iOS 6 problems avoided with downgrade

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 3, 2012

Sometimes you only need one reason to make a change when it comes new technology and software, and the growing list of iOS 6 problems are certainly making it easy for certain users to want a downgrade, so they can go back to a better performing device. Apple’s iOS 6 has caused problems with battery life for iPhone 4/4S users; the new maps are problematic in a number of ways, especially with those that relied on Google maps with iOS 5. These are two of the most reported problems with iOS 6, although they’re at the top of a list including Wi-Fi issues and other things causing users to grow more frustrated by the day.

Your iOS 6 problems depend on the features you use – it is fair to say some people own an iPhone 5 or another device running iOS 6, and don’t experience any issues at all. In Fact we’ve had the iPhone 5 since launch and only discovered a problem with maps in 3D, seen here, but this had only been after looking for that issue after others reported it.

We might not have encountered many problems with iOS 6 thanks to not using features that are problematic at this time, although this cannot be said for all users, and we know that certain iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S users are experiencing extremely bad battery life thanks to upgrading to iOS 6. Some of these people want to downgrade back to iOS 5.1.1 for a much longer lasting battery, which to them is better than waiting for Apple to release iOS 6.1 to fix the battery drain problems.

iOS 6 problems avoided with downgrade – if you really want to go back to some older software, something Apple don’t make easy, then this is now possible for devices using the A4 chip although it does require a jailbreak with Redsn0w. These users might also want an untethered iPhone jailbreak rather than waiting for this option to come to iOS 6. You can read the full how to guide in this article, which explains in detail how to downgrade from iOS 6 To 5.1.1, although as normal take these steps at your own risk.

We didn’t have a choice but to have iOS 6 thanks to it coming with the iPhone 5, although older iPhone and iPod touch users that upgraded might feel a little regret now if they’re experiencing problems. Interestingly it seems that the majority of iOS users have decided to wait a while before updating to iOS 6, something that would be a good tip each year until bugs are fixed, and this news comes thanks to an official announcement.

Apple stated that 100m users have updated to iOS 6, but some analysts point out that there are around 283m users in all using iOS, so this means only around one third have updated. Are you one of the users playing things a little more careful before installing the new software? You can read a little about the battery issues with iOS 6 here, although we’d love to hear from you if you’ve met problems first hand.

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  • Omken

    Downloaded iOS6.1 and once again our IT department shut down anyone on 6.1 due to Outlook issues. When is Apple going to wake up and realize that corporate enterprise users are going to leave iEverything unless they start doing a better job of interfacing with Outlook and other MS apps! Personally, I can’t wait for BB10 to be released by AT&T in March as I plan to say goodbye to Apple!

  • apple lover

    IOS 6 has been a pain in the ass to me, i have been having with my imessage an face time, had no problem before i upgraded to IOS 6 call apple help desk an still having the problem, they said it was my network carrier but guess what i have the same problem on my ipad with IOS 6.. every time i try to sign in to imessage an FaceTime with my apple id i get a error problem with my id password… funny thing it works fine on my MBP running mountain lion… apple stop making new devices an fix the ones we have…

  • Whatthe

    I have an iPhone 5 and its terrible it freezes all the time not long but it shouldn’t be freezing at all and it drops calls like a mofo I want my 4s back

  • LMC

    Wish I hadn’t updated. Print for Apps & iTunes is so tiny it is real effort to read. Going across less natural than scrolling down. Everything is smaller, shorter battery life. Software is bloated so only 4G can carry it. It might okay on iPad but awful on iPhone or iPod. Wrote snail mail to Apple Pres. requesting downgrade 5.1.1 back until issues fixed with 6.

  • Mikael

    I’m only having problems on my 4 with the new maps, i love the new Youtube app and i think apple should not put in time to develop 3rd party applications, let google develop google maps and youtube, allow google maps as an app again and let apple work on the map until its done.

    Personally i believe that apple was forces to have their own maps since the contract with google ran out and google wanted to screw apple over with higher fees…

    IOS 6 works fine for me but the maps are annoying as said, batterylife is consistent with my IOS 5.1, i usually charge my phone once every 2 days. If i watch a lot of video i have to charge it sooner.

    No dropped calls or wifi disconnects – using carrier 3 in Sweden.

  • greg

    I had to upgrade to IOS 6.0 to unlock my 3gs phone. I want to go back to 5.0 or even before that. I can’t stand IOS 6.0! I really can’t. It messes up routes on maps (was showing me driving against traffic on a parkway while I was a mile away from where it was showing me,) hangs on me, when I switch from the map to a player and then back it shows me no route any more and I have to restart. I won’t mention podcast player. It is a big time failure and I am already waiting for Samsung note to see if it is worth switching. I am disappointed Apple!

  • CBurch

    I have been an Apple fan for years and will always be one but when iOS 6 was released I upgraded my 4s and I have had nothing but problems. My biggest problem, sending a simple text message. It has it’s days. Some days my phone will work perfectly fine and other days it freezes and crashes when I try to send a text message. At first I thought it was because I had to many messages on my phone so I went through all my conversations and deleted them. Still had problems. I’m very dissapointed and hope Apple comes out with a new update, SOON.

  • ascottyb

    terminal IOS 6ness contracted with apple bite
    The problem is not Ios 6 but with the new apple corporate culture.

    Ios 6 is a total disaster that exposed apples willingness to handcuff users to an irreversible and often terminal download that has destroyed many iphones and ipads with Battery drain{ 3 hour battery life} , bluetooth problems, locations services problems, wifi problems, cellular data overages raising iphone users bills as much as 100 %, and hazard to navigation apple maps. A few minutes spent on Apple Support groups reveals multitudes of astonished loyal apple users being disabused and lied to at every level of Apple Support.

    Every new system has problems but Apple failure to be transparent about these problems and failure allow users to return to a functional operating system is a new low in corporate corruption.

  • The buck stops here

    If only I hadn’t upgraded, my phone 3G keeps losing connection and I have to completely reset; it keeps giving me wrong directions (it insists that St. Albert ONTARIO is in Alberta, and keeps defaulting to Alberta in the middle of directions, only 3000 miles out), takes forever to load anything in Google, I really am tempted to leave Iphone alone and go Android, how could they release something so obviously SNAFU? How could they think this will sell phones? I wanted to downgrade, and they won’t let me, any downgrade has to be approved by Apple and they won’t let me go back. Are they nuts?

  • 56_Nomad

    I have an iPad2 and purchased one for my wife so that we could message and FaceTime when she was out of town. It has been great UNTIL IOS 6. I am a photographer and could send 12 pictures in a message, now I cannot send 1. Most times I cannot send a one line text message. We are currently on vacation, she can connect at just about any WiFi, I cannot. She can get web pages when my safari now freezes half way through a page load, if it attempts to load the page at all. She has real maps, I have…well you know. I purchased a Galaxy phone 2 days before my trip because I clearly can’t rely on Apple to straighten out their #%^# &$. I was a Technical Manager for software development for many years. I am confident that Apple put IOS 6 through Quality Control before releasing this bomb. This either means that their Quality Control is blind or they deliberately released this piece of crap on their loyal users for some $$ reason. I told my wife yesterday that I will not spend another penny on Apple products. Apple needs to do the right thing YESYERDAY because tomorrow is too late. Where is Steve when you need him?

  • Moe sahebi

    I was hoping if apple customer care could downgrade my iPhone 4, but the answer was NO, I swear after upgrading to iOS 6 I hate my phone. The YouTube app I downloaded is very inconvenience, I don’t understand why they came up with stupid idea to get a rid of YouTube app and very handy google map. Well screw them, I’ve been doing research for other smart phone. Please you guys tell me what’s the best phone u recomand. Thnx

  • Commercial lawyer

    its time to start a class action in Australia against Apple. It would not be too hard to show that they have breached a duty of care to ensure that features were not downgraded. The fact that they are so slow in responding to many complaints worldwide indicates that they don’t care – which means punitive damages are likely to be awarded.

  • Ash

    I just updated to the iOS 6 and it was telling me to connect to iTunes. So I did a box pops up saying “your iPhone appears to be in Recovery mode so you will need to restore it.” Now I have lost everything I had on my iPhone 3GS.

  • Sarah

    Hi there, having upgraded to IOS6 with my iPhone 4 I’m now having problems with Outlook sync – recurring apts have suddenly been re-created over two day duration rather than one and some recurring appointments have completely disappeared. Not best pleased as this is my work Calendar!!! I’ll end up missing meetings. I correct them in Outlook and every time I sync it switches them back to two days.

  • John

    Hey guys! Things are going great here at the Google side! They actually listen to you and take notes to make their OS better than the rest. And, rooting your phone is not forbidden by Google, mabye your carrier may hate you for doing so but the possibilities with Android is endless. Tired with Apples marketing tricks? Switch, you will not regret it unless you do not care about you phone.

  • Eli

    Just do not upgrade. Not worth in.
    I want ios 5 back on my ipad.
    Wifi desconections, and when conected toooooooo slooooooow.

  • Ski

    I have had many problems since upgrading from 511 to iOS 6! My apps stop working apps dissapere and it is very anoying! Gutted I upgraded. Everyday I have some kind of problem and now have to b patient for bug fixes, so anoying to have to keep resetting my phone and putting it back to original settings everytime something goes wrong! At first I thorght I had been hacked into. So I would suggest to anyone concidering upgrading to wait till bugs are fixed! Missing 511 big time. Ski

  • Lynn

    I use to brag about my IPhone 4S. NOT since I have the IOS 6. I am having so many issues since this update. This is my 5th attempt to write this comment. Every time the screen goes black and sends me to the main screen. I have been dealing with the battery issues as well. I am ready to throw this phone in the trash and get a Droid or another touch screen phone by Samsung or HTC. This phone has become a piece of junk and wears on my nerves. I did. Contact AT&T but they said have to wait until Apple comes out with a fix. REALLY??? In the meantime I have dropped and calls that foe dead for 10-20 seconds, I am not able to ext or use most of the apps on my phone. TRUELY HATE HATE the new update and IOS 6. It has been a week and NOTHING has been fixed. I am furious with Apple!!!!!!!

  • I have had heaps of problems! Lost my 3G icon and ability to use 3G. Went to see the apple genius and they told me it was a hardware problem and they couldn’t do anything coz my phone (4) is out if warranty the best they could offer was for me to buy a reconditioned iPhone 4 for $179.00. I turned the enable 3G to off so that I don’t go over my limit and today needed to go on to fb and turned it back on to do so and low and behold my 3G icon is back sling with the speed to download. Not a hardware problem at all. I lost all of my music files, all of my photo albums, my folders that had all of my apps sorted into, I had to re- download all of my purchased music and lost one of my alert tones and it hard to recredited to my account. And I keep having sync issues, where iTunes wants to sync all these apps to my phone and none of them are ticked to be synced. I also keep losing icons. Today when I went to go to fb the folder that I had redone for it and twitter were gone! iOS 6 has been nothing but trouble and the Genius Bar told me it was a hardware problem with my phone!!! I don’t think so!!