iPod touch 5G enters final stage

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 10, 2012

Apple might have skipped a year with launching a new iPod touch, but the 5th generation model has finally arrived at a recent event and it seems that shipping notices are starting to arrive as well. Exactly one week today we reported that the iPod touch 5G still lacked a release date, and then 4 days ago we noticed that Apple were getting the new media player ready for shipment, so as expected we’re now hearing that these devices are leaving Apple on their way to customers.

The first iPod touch 5G pre-orders that saw a status change had been ordered around Sept 14, although this had only been a notice of the device “preparing for shipment” at the time, and today we know that many orders are seeing the iPod touch 5G being given a shipping and delivery date. Devices ordered a few days later than the earlier report are now seeing emails stating “one of your items has shipped“, which is a standard message Apple send out for all shipping notifications.

The shipping notices we have seen are for a range of models, which includes the 32GB iPod touch 5G in White and Silver. Most of the delivery dates we’ve seen are for around Oct 15, although if you’ve received a different date we’d love to know, so hit the comments if that’s you.

The notifications also included the new 7th generation iPod nano that will arrive in-hands within the next week, although it’s worth noting that these products are coming directly from China, so you can expect to be one of the first in the world to get hands-on with the iPod touch 5G or nano 7G. Some people looked into the delivery companies a little more and found out that the devices are coming from specific factories in China, which included Kunshan.

Apple has delivered one of the most radical refreshes of the iPod touch to date, and the 5th generation device will feature a display very similar to that on the iPhone 5, which means a screen of 4-inches that is notably taller. Considering that both the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G include the same taller Retina display, you should expect some shortages if you’re trying to get hold of one in the next couple of weeks.

Did you pre-order the iPod touch 5G, and if so is it on the way to you now? We’ll update PR readers over the next week, and especially after users give their reactions to the new hardware. When we hear about problems with the iPod touch 5G in the next few weeks it is always good to remember the percentage of issues, which is what Apple consider to see if problems are an expected number from overall sales.

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  • Sad.iPod.Buyer.:(

    I freakin want my ipod now! Lol i ordered mine on oct. 6 and still no shipping notifications :(((

  • Kelsey

    I ordered mine this month. Mine is still being processed, but it says ”

    Available to ship:

    5 – 7 business days

    Oct 24 – Oct 26

    via Standard Shipping”

    • Valentine

      yeah me too i pre-ordered the blue one on the sep. 30th

    • Miguel Angel

      Kelsey whe did you order?

  • Krishna

    I ordered mine on the 29th of September and i live in the UAE.
    Its still processing but it says Delivery 5-7 business days, 23rd Oct-28th Oct.
    What does that supposed to mean?
    Will i get my iPod on the 23rd or on the 28th of October?

    • Alinha89

      It means you will get it between Oct 23 through Oct 28. The earliest being the 23rd and latest being the 28th. You may also get in on the 24th, 25th, 26th, or 27th. I hope this helps. When they actually ship it you should get a specific day. These dates just give u an idea.

  • Alinha

    I pre-ordered mine on October 1st. My order status says Ships: 5 – 7 Business Days and Delivers: Oct. 24 – Oct. 26 =D I can’t wait!

    • Miguel Angel

      Where do you live?

      • Alinha89

        I live in Maryland, USA.

  • james bobbyson

    i ordered mine on the first of sctober and it still hasnt come

  • Miguel Angel

    I ordered mine 1 week ago, what do you think guys about the deliver of my ipod? please help me im going to travel away from the country haha and i need it, but i didnt buy the item directly so i cant acces to notifications


  • I preordered ipod touch 5th generation yellow 64 GB on september 14th and it’s getting shipped right now .It will come on the 15th of October. One thing I don’t really like it is it’s coming from China… I’m in Canada

  • Bob

    I ordered mine on the 1st October and finally I had an estimate about when it will be shipped and delivered. Shipped within 5-7 business days and delivered around 26-30 October. Bought from italian apple store.

  • ladii charmz

    The apple ipod touch 5th generation is onlu avaialable at apple stores at moment! limited supply. call your local store now! 🙂 cant believe there released and apple is still saying theres no release date!

  • cspri

    ohh i almost forgot will apple send you an email announcing shipment or will it just post it to your apple account?

  • cspri

    i preordered my ipod touch 5g 32gb around the 22nd. Is it correct to guess that it will come around then in october or will i receive it earlier like around the 15th like most websites are saying?

  • Rome

    i ordered mines on September 28 product red with engraved i still have yet to get a shipment email but the processing email has that it will be delivered anywhere from October 24-26 so i have to wait for two more weeks.

  • Namy

    I order mine on 16 sep ,it shipped already and will be deliver to me tomorrow morning/afternoon. Product Red with engraved. I am from Thailand.

  • Jowen33

    According to like target and stuff it will be around October 15

  • Falcon

    I ordered product red 32gb and it still says october. But i ordered it not so long ago so im guessing priority is going to the people who ordered earlier

    • Miguel Angel

      When did yout order it?
      I ordered mine on october 3rd.

  • Jerry

    I ordered mine on the 3rd of this month. I haven’t received anything about it yet and the delivery date still says just October. It may take longer fore mine because I got product red and had it engraved. Thanks for keeping me informed! I can’t wait until it arrives!

    • Miguel Angel

      Hi Jerry, I ordered mine on october 3rd too. But I cant acces to the notificaction cause im didn bought the ipod directly.
      Have your received notifications in the last hours?

    • cally rodgers

      lucky i need one in the worst way my 4th generation means nothing to me any more i need the 5th generation

  • chris

    When do we aspect the prices going lower?

    • Jowen33

      No for a long time uk it’s not even out yet and ur informed when the prices will drop on the 4th gen it will

    • NEVER .. they are still charging full price for a 2 year old product

  • Bob-E

    i ordered mine on oct 4th and i still have no word from apple.

    • Miguel Angel

      Have you checked int he last two hours?

  • jeffj1988

    I want to get this stupid thing already…lol.

  • johnboy

    I ordered iPod from Amazon on September 28th. No word from them, not even a hint of it coming.


    supposedly its supposed to hit stores the 15th

  • saima

    when it will be available in stores ??

  • PEPE

    I ordered on September 14th and my scheduled Delivery is this Friday, october 12th. I live in México City and this morning UPS report an Arrival Scan in my country at 7:29am

  • Maria

    I ordered mine on the 14th, I tracked my order today and it said that it would be arriving on the 12th.

  • Miguel Angel

    I ordered the ipod5g on october 3rd, no shipment notifications 🙁

  • Mike Joiner

    I ordered the iPod touch on September 14th. I received an email from Apple yesterday advising me it will be shipped on October 12th for delivery on October 18th.

  • Theapple

    I Want to know when it will enter apple stores -_- *sigh*