Skyrim Hearthfire DLC release on PC kills PS3 hope

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2012

We have some important news for PC owners now and further disappointment for PS3 users. Bethesda has finally released the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC expansion for PC users, but there’s no sign of the same content appearing on the PlayStation Store.

Hearthfire has been available on the Xbox 360 since September 4, meaning that an exclusivity deal was in place after all, with Bethesda planning all along to bring the second DLC pack to PC, exactly 30 days later. Despite the problems with putting Dawnguard onto the PS3, fans had still hoped that Hearthfire would at least become available due to its smaller size in comparison, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case.

There’s no sign of Hearthfire releasing on the PS3, or any specific update from Bethesda on when the PS3 will be getting any add-on content for Skyrim at all. PC owners now have some extra content to play over the weekend, with Hearthfire available for download right now for $4.99 on the Steam marketplace.

While it’s good that Bethesda has stuck to their original 30 day exclusive deal for PC users this time around (they didn’t with Dawnguard), PC users will still argue that they don’t really have any use for Hearthfire anyway, since the ability to create mods with the Creation Kit can produce even more content than what Hearthfire offers – for free.

The real story here, is that Bethesda are still remaining silent on progress for the PS3 version, when they could have easily hinted in their official post that they were at least trying to solve the problem. Not one mention of the PS3 status though in sight and it again leaves PS3 users questioning whether the content will ever come out.

As a PC owner, are you really bothered that Hearthfire is now available, or does the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop have everything you want? For PS3 users reading this – is this the final nail in the coffin for you, with regards to ever seeing any add-on content for the game?

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  • Broseph

    Okay so i’m no game developer but could Bethesda not just design Hearthfire and Dawnguard again but specially designed for ps3?

  • Seriously, guys… based on what they have said, if they DID release Hearthfire, THAT would be the death rattle for Dawnguard. The fact that it’s not out yet is GOOD NEWS. How do you not see that?

  • They haven’t been silent, and this doesn’t “kill hope”. They specifically said that they couldn’t release Hearthfire without ruining their ability to also release Dawnguard, and that they were still working on Dawnguard. Two plus two equals they can’t release this while they’re still working on that. For the guys reporting on this stuff, you sure do make a lot of logic mistakes.

  • Ell

    The thing I dont understand is the reason bethesda won’t release this is because it’s apparently buggy but i’ve never played a bethesda game that doesn’t freeze every 5 minutes anyway

  • Mr Shankly

    Just my own opinion, but I’m not going to buy the Elder Scrolls Online for PC or any other system as a result of this nonsense. Bethesda can’t kick around PS3 users like this.

  • JesseT

    PC users.
    Do not get this.
    You can get it for free.
    And from what I here the mod is better then the DLC.
    (for those of you who do not know)
    There has been a mod for this on the PC since like day one game came out.

  • pc user

    Nice to know its out. Not in any rush as the creation kit is better. Ps3 users stop complaining. You can only build a house and adopt children. If I were you, I wouldn’t be complaining. I would be irritated about dawnguard. It is awesome.

  • Pathetic.Simply Pathetic

  • Calm down my brother PS3 , right now there are more game company that make an ” Exclusive ” only on PS3 like far cry 3 that making a map Exclusive on PS3 and Rockstar are making a game called ” Agent ” Exclusive only on PS3 So let Shitbox fanboy suck on that we got a lot more game to play , So why bother becoming a Dragonborn any more . Let move on my brother

  • enraged ps3

    this is pathetic i said no to the people that boycotted bethesda for no dlc but now i am really considering jioning them

  • Stuart Moore

    Brought Hearthfire (on the PC) simply because there’ll be mods in the future that’ll make use of it that I’ll want to use.

  • casper13rocks

    i beliave with playstation owners now tradeing in there ps3 for a xbox as a direct result of of bethesda’s actions this will directly afect sonys curent and futer profits not only on ps3 sale of bathesda games but with people tradeing in for xbox there no longer buying other release’s so this afects all sonys futer sales this is in direct vilation of busines practice law and i think as a sign of good faith to there ps3 customers sony should force some kind of imediate result in this situation

    • SpellingMan!Spelling

      *believe *trading *their *affect *current *future *bethesda *trading *they’re *affects *future *violation *business *their *immediate

      Claims of discrimination in your last post, violation of business practice law in this one!? We’re all disappointed, but seriously… I’d love to see this “business practice law” that prevents a private entity from controlling it’s own product.

      At this point, the best you could hope for is for Bethesda to call for a recall on Skyrim PS3 and return your game for a refund. That itself seems unlikely as the the core software works on a PS3.

      If you feel so strongly, consider voting with your dollar in the future. Don’t buy Bethesda games if you are upset with their development and content. Or perhaps if you are upset that Sony hardware doesn’t meet the requirements of new, up-and-coming games, don’t buy Sony products.

      Ultimately, quit being so ridiculous.

  • DisturbedFanUK

    Have purchased Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PC and so far enjoying Dawnguard having trouble getting Hearthfire to trigger via the courrier even though i became thane of hjalmarch after installing hearthfire though its need is made somewhat superflous by Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. Do I feel bad for PS3 users?, not really no while Bethseda is partially at fault for releasing skyrim on a system that can only just manage to run the Stock Skyrim on its own, most with a hint of common sense knew that the PS3 just isnt up to the task as so either bought Skyrim on Xbox or PC so it is a little rich to pile all of the blame on Bethseda

    • casper13rocks

      if bathesda had maid skyrim with a ps3 game engin insted of doing it on the cheap and ported the game over from xbox in the first place they wouldnt have half the trouble there haveing fact is we all bought the same game and are just as intitled to any content released to other platforms to provide 2 out of 3 platforms content and give nothing to the 3rd simply is discrimanation i thought discrimanation for profit was higly illeagle

      • SpellingMan!Spelling!

        *Bethesda, *made *engine *instead *wouldn’t *they’re *having *entitled *discrimination *discrimination *illegal

        That is also one heck of a run-on sentence, try punctuation. Sorry to correct, but that was just brutal.

        I’m a PS3 user as well, I don’t have an XBox, nor a gaming PC. I too am very disappointed there is no DLC yet and possibly never will be. Bethesda may have made some errors in their development of the game but discrimination? Not even close. Bethesda is a private company which produces a product, they are entitled to release or not release DLC on whatever platform they wish.

        Given the difficulties they are having in getting the content to work on the PS3 it’s unlikely they will deliver DLC to the system. I can’t imagine profits gained through further development could recover the costs incurred.

        If you’re really put out by the lack of DLC, invest in an XBox. I’m thinking about it.

        • Not a douche

          You’re a douche

      • Ant

        Part of the problem Bethesda is having the with PS3 has to do with the way Sony decided to divide up and dedicate the system’s RAM, and nothing to do with Bethesda. When they were designing the game engine, they had to look at the where the majority of their users (and hence profit) would be, and that was quite clearly the PC (with the modding community). They probably then ported the PC engine to both consoles, not from the Xbox. The PC and Xbox both leave the RAM usage completely up to the game engine, whilst the PS3 dedicates half the system RAM to purely power the graphics, which whilst great for most games, is deadly to a game that has so many map objects to track, hence the trouble Bethesda is having with it.

        • spiritreaver

          Sorry, even Bethesda’s PR monkey Hines has admitted that this whole fiasco is on them(Bethesda).

          And if that smarmy, tight-lipped SOB can say that straight up, it has to be on the level info.

    • matt

      the ps3 is actually equal to the xboxs tech, but pc is superior. I am a ps3 and pc user, so its not so bad, but my pc could not run skyrim, so now i gotta wait, and to be honest you cant judge like that until you have been waiting months with a ps3 so unless you have a s3 then stfu

      • matt


      • Ell

        ps3 is a much more powerful console than xbox. Xbox is just more aggresive with their advertising

    • Jamie

      Oh thank you for telling me that now! Nevermind that I bought my PS3 four f*cking years ago! I’ll just fork out another £300 of my own money to buy both the console and game again, SILLY ME PAYING £40 ON SKYRIM FOR PS3 AND EXPECTING IT TO WORK FOR PS3.

  • Yawn .. zzzz