Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean visualized before update

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2012

If you are patiently waiting for your Samsung Galaxy S3 to be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in the US, you may appreciate this detailed video preview of the new software which is already available on devices outside of the US.

As most of you are aware, Samsung has yet to provide the official update to Jelly Bean for carrier versions of the Galaxy S3, although the Sprint version was leaked earlier this week which you can read about here.

Samsung had stated at their Note 2 event that the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update would be coming ‘soon’, but so far that word has took on a whole new meaning with users starting to get frustrated with Samsung yet again, with the lack of communication and clarity regarding the update.

In the meantime, you can install a custom version of Jelly Bean right now, or you can sit back and play the waiting game while Samsung finalizes the update. A selection of Jelly Bean video previews are available for viewing right now on YouTube, and we’ve picked out one of them courtesy of The Review Room for you to take a look at below.

Their near 5 minute video gives you an introduction to the new software and a preview of some of the features available, including the brand new Google Now feature which is built into Android 4.1. Another useful feature of Jelly Bean allows users to resize widgets on the homescreen and we get a quick look at this in the video at the 2.05 mark.

If you want less talking and more footage of Jelly Bean running on the Galaxy S3, we’ve also included a second video below – but bear in mind that this is based off a leaked Jelly Bean ROM, not an official version released by Samsung. Having seen the new software in action – tell us if you think all the waiting around is worth it.

What do you actually want Jelly Bean for? The new Google Now features, or just the overall performance and speed improvements?

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  • kervation

    Stop buying phones with OEM overlays and you will get timely updates. I’ve been running Jelly Bean for months on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and once you go JB, you won’t want to go back to ICS. Stick with Nexus devices.

  • Ray

    Why are people so impatient? Just wait, I’m sure you will get the update before years end.

  • SamsungFTW

    Wait, so now there are two different apps available from Google that do two completely different things, both of which are called “Google Voice”? That doesn’t really make a lot of sense…

  • Atnhony

    Kid Android is correct when he says that Samsung has done its part to solidify the Jellybean update for their GS3 but now we all have to wait for the phone carriers to tweak it and push it out OTA. I blame Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile for taking so long between the time that Samsung issues the update to them and the time in which they send it to consumers. In reality phone carriers do not want phones to have the latest OS update to Android so consumers will have to buy a new phone if they want the latest OS, it is all a scheme to get more money and it’s understandable but extremely ridiculous and not very customer friendly. The problem is that every carrier does it and not 1 carrier has an advantage over the other so we are screwed in having to wait as long as they feel we should wait. There should be a contract that Samsung puts in place to avoid delays when releasing new OS’s, some king of stipulation that says you must release the update by said date or your in breach of the contract. I am not sure why Samsung or other manufacturers have not done this because if a carrier takes a long time to send out an OS update to a specific phone then you would think that phone’s sales would suffer as well. I don’t know the numbers but common sense says that after the manufacturer issues the update to the phone carriers they would want it pushed to their phones ASAP! If anyone has any further info on why the phone manufacturers do not set a deadline on OS updates with the phone carriers let me know.

  • Buster

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find the guy in the video nearly incomprehensible?

  • Suhel Chakraborty

    Project Butter and Google Now is so stunning… I just wanna use my S3 with JellyBean forever… ^_^

  • dont forget jelly bean wont be supported by flash, ive tryied JB on my S3, ill prob stick to Ilicking my ICS

    • Jason

      Not supported but easy to get flash working on a web browser on JB. Download Firefox Beta from the Play store and the Flash11 .apk file found on many Android forums and it works fine 🙂

  • Dynasty2201

    Yet to get it on my S3, but got the update on my Asus Transformer Infinity.
    Aaaaaand I honestly haven’t noticed that much of a difference. ”Faster browsing.” Yeah no. Still takes just as long.

  • Noki

    I’m sick of my S3 re-drawing. I’m also sick of Samsung being tight lipped about an update that google release MONTHS ago.

  • How did Samsung lie? They have never given any date for the update, they said coming soon @ the Galaxy Note 2 event & have started rolling it out in which I would think a timely manner for that statement. This article makes no sense also because the update has begun to roll out a few days ago so how are ppl getting frustrated & again they started rolling out the update soon after their statement. If you know anything about Android then you know that the North America is one of the last to get updates because of the carriers slacking getting their end of an update together & tested. This takes usually a month or two for carriers to do & it is their fault it takes so long for the updates to hit North America, it’s not Samsungs fault they have started releasing the update already so their end is already done & probably in the hands of carriers already. If your that worried about waiting for updates that much then your better off with crApple because we don’t need no whiners on team Android geez. JB is just an optimization of ICS with a couple of new features its not going to be a huge change like going from Gingerbread to ICS so just chill & enjoy your device & when it comes it comes. – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)
    P.S . If you don’t want to wait then pay full price for an international version of your device & stop complaining about your subsidized device taking longer than the international versions updates. Only you can change your issue.

  • FUnny thing saamsung lied to the people not release yet in the UK….Maybe time to go back to the Iphone….

    • How exactly did they lie? They gave the date october and actually is alittle ahead of schedule. The problem Is bogus websites claiming bogus dates with no legitimate sources.