GTA V gameplay sets standard

By Alan Ng - Oct 8, 2012

We have something that is really going to excite you now. An alleged GTA 5 gameplay video has been posted on YouTube and regardless of the authenticity – we think it sets the standard for the quality of graphics that gamers should expect to see when the game finally comes out.

The video has been on YouTube for several weeks now, so there’s a good chance that you may have already seen the footage. The title of the video is ‘GTA 5 Gameplay’ – rather conspicuous in our opinion and even more dubious when you consider that Rockstar hasn’t even removed the video, with no copyright notice in site.

As of now, there’s almost half a million views, but almost 1000 dislikes as well. The gameplay on offer shows a 4×4 travelling through the desert, with a GTA style map located in the bottom left corner. The graphics look absolutely mindblowing and particularly in the lighting department, with even the littlest details like the shrubs having their own individual shadows on the ground.

Towards the end of the short clip we see the player exiting the vehicle to switch to a chopper instead and again, the graphics on show here are pretty mouth-watering. Let’s get one thing clear here – there’s obviously a very high chance that the video is fake with the user ‘FranSnk3D’, just making this video from scratch and labeling it as Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay just to attract attention.

What we want to focus on here though is the quality of graphics shown in the video. The video may be fake, but would you expect the real GTA V game to look as good as this, as a minimum? The visuals are certainly a step up from GTA IV, but is it a little indication of what GTA may end up looking like on next gen hardware?

Take a look at the clip for yourself below and let us know your thoughts on it. It’s probably just another fan video, but do the graphics excite you regardless? We definitely wouldn’t be disappointed if the real game looked like this.

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  • The graphics look nice, but this is just the GTA San Andreas mod for GTA IV PC. Good work whoever made it

  • GTA 5 Rockstar

    I want to confirm to everyone this is not real. GTA 5 will arrive March 1st, 2013.

    2nd GTA 5 trailer will arrive November.

  • Ryan

    The video is fake, and the guy posting as “Rockstar Gaming” is a fake. What the h*ll is the point of these people?

  • anon

    Doesn’t really set any kind of standard though does it…. Considering the footage is fake and you just made this article knowing that, hoping you could get people to read it anyway. Stop making these shitty articles.

  • Rockstar Gaming

    dis is da fake

    Rockstar Production Company (Take Two)

  • Lizzy

    this is footage from the cancelled PS3 game Eight Days… go YouTube search “Eight Days gameplay”.

    and I love how people try to defend this website when they are criticized for posting stupid articles that are pure speculation that is treated as legit info and now this??

  • RockstarGamingMyAnus

    Whatever it is, it looks smart.

  • Patrick

    Well, atleast he got the release date right at the end there

  • Rockstar Gaming

    Hello Gamers,

    This is NOT leaked gameplay from Grand Theft Auto 5 as we are still working on it as we speak, if this was leaked gameplay it would have been deleted straight away. Just hold tight more game info will be released in a later date.

    Rockstar Production Company (Take Two)

    • William

      When’s a later date? I can’t wait for the game.

    • dave

      your obviously nothing to do with rock star or take two. they wouldn’t start replying on posts now that have been flying over the internet for the past year. try again.

    • anon

      lol nice try pal, but you aren’t rockstar

  • Koopa

    I think it’s real just look at the visuals it would of taken someone years to make these videos they would of had to start making them about the same time rockstar started making gtav I really dout anyone would spend that much effort making something fake
    It’s prob just rockstar putting out small leaked footage to moisten our taste buds

    • Gumbi

      The guy who made the videos said it was fake, and just to see if anyone thought it was real, to make them look like idiots, and tbh, its like 3 videos in the past year that hes made, and they are like 1:00 long, GTA V is going to be alot bigger than this, so it probably took this guy, what? a few weeks…JS

  • GTA V – end of 2012 i hope!

    Damn it people, obviously the purpose of this article as posted “would you expect the real GTA V game to look as good as this, as a minimum?”.( done)

  • Everyone here realizes that these writers get paid on a per click page view basis right?? That’s why they continue to write these useless articles. Its all about the money, and if GTA V is in the title, they can be assured of many page clicks. If there’s a way to complain about this article or mark it as spam, please do!!

  • Gumby65

    This has been debunked a long time ago, *allegedly* it is from never-realized PS3 game 8 Days. Next?

  • Dymez

    I mean, come on… Nobody should be that stupid. If you watched the official trailer and seen the 10 screenshots released by Rockstar, common sense will tell you this is obviously fake.

  • fuckyou

    WAAAY too shiney and clearly faked

  • jon

    Wow its fake its the same crap that was posted about the fake GTA 5 beta as there’s no such thing as a beta for GTA v

  • Ninkonpoop

    That’s fake…Rockstar would never reveal leaked gameplay. These people always want attention! Clearly you could see it’s fake, because of the guy who get’s out
    of the car, and because it’s a desert. GTA V is said to have a country side, not
    a desert.

  • luk

    GTA SA mod for GTA IV plus ice enhancer…

    • dave


  • This is so stupid. The guy who posted that video, has posted other rendered videos since 2008, when GTA IV came out, saying it was GTA V. Really, really stupid.

  • 111111

    this picture not like the official trailer

  • 111111

    this is fake

  • 111111

    everythings is too shiny, to much reflections

  • fifa13

    i hate you fuckin gays. one day when i have time im gonna shut this site down

  • howie

    dude, stop posting bullsh1t

  • it looks like Red Dead but with a GTA feel to it with the cars and the hellicopter

  • DIM


  • David C

    The author to the video has already said they made it and how… #dave < he is right too!!

  • BB

    It’s Eight day a game project by Rockstar has never released

  • Mike

    This has been out for months and months, it is defiantly a fake, apart from everything else it has been on youtube for so long now that Rockstar would have taken it down in this window of time if it was really leaked footage. Stop posting bogus articles.

  • Jaico

    the guy who made the video is an animator 🙂 also, remember Rockstar said unless it came from them then it is fake

  • gogogogo

    The dirt that’s being blown out of the moving wheels looks fake, specially when the truck is parked.

  • Anon

    I can confirm that this is an alpha test of the GTA 5 game engine that was leaked recently. While this “area” may not feature in the end product, you can expect to see this level of detail in the retail version.

    • Shut up. This is no “alpha test.” Rockstar doesn’t leak crap like this. This is nothing more than somebody modding on PC and posting to Youtube in an attempt to attract attention. Rockstar never has, and never will leak “betas” of its games.

    • No, you cant. And no, its not. This YouTube use has uploaded 2 other videos claiming to be GTA V game play He is nothing more then a decent animator trying to get views (which he is admittedly being very successful in doing). His video with the GMC Savannah was viewed with skepticism due to the fact that everyone knows that Rockstar does not use real licensed vehicles. The newest video above shows nothing more than a re-badged Lincoln Navigator with the rear hatch lights doodled differently so people cant say its a licensed vehicle and therefore POSSIBLY GTA V game play. Anyone who seriously thinks this needs to start reading other articles besides the ones coming from this horrible writer!!

  • Bob

    I doubt this is real. The graphics are too inconsistent from the car to the person to the environment to the buildings

  • dave

    Get with the times.. this is very old news

  • mickrkc

    Gets out of left hand side of car, bit sus

    • Moneymitch

      People in the u.s and in gta games usaully drive on the left hand side… Are u joking?

  • you do know thats fake right

    • but graphic look raw i mean a heli in the desert badass rom playinreddead to seein it all frm birds eye view cant wait

    • MonkeyMan!


  • andrew

    did you watch the trailer? the game looks nothing like this!!?

  • ReZon4ce

    This is such old news! Come on…

  • anon

    It looks like it’s been made by the man who made the fake GTA V van video, the car suspension is too bouncy and the camera angle is similar.

    • lollo

      I mean, seriously? That bouncy thing is what me made thinking that this might actualy be not a fake…

  • Alex

    this is fake because in every gta whenever you enter a mode of transportation it will always come up with the name on one of the bottom corners of the screen

    • ReZon4ce

      Its only in its early stages they might have not added it yet

      • dave

        Or its fake.. its an animation