iOS 6 problems bug companies

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 8, 2012

Now that we are a few weeks on since the launch of iOS 6 it seems that the list of problems have not only grown, but the bugs are causing companies to warn people not to update if they’ve not done so already. We’ve also seen a number of products affected by iOS 6 problems, which includes users of AT&T’s MicroCell finding the service broken after upgrading on their iPhone 4/4S, and even on the latest iPhone 5.

The unnamed company that warns about iOS 6 problemsthis source is claiming a “large” company has contacted employees over iOS 6 issues, and states there are bugs with meeting invitations in Microsoft Exchange. It worried this company so much that they warned staff to avoid updating to iOS 6 until the problems have been fixed, and it is worth pointing out that both Microsoft and Apple are aware of the bugs and are apparently working “towards a resolution“, although we’re not aware of an official response from either company.

You can see part of a memo that the employees received below, we don’t know the name of this company that the above source quotes from, but the impact of these Microsoft Exchange problems in iOS 6 are very clear and the warning to not upgrade is also crystal clear. If you own the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 then you are warned to not interact with any calendar appointments until these bugs are fixed.

Some iPhone users enjoy using AT&T’s 3G MicroCell device to improve reception in their homes, which is especially important when you get a ready bad signal, although it seems these devices have been plagued with bugs since iOS 6. Some users are reporting that the service has broke and after contacting AT&T they explained the problem is being worked on, although there is no set time for a fix. You can read more about iOS 6/iPhone 5 issues with MicroCell here, although feel free to leave a comment if you’ve experienced any issues.

We’ve also heard about issues with Wi-Fi on iOS 6 devices and iPhone 4/4S users finding battery life draining much faster after updating, which some of PR’s readers asked Apple Store staff about these issues and the staff said they “didn’t know anything about it“. It is worth pointing out that we have extensively tested the iPhone 5, and can confirm there are no battery issues on the latest hardware.

Did you update to iOS 6 right away, or did you expect problems and are waiting for fixes? After owning 6 different iPhones now it has become the norm to see bugs after a major software update, and thousands of existing iPhone owners that don’t purchase the new hardware often say they’ll wait a few weeks before updating, which is purposely to see the expected bugs fixed. Now that iOS 6 has arrived with problems for certain users, the patient people will say, “I told you so” and are waiting for the iOS 6.1 update.

If you have updated an older iPhone to iOS 6 and have a number of problems, then you could always downgrade although this will require a jailbreak to do so as explained in this article, which should be considered at your own risk. Hit the comments with your iOS 6 problems, if you have any that is.

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  • Veron

    Upgraded iPhone 4 with ios6. Decreased battery life. Slower wifi plus cellular data flow. Constant delays in sending messages vis what apps – even pure texts. The most annoying problem out of all is safari constantly lapse I.e. as if hitting the home button. What’s worse is the page has to be reloaded after reopening safari. I was kicked out of safari four times before a webpage was fully loaded. Same problem with certain apps. Only plus I could think of is access to emoji 2 on keyboard. Hating it. Looking forward to ios6.1

  • Raven C.

    Since iOS 6 update my wifi will only show one dot…not acceptable. I own iPad 3. My old iPad one that I gave my husband operates better. I’m embarrassed. I have to sit near my wifi router while he can go into any room or outside. We won’t even discuss the battery life or slowness! I buy the best so I expect the best.

  • LMC

    Updating was a huge mistake. i can no longer read the type in Apps or iTunes without jumping through hoops to zoom; color is garish, images are cluttered, software is so bloated that WiFi and 3G almost come to a halt. it now takes 4 taps to do what I did with one. This is Apple’s Vista moment. I may not stay with Apple if they don’t permit a download to 5.1.1 or get an immediate fix.

  • Nate Todd

    For some reason I can’t search for songs on iTunes I have a iPod 4th gen and when I search it just shows a empty screan please help me :.(

  • Discreto

    My problem with IOS6 started when I upgraded my Ipad 2. I cannot enter the Itunes store in any way. I have tried changing the time/date as suggested elsewhere but that won’t work either, so my only options are to wait for a way to downgrade to 5.1.1. or wait until Apple comes out with a patch or a newer IOS.

  • Nfluencial

    Battery problem happens with all updates. Just let your phone get down to 3% then hold down the power button and the home button until the phone restarts then it should be to 1 or 2%. Plug it in overnight and it relearns actual battery capacity. I have had to do this to every device upgraded and it worked.

  • Austin Thomas

    My message tones a screwed up and i dont know when i get a text. My battery dies faster. Its horrible.

  • I upgraded two iPhones (both 4’s) and two iPad 2’s to iOS 6 the day it was released. The iPads work fine, and the OS is awesome on them. On the iPhones, it’s a different story. Battery life has tanked. Where I would get a full days use and then some out of a full charge, I am now at 40% battery life by lunch time. (With the same usage habits) I am also having trouble finding WiFi connections, and when I do, it is painfully slow. AT&T 3G is now faster than my own home network on the iPhone 4. Again, no issue on the iPads. I have increased battery life, somewhat, by going into settings and turning off all location services to all but essential apps. I find this annoying since battery life in iOS 5 was awesome, even with all the location services on. Please note: when I say I increased battery life by turning all the services off, I am talking an extra 10% over the course of a day. Battery life is still far less than it was in the previous two OS versions. It’s very annoying, and the single factor that would keep me from getting another iPhone. I have to have a solid batery as my phone is my daily tool for browsing and entertainment when out of the house.

  • socaljake

    When the i5 released I bought an 4S. Got it home, joined my wifi and the Internet crawled. Wife’s phone, another 4S worked fine. After hours off fruitless Googling thinking it was a defective phone I exchanged it for another. I ran into the same issue at home. Netgear had no firmware updates for my router. My wife upgraded hers to iOS 6 and then it, too was shamefully slow. That’s when it clicked — the Sprint rep preloaded iOS6 on mine before I left the store both times. It seems there is an iOS 6 wifi issue. More Googling had me set my WPA2-PSK from AES to TKIP. It’s approaching 3G speeds now but nowhere near the 20Mb pipe I have.