Resident Evil 6 review scores cast future doubt

By Alan Ng - Oct 2, 2012

Resident Evil 6 is due for release on Tuesday and if you’re planning on picking up the game, you’ll be pleased to hear that the reviews are now in. Unfortunately though, it appears that opinions are clearly divided on Capcom’s latest entry in the long running survival horror franchise.

After the below par Resident Evil 5, gamers are expecting big things from Resident Evil 6. The demo provided an excellent preview of the new style of gameplay compared to the last game and we were actually pretty impressed with what we saw. It looked like an instant improvement on RE5 in our opinion, but some of the reviews that have been published have been less favorable to the game and Capcom may be in for a shock once they see some of the scores.

Some of the lowest scores have come from sites like Destructoid, who scored the game a paltry 3/0 stating that it is like a Michael Bay movie – not in a good way obviously. They also felt the need to say that Resident Evil 6 is “a step back for the series” and “a step back for commonplace, unassuming action-shooters.”

It’s a similar story over at The Verge’s review, as they have said that Resident Evil 6 “resembles one of its own grotesque mutations” – ouch. Thankfully, there are some kind words for Capcom’s latest shooter, as one of the more favorable reviews have come from CVG, who have praised the amount of content in the game, with a particular mention for co-op mode which ‘makes everything better’.

Elsewhere down the list, it really is a mixed bag with scores all the way across the spectrum. IGN has given the game a decent 7.9/10, while Eurogamer hasn’t been afraid to dish out a 6/10 score and face Capcom’s wrath. Are you shocked by some of the scores we’re seeing here?

More importantly, are you still planning to get the game on Tuesday despite the far from perfect review scores? No doubt that Capcom are not going to be happy with some of the scores given, but do they only have themselves to blame on this occasion? Check out some of the reviews below and let us know your thoughts on this.

Eurogamer – 6/10

IGN – 7.9/10

Destructoid – 3/10

The Verge – 4/10

CVG – 8/10

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  • trollkolll32

    This game sucked, I played the demo and I hated it, worse than 5. I’m done with Crapcom, F*** em to hell!!

  • Yeah I bought it today, So far im not glued to the screen like i was in 1-3 number 4 wasnt all that bad, but 5 was awful!! This seems to be getting back in the right direction well with leons campaign at least……. I really am quite divided by this one part of me wants to love it and the other wants to despise it because it left the horror section of the franchise behind with the nemesis. I just hope by the end of the game I am praising it and not trading it in for something worthwhile playing. As it stands I currently score this a respectable 7/10 i think this might be denial setting in after 5 left a bad taste in my mouth

  • I have been addicted to the series since it’s release when I was 7 years old. I have just played through all the main series on my ps3 and xbox 360. The new action style game was a sign of great things to come, however they lost the horror factor along the way. Now this game is getting back to it’s originality, it might not be there yet but it’s still telling an amazing story that at the end of the day, people have to appreciate. It’s not easy maintaining a franchise on a scale of this size.

  • I am also a huge resident evil fan and have already played through the demo and thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for more Resident Evil!!! I am even busy playing through Nemesis again on PS VIta. But after seeing the review scores from some of the magazines and gaming sites I trust the most I am really torn as to whether I will be getting the game later today. From a sheer content perspective it would be well worth it as based on that alone I would be getting my moneys worth. Just not sure on the quality and if parting with my cash would be worth it from that perspective.

    • Get it, it is a great game, i have purchased it and i am a HUGE re fan (played all the games, and i mean all) and it is not a dissapointment. The reviewers are comparing it to RE2, they are living in the past and want a game like RE2 which will then make RE2 not so special anymore, if you know what i mean. The story is great – there a four playthroughs, all with different styles. So there is something to suit everyone (leon’s is the best campaign by far FYI) I say well worth the price tag, don’t listen to reviewers, you have a mind, you make your own decision, not them.

  • Alessio

    i’m getting it as I’m a resident evil groupie, I was impressed by Leon and Jakes demos but the Chris was more like call of duty, it lacks the excitement that the first 3 games had, the groaning slow paced zombie fest in dark eerie room was excellent, I hate this new style action game. But I have been a resi fan since 13 so I think I should have number 6 along with some of the other failures they released.