Lack of Black Ops 2 zombies/perks on Vita harmful

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 9, 2012

The PS Vita might not be perfect but as far as graphics and gameplay on the move go, this is one of the best platforms we’ve seen for mobile gaming in many years. This is why we’re blown away that a full Black Ops 2 with the new zombies and perks will not arrive on the PS Vita, which Activision think the gamer would be happy with Declassified instead.

Reactions to this news are pretty much what we expected, and the majority of gamers feel the alternative to Black Ops 2 on the Vita is getting worse “by the minute“. The campaign is certainly lacking, smaller online maps, missing the major Call of Duty update for 2012 as in Black Ops 2, and also now having no zombies will be very harmful to the success of COD on the Vita.

The very reason a number of gamers will buy Black Ops 2 for the PS3/Xbox 360 is for zombies, and being able to have that experience while mobile on the PS Vita would’ve been amazing, so hearing that this isn’t going to happen has become a nightmare for thousands of Vita users. What are Activision thinking by not giving Vita gamers the full Black Ops 2 experience with zombies?

Sony’s PS Vita hardware and specs sheet certainly show a device that can handle Black Ops 2, and this game would have defined the PS Vita and helped a lot thanks to the lack of standalone games available right now. Some gamers might blame the developer, Nihilistic Software, and they would be right that Treyarch would have done a better job and likely delivered a full zombies experience on the Vita, but we wonder about Sony’s involvement?

It is a fact that money talks, Microsoft show this time after time, so couldn’t Sony have made sure that one of the biggest franchises and games arrived on the PS Vita in the best possible way for gamers? We wanted the full Black Ops 2 experience with all the new perks and zombie enhancements. We now wonder how harmful this could be for the PS Vita platform and if Sony don’t somehow make sure developers bring what the users want with games, what will the future of Vita be like? How do you feel about the current PS Vita games selection and Black Ops: Declassified?

You can see the latest Black Ops 2 gameplay trailer here, which shows the new zombies in action and the very reason most gamers wanted this on the Vita. You can also read about possible easter eggs in this article, although we’d love to know if you will purchase Vita’s Declassified now you’re better informed about what will be included?

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  • I was actually considering buying my first CoD game on the Vita but this doesn’t sound interesting at all now. So I guess I’ll just wait for Killzone: Mercenaries to come out sometime next year?

  • von flue choke

    I’m happy about this. Zombies would be a waste of cart space as far as I’m concerned.

  • Gking

    Let down only reason black ops was successful was cause of zombies so that is ridiculous! they really need to consider the viewers thoughts rather than just there’s!!

  • Johnny Smith

    Seriously? The Graphics look amazing on The PS Vita. The gameplay looks amazing as well. I’d alone buy the vita just for the Blcak Ops 2 game. You idiots need to learn, that graphics don’t matter. Its the gameplay that counts. For instance, try playing counterstrike 1.6. If you can’t get use to that then you shouldn’t even be playing an FPS game or anygame at all for that matter. The graphics don’t even matter it matters on gameplay as I have Already said. If all you do are care about the graphics, then you should just go outside and play some B-Ball. Honestly I will love to play a 4v4 on PS vita. Because you won’t be able to camp because there is no Prone Button :3
    So all of you just need to learn. Alright, Alright! Anyway cheers everyone!

    • Josh101

      No it’s not just about the graphics. But with immersion it does matter. If you think this COD game looks amazing, then you must have not seen Uncharted Golden Abyss in real time. It is LEAPS and BOUNDS above what is shown with COD Vita. We are speaking on the fact that the Vita can definately handle regular matches of at LEAST 8 vs.8. Only 4 MP maps?? Really?? That is low. What we are complaining about is, more than likely, they will release ‘map packs’ that are already finished. Graphics, yet again do come into play. The early adopters didn’t pay what we did for watered down versions of console games. Not for a kit with the spec sheet of the Vita.

  • Josh101

    As mentioned in a previous article, lets hope Resistance: BS suffered because they were spending time polishing COD. But with this news, it is sad to say, that may not be the case. I wonder how big Nihilistic Software is as a company. That would put into perspective what kind of production these games are getting. If it’s only a handful of people we should commend them on their efforts, on the other hand Sony and Activision would take heat if it were. I can’t say that I’m excited about the release to be honest. Resistance was definately not up to the task. Nihilistic should have definately polished much better. May not have put such a horrible taste in our mouths. Not a good start.

  • coupster73

    Their is no excuse, this developer should of never of been handed this project after the shocking resistance game, and what the hell is sony doing?, does it really want to miss a oportunity like this to potentially sky rocket sales of this more than capable device?

    • psycho6954

      for this reason i will not buy it for the vita but will get it for ps3 guess now its time to hack my vita