Galaxy Note 2 superiority visualized vs. iPhone 5

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 4, 2012

There has been a surprise winner in one of the strangest comparisons we’ve seen, which involved the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Apple’s iPhone 5. The devices were compared visually and covered areas such as features, popularity, performance, and also those important reviews, but this visual comparison also proves that popularity can beat the raw specs for each device.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 certainly shows superiority when compared to the iPhone 5 features, and we’re not talking about iOS 6 vs. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but rather the screen size/resolution, memory, and processor that have been voted better on the Galaxy Note 2. This didn’t seem enough considering the visual review by Sortable resulted in the iPhone 5 winning by 53 points to 41 for the Galaxy Note 2.

You can see some of the comparisons in the images on this page, which shows the iPhone 5 features and specs head-on with those of the Galaxy Note 2. If you want to see the detailed review then you can do so on this Sortable page, which includes a breakdown of each of the important areas for both smartphones.

Do you understand how the iPhone 5 can be so popular? The list of positives for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are much longer than those of Apple’s iPhone 5, but this didn’t seem enough when looking at the popularity of Apple’s smartphone, which smashed the Galaxy Note 2 by 100 to 24. This alone shows that the popularity of a device can help it sell much more than rivals, and in the case of the iPhone 5 it seems that Apple don’t need better specs to beat the competition.

Personally we prefer the new iPhone 5 as well and also own that device, but this has been thanks to using every generation and spending a lot of money on apps and other things that make it hard to leave Apple. We’re not alone here and thousands of users have owned most iPhone’s, which makes it hard for them to jump ship after so long, although most would probably not want to unless they’ve had enough of launch problems like seen with iOS 6 maps. Seasoned users know that Apple fix most teething problems in time after one or two software updates.

Bottom-line: We like the comparison that Sortable have done and find it interesting, but doing an iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy Note 2 comparison is like comparing chalk to cheese. Both of these smartphones are for different markets, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 really shines for those people that don’t want to buy a separate tablet.

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  • raging pdm

    I upgraded to the Note II and being an app junkie, I’m not happy that you can’t move apps that allow it to the external SD. Having only 9.5 gigs after all the pre-loaded crap that can’t be removed isn’t my cup of tea. Really thinking of jumping ship after 4 years as a Droid user to the iPhone.

  • Gawdzila

    What a stupid review.

    How exactly is “popularity” an inherent feature of a device? And why does it trump virtually every other category? The GN2 bests the iP5 in virtually every measure and yet you conclude that the iPhone is better based sheerly on the fact that Apple’s marketing department has convinced throngs of iZombies to march out and purchase one. Oh — and your own personal refusal to leave your collection of apps behind. How exactly are those either inherent benefits of the iPhone or problems with the Samsung? What about someone buying their first smartphone, who isn’t already invested in Apple? How would you advise those people?

  • Tom

    What a silly review. What you’re saying is that Apple Sheeple are so dumb that they don’t know how to break out of being so. I agree with you but hate to see you admit that you have fallen into the same trap. We live in a world of changing technology that keeps getting better. Samsung just whipped Apples ass but you won’t go with it coz your feet are stuck in Apple mud. Is that it??

  • AmericanApple

    Iphone 5 proves victorious. You fandroids have nothing better to do than complain. iPhone 5 is faster than the laggy note 2. Also iPhones have better resale value period. It’s more popular for a reason. I suggest you buy one yourself before you start hating. Fyi I have both gs3 and iPhone 5. I’m having a hard time selling gs3 for $350. While I can sell my used iPhone 5 for $800 easy. Better investment period. Haters gonna hate.

  • I thank you for doing this comparison. For some strange reason, since the 1st ever review on the Galaxy Note, whoever said, “is it too big to be called a phone?!” reviewers seem to not want to put the note against other flagship phones. So, glad its starting to be done, like it needed to.

    However, you’ll know i then have a problem with the ‘bottom line’…
    “iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy Note 2 comparison is like comparing chalk to cheese. Both of these smartphones are for different markets”
    ….No. They ARE both Smartphones. They are both for the same market – people wanting the best phone they can get. Lets start throwing all the top brands top models together and let the people choose without the constant saying that the note isnt really part of the crowd… It is… and its making itself stand out, that’s all.

    • …and also, its about the phones, out the box, not the apps you download later, imho. Everyone knows how many more Apple apps there are, but in truth, the question is, how many people actually use more than 5 or so, daily?
      I dont…and i need 2 batteries a day, minimum.

    • No they are both not smart phones the note is the much smarter phone it is everything that the people are now buying 5 of my friends have just all traded for the galaxy note, if its a media world we live in now youtube twitter the web, books to read on the go. The people need the bigest device they can put in their pockets. Or all of these things are completely useless on a 4 inch screen. How many people i see squinting on their iphones, this is not a media device use it as a phone as apple intended. Use the note2 for all the media stuff were now hooked on1

  • When people choose popularity over performance and utility when deciding which tool to use, it’s a clear indicator of over justification and cognitive dissonance. Apple’s marketing army thrives on cognitive bias and it shows.

  • 126iq

    I’m so disappointed with this biased review, I think to compare something quite clearly superior to something only the brainwashed would purchase I can’t see how the reviewer manages to maintain their job!!!!!!

  • JohnnySayit

    I like the admittance that you have become enslaved to the Apple closed eco-system and are too locked in to feel that you can leave. Most Apple users in this situation now tend to ignore the obvious, which is that there are many phones better, faster and more highly specced than the ‘play it safe’ iPhone 5 and tend to make up lame excuses why iPhone is better. iOS is a joke, iTunes is a locked down control system and Apple’s model is shockingly contrived and closed in the current of open source technology.

    • Actually, this is a perfect time to jump ship. Why waste your money buying new Lightning Port accessories when you could use that money to buy the apps you need for Android and take the plunge? Non-DRM songs can be moved over as well. Don’t think of how much you’ve spent, think of how much you will need to spend to achieve parity. You could easily duplicate your app library through the Play Store for the cost of a Lightning Adapter and extra charger.

  • User

    I don’t want a tablet for a phone.

    • cereal killer


    • Gawdzila

      Better than having to lug around one of each.
      Have fun surfing the internet and watching videos on a tiny screen 🙂

  • ark2

    This is a clear admission that iphone is an inferior product, yet because apple use a brainwashing marketing style they have been able to coax a huge amount of people into buying their devices who have then invested further money into apps which then means they feel unable to move to another operating system due to the loss of expense.
    That is where apple are clever and those who buy their products are not! Shame the affected population didn’t look at what else was on the market and pay more attention to what they were buying.

  • siddhesh

    galaxy note 2 is much better than the shitty iphone 5 for sure…

  • man09

    by far this is the most lousy review I have ever come across. The person who did this review has got no sense.Useless

  • Ian Witts

    Lol What ridiculous comparisons. High-end Android devices are quad core because the OS is so inefficient. I’ll admit now that I’m not a fan of Android, but WP8 and iOS6 run smoothly on dual-core processors because they are optimised to do so. I’m interested in the Note 2 because I have a mobile for work that I can use for actual calls, so I could use this as a personal ‘phone’ and half-way house tablet.

    The reality is that I’m probably going to go for the Lumia 920 as will have just the one handset, but either way my 4S is going out of the window! iOS 6 has caused me sound, mapping & battery problems (in that order)!

  • poignant sharkfish

    So which is the chalk and which is the cheese? :O

  • lol!

    You’re an idiot, the iPhone is the same as before but with a new processor and half a gig of RAM extra. Taller? Who cares? Shitty Apple OS? I CARE, THIS IS PATHETIC APPLE!

  • juan alfaro

    This was absolutely dumb sorry but what does it matter who’s more popular ? You can by your same iPhone? What would that do to the note 2 nothing the over compareson was so trashy I think I can review a phone better then guys like seriously take our head out of your bu** and compare it specs wise just Cruz it has a bigger screen doesn’t stop making a smart phone