Wii U exclusive needs PS Vita release

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2012

The Nintendo Wii U has some fantastic looking games on the horizon and one of them has to be Rayman Legends, which has now been confirmed as an exclusive title to Nintendo’s new console. PS3 and Xbox 360 owners who loved Origins are obviously not happy about the decision, but we’re a bit more disappointed that the game is not scheduled for an appearance on the PS Vita in some form.

Ubisoft has recently been talking about the their reasonings behind bringing the game to the Wii U and not to other platforms like the PS3 and Xbox 360. Rayman Legends if you are not aware, features key elements of gameplay that requires touch input and as you can imagine, it’s obviously difficult to replicate this experience on other consoles – making the Wii U unique in that aspect.

Ubisoft has basically said that they do not want to ship half the product to Xbox 360 and PS3 users, just for the sake of keeping them happy. It is the touchscreen elements that you see on the GamePad and in co-op mode that has become a priority for Ubisoft, which we understand – but what about the PS Vita?

We have seen with Rayman Origins that touch input is no problem at all and it remains one of the standout titles on the handheld and a must buy for all Vita owners who haven’t played it. Rayman Legends may not be possible on the likes of the Xbox 360 and PS3, but could Ubisoft perhaps make a solid port of the game on the PS Vita, with all of the touchscreen features in tact?

The PS Vita still badly needs more games and the announcement of a Rayman Legends game would surely boost morale for those consumers still wondering if they made the wrong decision in purchasing at launch. Black Ops Declassified is going from bad to worse in our opinion and Sony really needs to get their focus back on and start churning out some true console quality games on the Vita.

Are you a big fan of Rayman? Let us know your thoughts on Rayman Legends as a Wii U exclusive and whether you would like to see it on Vita someday as well.

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  • Vita needs games made just for Vita and Ports, what’s bad about a home console port on a handheld? Think a lot of you are missing the point entirely, more games in any form is a good thing. Especially a game to the quality of Rayman. Five ports I’d love to see are this, Resident Evil: Revelations, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls and it’d never happen seeing as Bethesda struggle to get the game running on the PS3 with their shoddy technical ability but Skyrim.

  • Rudi

    Sony needs to make a touch controller for ps3 based on the vita, but without internal gaming Hardware.

  • phantomx

    Why does the article say the Wii U exclusive needs ps vita release? No it doesn’t. The Wii u exclusive will do just fine without the Vita’s “help” lol

  • killstreakdemon

    Vita & PS4 > WiiU. Give it time.

    • phantomx

      Give it time is right…a ps4/vita combo is 3 years away!

      There goes Nintendo…paving the way games are played, again. :p

  • ralph

    ps vita needs both exclusive title and ports meaning it needs additional games to its library

  • anonn

    ubisoft pretty much said in another article i read that rayman legends will most likely not be for any other system at least not for a while because not everyone has a tablet for smart glass or a vita(especially with vita sales not doing so well) and with the wii u you get all you need bundled in one which gives the wii u tremendous upside considering you’d have to pay an extra 200-300 bucks for a vita to do cross play and much more for a tablet with smartglass so don’t expect that to save vita sales in the near future or at all if its not tossed aside by sony for being a handheld that might not even be worth saving and trust me i bought one and sold it back within the first few weeks i had the thing so i know what its like to be dissapointed, sorry psvita owners no rayman legends anytime soon.

    • killstreakdemon

      Total bull. No WAY you had a Vita and then returned it. The problem isnt the hardware, it never is with Sony. The main problem is that the vast majority of casual gamers dont even know it exists. Here in the UK were only NOW seeing any kind of dedicated advertising campaign. But ill never believe anybody who hates on the Vita like you and then says ‘I had one but it was crap so returned it.’ Your just trying to add to the shitstorm.
      The Vita in your hands is an amazing bit of kit and i defy ANY gamer to disagree.

      • phantomx

        I agree. People who say they bought a vita and returned it are the same as people who said they bought a Wii and put it in the corner and never played it.

        The difference being…100 million Wiis were sold :p

  • Evilmusman

    You forgot to mention that new PS3-PSvita CROSSPLAY feature is very VERY simmilar to the Wii U itself, wich would make online multiplayer co-op for Ps vita POSSIBLE. Ubisoft made Rayman Origins for ALL modern councils and only gained SUCCESS (…and great money) out of it, so why are they making the sequel a Wii U exclusive??.
    I have Rayman Jungle Rush and I see it as a simple bribe by Ubisoft to make Rayman fans except Rayman Legends as a Wii U exclusive.
    I know that Ubi owns Rayman respectively and all, but forcing us to buy yet another game council is quite a mean thing to do for all the Playstation/Xbox fans who love and care about them.
    A Ps3 and Vita release would be the greatest decision they would make.

    • phantomx

      Why would they spend time/money porting the game to a system (ps3/vita combo) that only a million people in the world have??

      By the time Rayman comes out on the Wii U in 2013, 4-6 million will have already bought the Wii U system.

  • The headline should read as “Struggling Vita needs Wii U exclusive to be ported to try help save the system.”

  • the title of the story should really be, “Struggling Vita desperately needs Wii U port to try to help save the system.”

  • mushroomchow

    It wouldn’t be commercially viable. Rayman has only ever really sold in the West, where the Vita’s sales have been absolutely abysmal.

    • killstreakdemon

      No, abysmal is the 360’s sales in the East. THATS abysmal

  • Olden vye

    The last thing the Vita needs I think is ports, it gave the PSP a bad reputation – the U version of legends will be the definitive version so I see very few people getting it for a handheld that is struggling to gain traction – Legends looks to be that type of game that requires local multiplayer to get the most out of the game and it makes it more fun with upto 5 players at the same time so a Vita version would take away a major selling point for the game as it is.

  • Jason Jenkins

    Don’t forget PS3 can do Cross Controller, so Rayman on the Wii U should be how it plays on the PS3 with the Cross Controller.

    And VITA has a few games coming out, ports or not, and some have Cross Buy.

    I’m looking forward to Killzone, Tearaway (New IP & exclusive), Assassin’s Creed (That is a VITA exclusive), Sly 4, Need for Speed, PlayStation All Stars.

    I’m a fan of the Oddworld series and there coming to the VITA, also a Re-make/Re-design on the 1st Abe games are coming out. New N Tasty!

    I’ve just picked up Unit 13 and Gravity Rush there both amazing games for a handheld and they are new IP’s and VITA exclusives. So you cant say the VITA needs new IP’s and exclusives when the VITA has got and is getting them, even if there Ports of games we’ve seen and played before. I like the Killzone series, and where getting an exclusive Assassin’s Creed, I’m happy that I’m getting version’s of games I love and can play when out and about Traveling.

    The VITA for me, needs its own MGS and a Grand Theft Auto. The 3DS Resident Evil would be awesome as well, I loved that game on my 3DS before I traded 3DS in for a VITA. Wasn’t a fan of the 3DS, I like VITA more.

    VITA will pick up in time, hope to see PS2 Classics become available for the System.

    • lumpy182

      “Don’t forget PS3 can do Cross Controller, so Rayman on the Wii U should be how it plays on the PS3 with the Cross Controller. ” Ubisoft addressed that in the article dude. They dont want to port for PS3 with Crossplay or 360 with Smartglass becuase not every PS3/360 user will have the ability to play the game using those features, without buy extra equipment. In fact /most/ PS3 users dont have a Vita, so they cant really rely on a large enough audience to be able to buy and play the game. With the WiiU, everyone who has a WiIU has the ability for dual screen play. Thats the difference. And admirably, they’re not keen on shoehorning it onto other platforms.

      • jimmy

        excellent comment, unfortunately, fanboys need to have it spelt out for them.

        • Jason Jenkins

          I’m not a Fanboy, I’m a Gamer, I play my Xbox 360 more then my PS3 and I play on my PC more then all my systems. I dont think a Game Designer who likes all systems is a Fanboy do you? I’m at UNI doing Game Design and Game Art. I wasnt been a Fanboy I was stated what I’m looking forward to on the VITA. And how if Wii U Rayman came on PS3 it could use Cross Controller. I’m sorry that I know what each system can and cant do.

          Lumpy182 I didnt know Ubisoft said that, but I was only saying they could use Cross Contoller on PS3 and it should play like the Wii U version.

          Gamer Forever, Fanboy Never!

        • lumpy182

          I’m not accusing you of being a “fanboy”, whatever that is.
          And unfortunately the PS/Vita crossplay would be impossible for this game, as the lag would completely ruin in. The WiiU uses a proprietary wirelesss technology which has almost zero lag. Thats technically impossible between PS3/Vita, at the moment at least.

  • david6

    we already played a rayman on vita, dont need another one right now. Also, vita does need more games and exclusives. But there are youtube trailer vita games for 2012/13 that show many games coming out. I like vita especially while waiting for nex gen consoles to come out. But were just now getting littlebigplanet. Vita will be there for along time so it just takes time for games. I think ms shouldve made a handheld, it wouldve been cool. Im getting bored of my vita because not enough games or good ones that i like, but eventually there will be more. I cant trade in the vita though cause they will only give back like $58, so im stuck with it.

  • Majestic 12

    Ubisoft never said Legends would remain exclusively a Wii U title only that it will be exclusive at launch. They’ve been hesitant to give a clear answer when queried on the matter recently. The game will come to other platforms including the Vita later on, I’m sure of it. Oh and the Vita doesn’t need more ports although this would be one of the few exceptions to that, it needs wholly original IPs. No gimmicks, no unnecessary touchscreen/trackpad functionality just solid new franchises. Sony need to start the ball rolling to convince developers that the Vita is worth investing in.

    • DonnyKD

      The fact that they outright said “We made this game for the Wii U because everyone will have a GamePad” basically says “Yeah, this game is Wii U-exclusive.”

      • killstreakdemon

        He said its an exclusive AT LAUNCH. Then will probably move to other platforms afterwards. You must be 1 of these fanboys old ‘Jimmy’s’ talking about ^above^

        • lumpy182

          They’ve never said it will move to other platforms afterwards. In earlier interviews they said its technically possible /possible/, but for the reasons I’ve said above, and the reasons stated by Ubisoft in this very article…..they aren’t likely to do it. You cant port a game to a system where /some/ consumers /might/ have the ability to play it /if/ they happen to have a vita. Thats not feasible for Ubisoft and they cant plough money into a port just for those few that might buy and be able to play it. And to put it on a console without dual screens would require cutting out content which ubisoft have said they wouldnt liike to do. Theres a difference between them saying “its technically possible” (which fyi it may not be as the latency between PS3 and Vita in crossplay isnt too great) and them saying “we’ll do it” With WiiU everyone who has the console has what they need to play this game. Thats why it was designed for this platform. Nothing to do with fanboyism, you’re just ignoring parts of what ubisoft have said.

        • phantomx

          Jimmy was talking about vita fanboys…not wii u fanboys.

          And the devs for Rayman were talking about NOT WANTING to make the game for other systems that won’t support it fully. Which means they WON’T make it for Xbox or ps3….because 90% of Xbox/ps3 owners don’t ALSO have the corresponding gamepad.

          They clearly said they don’t want to make it for other, lacking systems.

          Now, if 5 million more Ps3 owners go out and buy Vitas in the next 6 months, then it’s a different story.

          But do you see even another million vitas being sold…ever? lol

  • bonezai

    No. Vita needs games exclusively made for Vita.

  • Tapan

    As i am a vita user i am glad using it since 4 months, whether ubisoft has making rayman & zombie u here it has made AC# liberation. in some point vita has some advantage & somewhere Wii U…still m happy bcoz AS#, NFS MW2 are coming this months…hureyyyyyy

    • Majestic 12

      Most Wanted 2 is the biggest pile of crap I’ve seen. Criterion are a joke.