iPod touch 5G still lacks release date

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 3, 2012

Hearing that the new iPod touch 5G had finally arrived would have been music to some people’s ears, which is due to the iPod touch not being refreshed with a new 5th generation last year. The fact is we are almost at the point of release, although Apple still fail to deliver a date for when the new iPod touch will ship and currently only offer a month that you should expect the device to start shipping.

Apple are promoting the 2012 iPod touch as designed for “maximum funness“, and they aim to do this with a range of bright colors in a new design, which features not only a 4-inch Retina display similar to that on the new iPhone 5, but also many other improvements like the Dual-core A5 chip, and iSight camera with 1080p video. These new specs for the iPod touch 5G will make the device much more fun when needing to capture memories, which are backed up with more enhancements found with iOS 6.

The lack of iPod touch 5G release date is confusing some people that would expect something more specific by now, and this has led to thousands of people that have pre-ordered heading to forums asking when the iPod touch 5G will ship? Some 3rd party retailers have listed dates, like Play.com with a date of Oct 15, but the best advice is to wait until the shipping notices start to arrive, which will certainly be this month unless there are some unforeseen problems.

Did you pre-order the new iPod touch, and if so are you getting impatient with the wait for an exact release date? You can see the information on the official Apple store in the image above, which just details the month they expect to ship the new hardware. Keep connected to PR and we’ll notify you when the first devices start to ship, also you can count on detailed hands-on reviews to give undecided users more information before making the decision to purchase.

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  • MINECRAFT4456853

    That will be crazy money

  • andrew

    are they only gonna make the 32 and 64 gb models -_-

    • APPLEMAN456

      I hope not that will cost a lot o $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • MINECRAFT4456853

    It’s cool but not retarded and by the thats a retarded name muscleman your a little fool

  • muscleman44455566663331116

    This is cra I hope its soon because i want the 400$ Yellow one U NO yolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sike its retarded

  • Apple have put buy now on their website in iPod touch section

  • Anon

    i love how everyone is making different speculations and such. First of all, those who keep talking about china, give me hard evidence that the people protesting the working conditions in china work for apple and or are affiliated with anything apple. Second, these claims about the screen sizes for iphone and ipod are the same therefore they are running in short supply, this is a stupid thing to say because it is just a different cut and size from previous screens. Third of all, the claims that apple is giving an early break to its workers is shattered by the fact that we are nowhere near thanksgiving break. Stop speculating on these false and dumb claims.

    • tcinpdx

      It’s been all over the news, BTW. Foxconn doesn’t just make Apple products, but include Dell, HP, and many others. But this particular factory does make Apple products too. Here’s your Evidence – from September 24, 2012 Reuters news: (Reuters) –
      “About 2,000 Chinese employees of an iPhone assembly company fought a pitched battle into the early hours of Monday, forcing the huge electronics plant where they work to be shut down.
      Authorities in the northern city of Taiyuan sent 5,000 police to restore order after what the plant’s Taiwanese owners Foxconn Technology Group said was a personal dispute in a dormitory that erupted into a mass brawl.”

  • jutt g

    i have ipod 4 and i want to upgrade it into ipod 5 gen but it is still not in the market i dont know when apple is going to release it so i can have it they still say it will come on 4 oct but still it is not there . lol

  • kdeming1234@yahoo.com

    did anybody else just read this entire thing and watch it get dumber and dumber and dumber?

  • JHR2012

    If you all look on the Apple website now…it does state Buy Now and not Pre Order.
    So I guess that they are now available to buy. 🙂

    • Miguel Angel

      … thats not the problem, the problem is the shipping. “October”

    • Katie

      Hurry the fk up apple I didn’t spend like $400 on an faking iPod so I can wait for like months

  • mcobb

    Soooo… SInce 10:40 am I have been unable to log into my account on apple. The page keeps saying
    Something went wrong with your request. Please try again later.

    • mcobb

      *UPDATE* 11:20 am EST still the same message

      • mcobb

        *UPDATE 12:50* pm EST still the same message! anyone else??

  • Luffyyyyyyy

    Well… since it came out it said “shipping date: October” which means YES, a 31 day time span to wait for shipping… which means don’t preorder it if you’re impatient, or wait on it. Apple is not “screwing” anyone over or “stealing” your money or whatever everyone else is complaining about. Just assume it’s on the 31st and order it then… Come on people… think…

  • Ranhyer Guzman

    I heard the iPod is being released on October 17. I don’t know if its true because it was a friend that told me. But if its true then we are going to wait at least 2 weeks. I HATE waiting so long for a product that doesn’t even say the date that its going to be released. They should fix that and announced the date because not even the Apple Workers doesn’t even know unless they are keeping it from us. I’m impatience when it comes on getting something I want. Payed $325 I must know the date in October that its coming out. Guess we are going to wait long for it now if its true that its being released the 17th of October.

    • Ranhyer Guzman

      to have to wait longer****

  • Fizzle8

    I hope is ships in November so that all you whiny consumer whores can
    feel the pain and despair of waiting. I am going to pick one up when it
    ships but I am in no rush in fact I hope that they slow production
    because that would actually show that apple has some compassion for the
    humans beings that are literally being worked to death over in china
    trying to put these things together in short order. Maybe go smell the fresh fall air and appreciate mother nature for a few minutes it might make you less butt-hurt over the wait for this fine piece of Chinese made workmanship.

  • Joel

    I’m hoping Apple will release it, before Oct 19th (My birthday) D=

  • I’ve had mine pre-ordered for awhile now. I am very impatient that there is no release date other than saying “October.” You would think they would have a day to ship out at least by now. Like some other comments, I’d be less impatient if I just knew a date. I’m just excited and anxious to get it, that’s all! 🙂

  • John Correll

    I for one stay up all night thinking about the “pimped” out workers who put together my electronic items; I feel bad for the people, but I spent $435 for my iPod 5th (64 GB Red) AND also ordered an iPhone 5. Since I ordered both and spent $1300 to $1400, I am patient and know it will come in October. If it does not come in, we’ll then next month.

  • They say its coming out in October I believe that Im just hoping its not late in October that would suck..

  • Miguel Angel

    Guys, when do you think the release date would be?
    I would like to know your opinion.

  • Miguel Angel

    what about me, im in colombia, Ive bought the ipod 5g and I will left the country in november 3th, I have 30 days to get the freaking ipod, it so frustraring not knowing the release date 🙁

    • john correll

      Colombia? Do you get 4g and 3g there?

      • Miguel Angel

        Sure, Here are “ishops” and “macstores” – Certified Resellers.

      • Dan


  • Sylvie

    Oh my god you guys are SAD! Pathetic! It’s the third day and you all are butthurt you haven’t gotten your iPod Touches yet. Maybe there are issues or something, i don’t know. Just be patient. There are BIGGER problems to worry about!

    • john correll

      Like the drought problems in Africa, Somalia, and the “pirate” problems on the oceans- you know our waiting issue is not a big deal.

  • Swolle

    I agree with Ricky Bobby. It has to be in your hands to be fun! If the camera on the 4th gen didn’t suck, I would have just bought one of them so I could having fun now.

  • mitchman

    i have ipod 2g i think its time to upgrade lol

  • Luciano

    preorders are good investment opportunity on the part of the seller.

  • mason

    I am waiting for iPod touch to and ,it hard to wait . just tell us apple

  • Ricky Bobby

    I pre- ordered like on the first day.. watching my friends listen to their music everyday makes me sad 🙁 if they’d just tell us the official release day right now then i’d be less impatient ..

  • Nelson

    I dont mind the wait and you shouldnt either if there is a problem I would rather them spend as much time needed testing it solving problems and getting it right the first time before they release it if you had it in your hands today and there was an issue there would be a huge recall and how upset would you be then? just be paitent you didnt know a date when you preordered it and you dont know a date now one thing is for sure you will get your new 5G Ipod Touch soon I bought a 4g ipod a couple of days ago before i knew about the 5G so i returned it but one thing that kinda worries me is with the new IOS6 update the app store and certain apps were closing out by themselves and this was brand new it was very frustrating and this maybe an issue with the new one

    • agoed

      fook all you morons grow some and wait your turn. your all babies. wake up.

  • I really miss what apple was before steve left, he had things in tip top running shape..if he was alive I would have my iPod touch in my hand right now.

  • Dw

    They want you to shell out the money for an iphone 5… Just like there is only a 15 retina macbook, i feel like this new CEO is more greedy, i dont think this is how it would be with Steve

    • Marcus Iacoppi

      That’s a nice feeling… not sure there’s anything to back it up though. Being a corporation I’m sure Apple is very greedy, but Tim Cook is probably less so than Jobs. Given that the new CEO has been donating more to charity with apple money, returned some of its cashpile to shareholders, raised the wages and benefits for its retail store employees, made the “greenest” smartphone, and has probably made some minor improvements regarding supply chains standards etc (not sure on specifics there).

  • tcinpdx

    Amazing how self-absorbed we can be in the US, angry that our little toys aren’t ready when we want them to be. Meanwhile, thousands of our servants in China are rioting because of crappy conditions and pay – compared to standards in the West. We don’t give a crap about the people making our products, of course. “Apple, I want my toy! I want it now!” Poor us, having to wait a couple of weeks extra.

    • jake

      shut the hell up you self righteous ass. This isnt about “poor spoiled us” it’s about greedy inconsiderate apple. If you’re so worried about the Chinese servant then please, by all means do something about it rather than posting on an apple forum about how we should care about it. I worked my ass off to save 300 dollars (college student) and when I am being neglected because I didn’t spend 1000+ on an IPhone5.

      • Well put my friend. Well put!

      • preachjake


      • tcinpdx

        Waah, waah, waah. Your whining is my case in point. Thanks for that!

        • Chris in China

          Your ignorance is amazing, I read that the riot broke out because of an altercation between a guard and an employee… not due to crappy conditions and low salaries. Those issues were already addressed months ago, so keep up. If you have ever been to China (I have 6 times in the last 3 years), you would actually realize that there conditions, which may seem low to American standards, are actually much higher than the average job in China. Not the best, but still much higher than many of the people I know in China. As for the release date, I am just assuming the 31st. It is a little bad on Apple’s side to still have an unknown date since it is already October. I think just letting the customers know the 31st is still more considerate than just October.

        • uikeok

          Yes, higher than average. But it is still bad. That is Chinese gov’s trick. Give you food to eat, not many, but just enough. When it give you a little bit more, you should say thank you.

        • tcinpdx

          Ignorance? Not mine – yours. You really think that a personal altercation between 2 people explodes into a thousand people rebelling against security forces – without anger over other conditions? Not a chance. According to Reuters, a reputable news source, it was Foxconn spokesmen who claimed the riot ” . . . was triggered by a personal dispute that spun out of control, rather than conditions in the factory.” Of course Foxconn won’t take responsibility and blames it on something besides conditions! Read on from Reuters, Sept 25 …
          “Details of the melee remain sketchy as police and company officials investigate, but employees interviewed by Reuters said tension between workers and security guards boiled over on Sunday evening after a worker was severely beaten. That led to thousands joining the fracas and about 40 people were injured, according to Foxconn and Chinese media, while thousands of police were deployed to quell the unrest.A 19-year-old worker in hospital with back and hand injuries said he was angered by the rough security guards and a culture of managers cursing workers.”
          Good to hear they got all that “addressed several months ago.” Maybe someone forgot to tell the workers.

    • iNexus

      Whatever is happening in China isn’t our problem, so I don’t know why you want us to worry about them.

      No offense, but I hate people like you. It’s not my fault conditions in China are crappy, it’s not my fault I’m minding my own business here. You know what, I don’t have to do anything about China. That’s not my problem. I’m not harming anyone by wanting my iPod on time, which you know, I paid $300 for.

      • Sylvie

        Sorry you had to suffer 3 agonizing days waiting for your iPod, I mean what could be worse than that? Having to work almost all day in poor conditions couldn’t possibly be as bad as waiting 3 WHOLE DAYS AND MORE to get a new toy. I mean starving? On the verge of the being homeless? Pssshh.

        • iNexus

          Where did you get 3 days?

          Again, what’s happening in China sucks but that has nothing to do with me or anyone else wanting a $300 toy on time. Everyone does this, I’m sure you do to. Do you think of Chin when your pizza isn’t delivered on time? I bet not. I bet you get pissed and try to get that pizza for free.

          So don’t make anyone feel guilty, or make it sound like China is our responsibility. I sympathize for them, but it’s not my fault they’re working condition sucks. The money I give to Apple, I’m pretty sure, they somehow get paid from that.

        • The Snells

          I’m sorry, but the term ‘first world problems’ comes to mind. I agree that they should put more work into shipping soon. And no, I didn’t come here to be preached to, or to preach, either. I just find it disappointing that people care so little about others. I know that we can’t do much about the people in China, but I also know that we are very lucky to be in the country we are in, and that it could be me, or you, or anyone being treated as they are. Instead of working to the bone, however, we spend our days fighting on a forum. Just something to think about.

        • iNexus

          I don’t have anything against people who are simply trying to raise concern on a particular issue. But I don’t think making it sound like it’s our fault and that it should be our responsibility to make their situation better is the best way to do it. It simply repulse me. AND I know it could be me, I’m Asian. I moved here 4 years ago. I moved here to make life better for ME, not for anyone else. The bottom line is, I paid for a product and I have every reason to complain because it’s not here on time. That doesn’t make me a bad person, that doesn’t make me self-absorbed or greedy. I worked hard for that money, hard. It sucks that life sucks for other people, but that’s the way it is. Let’s be realistic for a second. You can’t always worry about other people.

        • john correll

          You said it! There is too much attention given to the working conditions in China; I want my electronics affordable and good in quality. Sorry the country’s citizenry do not stand up for themselves and “revolt” or something. Not my problem.

        • Fizzle8

          You act as if the working conditions in china aren’t related to the production of the iPod. When in fact they are directly related. And the reason that your not getting your toy on time is because they are rioting or having a “revolt” as you put it, and that my friend makes it your problem.

        • Alvin

          Okay I really have to point this out. STOP BLAMING CHINA! gosh. look what you said. You made absolutely no sense.
          “Do you think of Chin when your pizza isn’t delivered on time? I bet not. I bet you get pissed and try to get that pizza for free.” What the hell does you pizza have anything to do with pizza. Pizza is done by your local restaurant. And if they tell you in 45 minutes you go there and pick it up, but if its not there they will tell you the time of delay and possibly a apology for the delay with a bonus.

          I ordered one also. Yes im waiting impatiently, but please do not mindlessly reply to something which makes no sense. You do understand apple specified october and hoping they will be able to gather a expected want for the itouch. If they dont do this they will not be able to see how many people really wants this. How do you think they got the info to the other Apple products. I agree this is horrible having us wait for a $300+ toy. Just assume it will ship on 10-31-2012, then maybe you will not be so unhappy because if it comes early you will be happy, if late you can then complain. (i honestly think apple better do something about it if it delays, but from other forums its not going to. Its shipping already).

      • john correll

        I agree, I could give a “rats” “#$%” about the production line making our stuff there as well- they better send my “$%^T” soon!

    • jxkwi12341

      bro you got to chill out. you are on this site because you typed into google “ipod touch 5th gen release date”. we all did. noone wants to come onto this site and get shot down for spending hard earned money on something that can give them some relaxation.

  • Sean

    This is flipping ridiculous. Apple get your sheet together and start shipping this thing. $300 is a lot to spend to be treated like a second class citizen.

    • Tony

      You are a moron. They said it would be released in October. It is only the 3rd. What makes it ridiculous they haven’t sent it to you yet? Get a life.

      • Gabe

        Because when you spend $300 + on an item you expect to at least get an idea of when you’ll get it. Apple says we might get it October, that’s a time frame of 31 days. They could at least narrow it down to a certain week. When a company as big as Apple can’t even do that, you know they don’t have their stuff together. Unless you have put down $300 and your patiently waiting please don’t start going around calling people a moron.

        • Macca

          You guys are making out like $300 is a fortune. It’s diddly squat man. Just chill.

  • orkro

    This reminds me of the White iPhone. They announced the White iPhone, but it took many months for it to actually come-out, do to production problems. Because they’re releasing this in a single body aluminum style, in multiple colours, its possible they are experiencing production problems and unless they miss their October release, they don’t plan on informing the public. The iPod Touch also uses coloured aluminum, but, this is a bit different, since the buttons appear to be covered too, and its said to be a single body construction, just like the Macbook Pro. The colours are said, to be laid into the aluminum, so they wont scratch-off, like the aluminum on the iPod Shuffle. This is a pretty new and advanced piece of design engineering for Apple, and it may be harder to replicate, than they originally thought.

    I did pre-order a Black 5th Generation iPod Touch, and I do wish they’d confirm the release date, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an unforeseen production delay, because of this new form of construction.

    • madmofo145

      Eh, my guess is that the lack of release date is all about the iPhone. Given the huge demand for the more lucrative iPhone 5, my guess is that just about every new display is going to use in an iPhone. The other parts are all unique-ish, but given rumors that the displays were in short demand I’d bet they are trying to meet as much Phone demand as they can before they start making the less lucrative product.

  • marshall

    This reminds me of when i pre-ordered a brand new car the dealer said 6 to 8 weeks and then 12 weeks later! I think i might be upset if i can walk in to a box store and purchase one before it gets here.

  • Supply issues – wasn’t there a riot and/or a supply fire/damage from something? I pre-ordered using AMEX points so it saved me a ton ordering in September vs. now.

  • Rudy

    This wouldnt happened if steve jobs was alive.

    • john correll

      The man is “gone” stop living in the past. Sorry he passed away, no one will be as creative as him- until I have been proven wrong.

    • Marcus Iacoppi

      Maybe you’re joking, but plenty of things like this happened under Steve Jobs. Not everything goes to plan. Remember ‘Antennagate’, or the continuously delayed white iPhone, or the exclusivity with AT&T resulting in poor carrier service in major locations.

    • MYMOM4+949+2999494449+4

      Actaully ya it would

    • Rudy

      For everyone that voted down on “This wouldnt happened if steve jobs was alive.” you guys should get the iHater by apple. 🙂