 5 scratch problems with cases

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2012

When it comes to iPhone 5 cases in the UK we reported our findings a few days ago after contacting a number of Apple Stores in relation to their lack of iPhone 5 cases, which the Apple staff we contacted had no idea when they would arrive, or if Apple would ever make cases themselves. Today we can confirm that Apple will stock 3rd party cases for the iPhone 5 later this month, although certain employees mentioned this date could change and there’s no sign of an official Apple iPhone 5 bumper case.

Apple made it clear that the new iPhone 5 is much tougher than previous generations, so this might be one reason why we haven’t seen official cases rollout at launch this year. We’ve been hands-on with the iPhone 5 since launch and can confirm that the device not only feels much lighter, but is also very tough as well thanks to the aluminum back.

Recently a number of sources reported that Apple’s SVP explained that the aluminum part of the iPhone 5 can scratch, and this would of course lead to the “natural silver” showing if this happens with your iPhone 5. We’ve personally experienced this problem with a couple of scratches on our iPhone 5, and you can see in an image on this page where the silver has revealed itself on the edge.

Phil Schiller explained that users shouldn’t think this is a major problem with the iPhone 5, and he explained that this is perfectly “normal” if you scratch your iPhone 5 where there is aluminum underneath. The photo we took confirms this is the case, although it didn’t make us happy hearing this is normal. We’ve also seen a number of video tests that reveal the black version, our model, will scratch much easier on the aluminum back.

If you had the option of an aluminum back or glass back for the iPhone 5, what would you choose? It is worth pointing out that the aluminum will scratch easier but the glass would crack/break easier, so for us it would be scratches over a crack any day.

Multiple Apple Stores in the UK have confirmed to PR that 3rd party iPhone 5 cases are arriving within the next month, and the same has been confirmed by multiple sources for the United States as well. This is great news considering the scratch problems and also Apple’s lack of providing their own branded Apple cases.

If you own the black iPhone 5 that is susceptible to scratches easier, will you purchase an iPhone 5 case? We’ll be posting our review of the new iPhone 5 Otterbox cases in the next few days, you can see one photo on this page that shows the Snap-On Otterbox case, and considering our scratches within the first month of owning an iPhone 5 it seems like a great idea to start using a case.

It is worth noting that we love the Otterbox iPhone 5 case for protection, but some of our readers might prefer the bumper case for something a little less bulky, if that sounds like you then see our earlier article, but remember there are not many cases that can offer the protection seen with Otterbox. You can also read about the Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender case here.

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  • Try check out the alu Alfa cases from EDGE Design. Thy provide solid aluminum protection without blocking. Mine is great.

  • ryan

    i see a big problem on the way. u know when u try and get a hard plastic cover on an iphone. u have to squuuueeezzeee it in a bit… therefore im 99% certain that this is gona scratch the aluminium,. Iv had 2 black ones which were damaged out of the box. Apple happily replaced the first… but on the second black one which was damaged they told me I could either have my money back or take a white one becuase there is less chance of there being a scratch. I took the white one…with no scratches. Although somehow one has already developed!

  • drdave25

    The iPhone 5 would be much neater if it were just aluminum-colored. Who needs black paint?