GTA V: Supermarket changes UK release date

By Alan Ng - Oct 2, 2012

Is Rockstar starting to secretly inform retailers of their plans to ship Grand Theft Auto V next year? The famed developer has yet to confirm an official release date or platforms for that matter, but we have seen some recent activity online with retailers changing their shipping dates around.

Online retailers are usually a good indication on when games come out and if it is not Amazon that is spilling the beans it’s Tesco. The popular UK supermarket has altered their online listing for GTA 5, this time pinpointing a solid release date in March 2013, compared to their original listing which suggested that the game would be out before the end of the year.

Luckily, we’ve managed to get hold of the original screenshot below, which proves that Tesco has indeed changed their dates around. Originally they put down a December 28 release date for the game, but we’ve since learned that their listing has changed to March 29, 2013 instead.

Have they just listed this new date for the fun of it, as a marketing ploy to attract customers to pre-order early? Or have they actually received the go ahead from Rockstar to start putting their revised shipping dates online? If that is the case, then we could even expect some official news from Rockstar regarding a release, but then again it could just be another bog standard online listing with no substance to it at all.

It has been a while since we had the recent barrage of screenshots for the game, so you have to feel that some new information from Rockstar will be coming soon. Having said that, we wouldn’t mind seeing even more screenshots, but how long are they going to make us wait until we see the next proper gameplay footage?

Have a look at the listing changes for yourself and let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think the March 29 date in 2013 could be accurate, or are you predicting a Summer 2013 release date instead?

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  • Murat Goksen

    little woods has changed it to 29/03/2012 as well O.o

  • Super Hans

    Probably changed it just because it’s quite clear that it’s not going to be out this year, rather than them having any inside information from Take-Two.

  • what_im_thinking

    hasn’t anybody noticed the tax break coming up for uk games companies around march to april 2013? im sure they are waiting for that to maximise profits + extra time to polish up the game. just my thoughts

    • Del_Boy

      They wont get those extra profits as many older fans have boycotted Rockstar and Take Two which is why Max Payne 3 sales were so bad, they delayed Max Payne 3 then farted around with GTAV, then many are not happy with a spring release, all these things peed once loyal fans off. I dont think the game will sell aswell as the previous GTAIV and it 100% wont sell as many as GTA San Andreas did.
      I stopped buying games from Take Two and Rockstar brand new and started buying them second hand. Just bought Spec Ops The Line for £12 and Max payne 3 for £10.50, saved a small fortune AND stuck two fingers up at Take Two and Rockstar.

  • Isaac Blackburn

    If that is the case, GTA V will be released on every working man’s Pay Day 😀 Rockstar, you clever hound dogs 😉

  • Vitali

    March is the most likely date. Even if there is no substance behind Tesco releasing this date, it sure is a likely candidate following the Christmas lull.

  • Kakarot

    Have you just realised this? Tesco changed the release date a while ago and it’s prediction to say that GTA 5 will be out in early 2013.

  • johopogo

    thats fake

  • Pin70

    shame we won’t get to play it :/, world is going to end 121212


  • Daniel Chubb

    While I was at work today (I work for Rockstar) Dan Houser, who I usually don’t have any contact with, walked past me and whispered in my ear “GTA V will be released this December….” and I was like, “Woah bro.”

  • lerdygon

    It’s the only game I like. All these FPS clones and shitty football games are tripe.

  • lerdygon

    Stupid bloody speculation. Rockstar is being tighter than a nun’s minge over ANY info on GTA 5 and I’m getting more desperate for info than a Diabetic for his insulin.

  • Alex5315GY

    Has anyone noticed a HUGE Easter egg in the (upcoming) release of GTA V? When GTA SA was first shown to be coming out, the original trailer only depicted Los Santos and some of the new features in the game. This is the same for the GTA V trailer, except some of the countryside was shown to get the consumer exited for GTA V. In the screenshots of GTA SA there were only shots of Los Santos and the addition of a few countryside pictures, again just like GTA V. There were only two of San Fierro interiors, which you didn’t know that they were until the game actually came out. Only until the release of the second trailer did you see that the cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas existed. It is possible, in my opinion and analysis, that R* games is using it’s old marketing strategy for GTA V and not showing the consumer that THERE IS MORE THAN ONE CITY IN THE GAME. Even though R* games hasn’t shown the release date it is very possible that they were still finalizing the map and could only show what they had done to Los Santos (and parts of the countryside), just like the beta shots in SA.

    • womble

      That is ridiculous! Also there is only an apostrophe in ‘its’ when it is shortened from ‘it is’ not for ownership.

    • No

      That isn’t an easter egg you idiot.

  • sexyjerk

    I love you Rockstar….if march 29 is indeed the release date, then releasing the game 1 day b4 my birthday would be the best present ever. Thank you.

    • Alex5315GY


      • Jake

        That’s not an easter egg, plenty of people have thought of this as a possibility…

  • Nick

    Okay.. Prepare for smartness. First off, go to the link he has for the information. Then read the bottom for the description of the game where it says “Grand Theft Auto V contains all the fun of its predecessors and more and is sure to be one of the biggest Xbox 360 games of 2012” Look at that number… “2012” Now look at the release date for Xbox 360. BUT…. Look at PS3’s release date. See what I mean? Only listen to R* for information about the game. Plus they dealing with Max Payne and have any of you even try to platinum GTA IV or any other R* title? I’d do that first. It might help you see how big and how much more content GTA V gonna offer from looking at the companies past work. You might find some things new about the technology or gameplay that might help you guess the Epicness of GTA V. So damn. Stop wasting your time looking at this website or something. Go play GTA IV or Max Payne and plat that and THEN LOOK FOR GTA V news.

    • BoycottBumsNotGTA

      It’s not about the release, it’s about waiting and enjoying what we already have. MP3 and GTA IV is more then enough proof of the next title being a glorious hit. It’s going to be like taking crack for the first time with the withdrawal. (I don’t do drugs.)

  • adam

    Synopsis: Grand Theft Auto V contains all the fun of its predecessors and more and is sure to be one of the biggest Xbox 360 games of 2012.

  • Nizmo 57

    I posted this on the official RSTAR website weeks ago and I just got slagged off for it, tesco has had 29th of march for about a month now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are right or even a little early still, but one thing for sure is EE won’t be seeing it b4 Xmas

  • Regularis

    it shall be epic. people on here moaning about their age are just getting old before their time. as a 32 year old, my enthusiasm for gaming is just as big as back in ’84 when i was hammering the atari 800xl (loading games off cassettes), but at the same time i agree that peeps just need to be patient and accept that gta 5 won’t be out till next year. quality needs time,and by rockstars standards i’m sure we all have faith in this upcoming monster. in the mean time there are plenty of class titles out there worth having a look at

    • R.A.G.E.

      october is perfect.

  • Abdqud

    I think it’s Because this holiday GTA V exclusively on ps3 Bluray Disk After it Xbox in few months Because game too big That depends on size game multiple DVDs

    • Matt

      Your forgetting many things.
      1. Rockstar North are the people who managed to amaze the gaming world and shrink GTA III and Vice City down on to a tiny little UMD disc for the PSP, and it didnt loose quality. People said that it couldnt be done and Rockstar did it.
      2.Xbox 360 discs can now hold an extra 1GB of data.
      3.It would never just launch on 1 system and not the other. GTAIV was delayed because the PS3 version had bugs, GTAIV on the Xbox 360 was all finished and good to be launched but they didnt launch it, they held it back aswell and launched both versions at the same time.
      4.Even though the PS3 version of GTAIV was on blueray wasnt there still a weird 1 hour install before you could play it? Didnt need one on the Xbox 360.
      5.Its ‘possible’ a hardrive install could be added like Forza 3 and Forza 4 where you have a 1.5GB install to get all the content.

      • Mike

        The expansion packs were released on 360 then later PS3

        • Dan

          Because Microsoft had a timed exclusive for them that they paid tones of money for. They wouldn’t have ever done that with the main game would have cost Microsoft too much money it was just a way to get people to buy it on the 360 instead of ps3.

      • Controlfreak

        Rockstar Leeds was responsible for the PSP GTA exclusives, not rockstar north

  • happyaslarry78

    Lol. Of course you will mate. Who are you trying to convince here? You will be queing up to by it in march same as every other punter.

    • Karl

      I can assure you that i won’t be. I’m not one of these hardcore gamers who creams his pants over the latest game and rushes out at midnight to queue up to get the latest releases, I’ve turned in to more of casual gamer as i’ve gotten older (I’m 29). I’ve only just bought Modern Warfare 3 and Operation Flashpoint Red River the other day to keep me busy through October.

      • Gumby65

        …Yetttttttttt you took the time to post here. Epic job of not caring.

        • Karl

          I never said i didn’t care. I was just looking to see the latest news on GTAV because i haven’t checked in months, was looking to see if it was coming out this October to December time so i could buy it, but it’s looking like it’s not coming out until next spring.
          It’s pretty simple, if it comes out between now and December i will of picked up a copy sometimes between now and Christmas, if it comes out between April to July of any year i won’t buy a copy as i’m far too busy to play games round that time of year.
          Doesn’t mean i don’t care!

    • TheTruth

      “Lol. Of course you will mate. Who are you trying to convince here? You
      will be queing up to by it in march same as every other punter.”

      This is true, all of you people saying the will boycott the game if it comes out in March 2013 are lying or delusional . You WILL buy it. Mark my words !!!!

      • Cooperman

        I understand why everyone is frustrated with the release date in 2013 , I am as fed up about it as everyone else about it but we must be patient.
        I’m sure with the extra months the game is in development Rockstar are polishing the game and making the best possible game they can. I would rather wait and get the best game of this generation than a game that didn;t feel finished. Just about 6 months to wait is not too long. The only thing I would find to moan about is the trailer was shown too early and kept us waiting too long. They should have released the trailer this summer.

      • Monkey

        Yeah,i will buy it,second hand a few weeks after launch. Hey Rockstar have made me wait ages so waiting a few extra weeks wont kill me. It will be my own lil revenge on Rockstar for messin us around.
        Well im off to buy a second hand copy of Max Payne 3 with my birthday money,bye bye. =D

  • Karl

    Well that’s a buggerrrrrr…i was hoping for an October – December 2012 release as thats when i play the most games…fond memorys of previous GTA games launching in October…you can’t beat those long dark cold nights curled up in front of the TV playing some GTA…playing it in the spring or summer just feels so wrong + i will be busy in the spring and summer.

    • i bet its release date could be 2012 because one 2012 aint over yet

      • edwstewart1992

        As much as I would like to believe that, there is simply no possibility the game will be released this year.

        All I’m hoping for is a release date and a second trailer before the end of 2012…

      • edwstewart1992

        I’m shocked at the amount of likes your comment is getting. There is simply NO CHANCE the game will be released this year.

        It is only 3 months until the end of 2012 – the marketing campaign has only just started, no second trailer has been released, the gaming market is incredibly crowded this quarter, no release date has been announced, and, most importantly, the game is not complete!

        You can hope all you like, but you have to be realistic. April-May 2013 is more likely – no AAA games are being released that time, and this date gives Rockstar enough time to work on its multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

        • Adam

          Thats a flawed way of looking at it. There is a reason there are no AAA games being released in April-May. Its off season for casual gamers since winter is over and you finally can go outside. the best time is to release in October because its not only my B-day but this is when you gather your resources before you hunker down for the winter. And this winter should be a good one unlike the past 3 or 4 winters.

        • adam

          Im the biggest fan of GTA but im not going to be getting it if it comes out post winter.. Im used to waiting for GTA because I end up playing it on PC anyway. its where games should be played. I can understand car games being played on consoles or sports games but anything else is just not practical. at least with the way consoles are designed. When springs comes around I would rather be paying paintball or driving cars or at least gokarts instead of sitting at home with glare on my tv from the incredibly bright sun outside. I hope they release the full GTA in october and if not I would rather play a unfinished version which is typical with the first offering of a next gen GTA title. But ya I wish for October and full gta title. this means u get all the mini games, equipment like parachutes, vehicles like helicopters and planes in the first instalment. By now you would think they would be concentrating on introducing more online MP options. I loved playing the old SA with the 3rd party servers that did cops and robbers, and later on the other ones where you could buy properties, make online money by doing activities. gave the game that last bit of full throttle addition generating content that you could not get through the day without. Oh god I remember the countless hours getting chased by the cops on the cops and robbers servers. I would have all the cops going after me in that little island town under that bridge. the skill i had was amazing. having all the cops getting damaged as they tried to get me while i had no damage. it feels good just thinking back about it all.

        • theguyabovemeisaclown

          ” im not going to be getting it if it comes out post winter”

          HA HA HA HA HA! Shut up you tit.

        • edwstewart1992

          Right, exactly. You just proved my point. It’s the most unlikely, unpopular time any developer will release a video game. It didn’t stop GTAIV in April 2008 from breaking industry records for fastest, most successful sales for a game.

          As for the October release, possibly October next year but NOT this year. Absolutely impossible. This is a blockbuster video game, not the iPhone! Rockstar wouldn’t announce a release date and then release the game the same month when they’ve just started their marketing campaign.

          Also, this winter is jam-packed with a huge amount of gaming entertainment, such as Halo 4, Black Ops 2 and the Wii U. Doesn’t matter how huge of a success GTAV is going to be, it would be an illogical idea to release a game in a time against other competitors in this economic climate, where many consumers simply do not have enough money to afford two or more games in a small period of time.

          April-May 2013. That’s my prediction, which will receive thumbs down, but I believe it’s realistic.

    • Alex5315GY

      Read my post down the page a little. IT IS A HUGE REALIZATION OF SOMETHING THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS NOTICED ABOUT THE GTA V RELEASE, AND IT ISN’T THE RELEASE DATE. Again check it, you will have the same feeling I had when I realized it.

    • lerdygon

      I was hoping for November because that’s usually when a GTA is released.

    • Danny

      Well said mate. Luckily for us we have some other good games coming out to keep us busy over the Autumn and Winter instead. If GTAV does launch in the spring just wait an extra few months and grab a copy Autumn 2013 instead,it will be cheaper by then too, thats what i plan to do.

  • Peter

    Ahhh thats me out then. I like it when GTA games launched in October, i dont buy games in spring or summer. Ahhh well ,maybe wait untill October 2013 and get a copy second hand instead.

    • jordan_houston_rfc

      why wouldnt you buy them in spring or the summer

      • Peter

        Because im 31 and grew up with Grand Theft Auto, all previous GTA games have launched in October so its like a lil GTA tradition for us older fans. (GTAIV was also ment for an October 2007 launch but it was delayed to April 2008 because the PS3 version had bugs, i didnt buy that untill October 2008, got it second hand off Amazon) I bought all the others brand new on day of launch. Also in the summer im busy working away and out with friends and festivals,traveling,enjoying the summer time outdoors etc, so i tend not to play games in the spring or summer.

    • Alex

      lol you know you’re gonna buy it the day it’s released

  • justsaying

    I”m just saying
    But that site has had March 29th for a while now.

  • Gus

    Get a real job mr chubb