Skyrim Dawnguard DLC on PS3 remains dateless

By Alan Ng - Oct 1, 2012

As we enter another week, we still don’t have any positive news to bring you regarding the PS3 release of Dawnguard – the first expansion pack for Skyrim that has now been available on the Xbox 360 for more than four months.

It’s a real shame the way the situation has unfolded for PS3 users, with the most frustrating aspect being that there doesn’t appear to be any sort of progress at all. You would think that putting a simple expansion pack on the PS3 hardware wouldn’t be as difficult as what has been reported – especially for a developer as distinguished as Bethesda.

Instead though, we’re left to small updates from Bethesda’s PR man Pete Hines, as he has again taken to Twitter to provide the latest progress report on the missing expansion. Unfortunately, it’s not good news though as he has replied to a user stating that there is still no release date for Dawnguard on the PS3, and perhaps even more worrying – ‘no guess of a date’ either.

From the user’s Tweet though, it’s clear to see that fans are still desperate for the content to release, regardless of how long it has taken so far for Dawnguard to come out after all of the initial delays. There is obviously a lot of anger still swirling around, but Bethesda can make up for it just by releasing the content once and for all.

Fans will be hoping that the missing Dawnguard content will be Bethesda’s number one priority right now, putting any further DLC plans for Skyrim after Hearthfire on the back burner – the same should really apply to Dishonored as well, which will hit shops in a few weeks time.

Does it alarm you that Bethesda still has absolutely no idea when Dawnguard will release on PS3? You would think that internally, they would at least have an idea, but based on Pete Hines’ latest Tweet that doesn’t appear to be the case. Are you still holding on for a release, or have you given up hope? Don’t forget to check out the Gangnam Style mod here.

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  • dustin

    I honestly don’t care anymore. Bethesda messed up and is now stalling around. Assassins creed is coming out soon. So I couldn’t give two f****. And dishonored looks shitty

  • skyrim kien

    wtf i want dawnguard

  • We PS3 got Gran turismo 5 , and what do you Shitbox got ? Fus Ro Da ?

  • If anyone ever play Dawnguard on Xbox you’ll know that it doesn’t ran well it crash too often and it still have bug that they can not fix Xbox can’t handle any game anymore i suggest bethesda should turn to PS3 a superior platform instead of Shitbox
    Hell Even Rockstar are making the game called ” Agent ” Exclusive only on PS3 platform
    So suck on that Xbox fanboys hahaha

  • kai2

    Bethesda consistently releases broken PS3 product. Inept or lazy programmers/coders? A corporate culture disinterested in dev for PS3 tech? Something more sinister? Signs point to any… and possibly all. Whatever the reason(s), Bethesda has shown a lack of respect to PS3 fans — this SKYRIM debacle only being the most recent example (OBLIVION GOTY is still broken!). And instead of making amends, Bethesda fans the flames. I’m done with them… and all of their future broken games. Bethesda killed Tamriel for me and many others. *waves goodbye*

  • chodemuffin

    I can’t believe in 6 years they still haven’t learnt that their shitty ports to PS3 from 360 never run well.

  • a very angry customer

    I said f**k bethesda, i now have MoP (mists of pandaria) at least blizzard actually perfects the game before releasing it, so basically, bethesda is getting beaten by a company that only works for computers. Bethesda can go to hell

  • Martha Clark

    I bought a PS3 ONLY to play Skyrim…PS has always been superior to other gaming consoles, imo…guess I should’ve just bought a new computer and played PC like I did with Oblivion! Had no idea that getting the expansions would be such a disaster!


  • Ironic Paradox

    This is not Bethesdas fault. No, they should not have claimed that there would be DLC before they knew that there would be. Skyrim is a huge game and PS3 is a really really inefficient system and you are lucky that you even got Skyrim on the same date as everyone else. Oblivion was 1 year late for PS3

    • People seem to have forgotten we waited for Oblivion.

  • dan the man 7

    its no fair that xbox get f***kng dawnguard and we get tiny updates that put wee thing onto our game

  • Has this article been ‘copy and pasted’ for the past month?

    • ThatOneComment

      Everyone posts copies when Dunkinheinz tweets. Oops, Peter Hines.

  • Reddin

    Well I know that Game Developers make for the lowest spec console and port to the rest, so they run on the lowest spec console so theres no problems, In this case the Xbox 360. Just thought I’d mention it =D

    • Ironic Paradox

      That,s strange. The xbox has a better GPU and CPU. This is why dawnguard will not run on ps3 but it will on the xbox. Also the ps3 is severely inefficient, it would need a much better processor than the xbox just to run the same as it.

  • Thrawn05

    As a PC user, I’ll continue to laugh at this whole situation.

    • To be honest if I was desperate for the dlc I would buy it for the PC due to me already owning one. However I’ve always that niggling fear I’d turn into a self righteous prick that the more vocal ‘PC gamers’ seem to be.

  • j

    bethesda is lazy and they are sell outs, dawngaurd didnt do as great on the 360 or pc as they had hoped so they dont want to bother trying to bring it to ps3 anytime soon

  • fus_ro_doh

    I’ve given up tbh. it shows that Beth really don’t care about the PS3 market, their loyal fans I certainly wont be buying another game that Beth is involved in


    Why all the hate for the PS3? The problem is Bethesda’s not Sonys notice how no other companys have the problems they have and then any response frrom them is also of a poor quality, we should all feel let down.
    Also if the content doesn’t come we should all be entitled to a full refund as Skyrims case claims that DLC will be available

  • Can everyone stop being stupid and saying that “bethesda is trying to screw ps3 users up the woo hoo and that they are just obsessing over dishonoured”. well this is untrue, the only reason that you would see dishonoured everywhere is that bethesda has a huge advertising/marketing division. An example of this is with apple products, do you think that they have low level products but high advertising, well except for those pc lovers. so instead of raging and caring on with your testosterone filled bodies just go and give bethesda a break.

  • Lee

    And one more thing I think Microsoft did this on purpose because they either have a ps3 in their studios to check if their are any bugs and they take advantage of this and I have a solution why don’t they reduce trees,lien wraps and other things or release a demo if any one see this then plz send this to Bethesda twitter account

  • Lee

    Well why cant they reduced the items in the game besides there’s no point of boycottting Bethesda games because half of the money goes to Sony

  • By the time Bethesda done F-ing around, GTA 5 will be out. I spent 2 years playing GTA games before even realizing Bethesda existed. So when GTA games comes out ( no rush guys) Bethesda will find itself back into oblivion as I drive a Cheetah down the roads smashing into buses…for a very long time…Good Luck Bethesda. I don’t think you will ever see me playing ANY Bethesda games again or watching your crappy movies.

  • qwerty

    Something very similar happened with Fallout 3’s DLC on the PS3, it was released about nine or so months later complete with all of the lag, bugs and glitches that Bethesda didn’t bother to fix. I don’t want to think about what that means for Dawnguard on the PS3. 🙁

    If Bethesda had made sure the main game worked properly first then we wouldn’t be in this mess, it still doesn’t work properly for some people nearly 9 or 10 months later.

  • I’m going to buy Dawnguard when it comes out, however my future in games from Bethesda does not look so bright.

  • PsychoSploosh69

    Why couldn’t Bethesda do this with Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas DLC. The thing STILL crashes all the time, and they released it, and never fixed the problem! They shouldn’t have released it at all if they didn’t work out all the bugs. But it IS Bethesda’s fault, not Sony’s. Bethesda made a really crappy engine that isn’t totally compatible with Sony’s obviously superior hardware/software. You don’t hear Rockstar Games having similar trouble with their DLC, or any other major company that makes QUALITY games. So the blame is on Bethesda in my opinion. Maybe if they’d spend a little less time promoting the crap out of Dishonored, (That’s all you see every day on their blog is Dishonored) and spending some time on their other games we wouldn’t have this problem. Talk about unprofessional. And this guy Pete Hines doesn’t seem like the right PR person. He seems kinda sarcastic and rude IMO.

  • ThatOneComment

    I still think Hines looks like a bumbass soccer player in that profile picture.

  • Anonymous

    Can the news make up their f*cking mind already, one minute its ‘oh we don’t think dawnguard will ever be released’ the next minute it’s ‘oh yay they are working on the dlc…’ yes we’ve heard this for god knows how long now..

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    My fellow ps3 gamers I think its time we accept that dawnguard will never ever come to playstation 3 Bethesda are just trolling us now they’ll just keep feeding us false hope until the GTYE comes out and we are forced to purchase it to get dawnguard. Bethesda have shown their true colours well I say we should teach them a lesson TO ALL PS3 OWNERS DO NOT PURCHASE DISHONORED the lack of sales would be enough for Bethesda to take notice at how angry we are over dawnguard I know you must think dishonoured looks good but resist the urge we need to send a message to Bethesda somehow.

    • Reddin

      Haha, thats if Dishonored runs for the PS3? XD

      • adsehteb uoy kcuf


    • ZacH

      I solemnly swear to not purchase Dishonored until dawnguard comes out for PS3!!!

  • O,….,O

    bethesda has fallen and it cant get up

  • I read on another article that Bethesda should have created a separate engine for the PS3 instead of porting the game and putting the blame on RAM! This is what happens when companies become lazy and greedy.

    • ThatOneComment

      I read that same article last night. It makes sense when you think about it. Why else would Skyrim look crappier on PS3 than on 360? I’m not bashing the 360, I own one myself, but it still came out before the PS3 and received no hardware upgrades since. Also, I read that Sega did the same thing with Bayonetta, when they ported, they ruined the flavor of the game.

      • Dirk Rhettop

        Video game developers specifically develop their games on the 360. For what ever reason, this is the case for most companies. This is why, despite the huge gap in tech, most cross platform games perform better on the 360. And those that perform better on the PS3 are only marginally better.
        If you expect Bethesda to design a whole second game engine for the PS3 you’d still be waiting for the vanilla game I’m afraid. That would mean building Skyrim again using that new game engine. A game that took 4+ years to make on the 360. It makes logical and financial sense to build a game using a single engine and then port it over.

        • ThatOneComment

          Makes sense, a friend told me the same thing yesterday. He also mentioned that the main issue is being how the PS3’s RAM is partitioned.

  • casper13rocks

    this is beyoned a joke they must have some idea of whats going on ps3 owners have as much right to any skyrim content that is given to xbox and pc we all own the same game im sick of bathesda just dismissing ps3 owners with a you can just waight we’ll let ya know and give them nothing at all and if you think anything has been put aside thats a joke with the time it’s takeing you can tell they have less then a handfull of people working on this problem to save as much money as posible they dont care about us aslong as they cover the bottom line

  • Frederick Lebanon


  • Frederick Lebanon

    Bethesda you made one ofthe greater games in the world of videos games history just give us dawnguard 😀 do your besttttt

  • Adam

    Hell, release it on its own separate bluray disc if that helps, I dont care. Just get it done ya morons.

  • Adam

    This is ridiculous. What is so hard about adding this dlc to the ps3. Nobody else has issues, so why is this particular dlc any different. I mean cmon!, you made the whole fn game on a ps3, yet you cant do a little addon? Dumb.

    • DragonSlayer

      its really hard to fit a squares into circles. didn’t you know that??

      • Peter Parker

        That’s actually an easy thing to do…Stretch the circle out a bit…

  • Dan

    There is nothing wrong with the ps3.Bethdesa needs to release more dlc and leave ps3 out of it until it is released in a GOTY edition disk for ps3.Would be great to know that one is buying a game with all the content…I’ll always trust Bethdesa to make brilliant expansions with fantastic new creatures,armor,weapons,story lines,and all the other little goodies that come with it(and extra realms to explore like the Shivering Isles is always supurb).I don’t know if this is some way to knock down ps3,if that is the case they must get their priorities straight.The Elder Scrolls means much more than console wars.

    • casper13rocks

      leave ps3 out of it are you nuts dude why should ps3 owners miss out on anything your just a prick we have as much right to content as xbox and pc

      • Dan

        If you read what I said I did not say that x-box and pc owners have more rights you tit.I suggested that they release it on a GOTY edition disk with other expansions.I suggested leaving the ps3 so that they could work on something else so we could get a complete package.

      • Dan

        Did you F*CKING read what I said you tit!?!?Release all the content for ps3 in a GOTY edition.Forget about the downloadable part cause that seems to be one of the issues and move on to other expansions so that we can get a COMPLETE package in the GOTY edition.They will probably make a realm ruled by dragons that is similar to The Shivering Isles and the more they try to fix this the longer we will have to wait for something like that to come out.I would like to see if you still have balls calling me a prick to my face…

        • David

          So you think that PS3 users should have to re-buy a game they already own to get content that was promised to be on the PS3 network? Stop calling people tits, it’s weird.

      • Dan

        Sorry got carried away.Let’s just hope and pray they come up with something to fix this.

      • MiLkWeEd1388

        especially when the back of the box says as clear as day “ADD-ON CONTENT, TROPHIES” so if Bethdesa plans to keep me as well as other PS3 users as potential customers i feel that they had better not squeltch on this DLC deal or im srry i will not be buying from them anymore especially with FASLE advertisements as their main selling point

  • OldSchoolGamer

    Makes me mad at Bethesda, not PS3. My money will go elsewhere. Bethesda should know better and is losing profits of PS3 users.

    • DragonSlayer

      i hear that

    • Damn straight brother i felt the same way with you , Glad im standing among my brother PS3

    • vamp

      your the one that will out on fallout, doom, et al. with all the 360 and pc owners out there i’m sure bethesda wouldn’t miss you much.

  • Joe

    Really dude? Its bethesdas fault not playstation! The ps3 is superior to 360 so they have to make it stoop to the 360’s level. And name one saga thats done this,just one. COD at least relases the damn dlc. Your a clueless moron

    • vamp

      thats why 360 sales top ps3 sales. just face it, microsoft knows computers,sony doesn’t. sorry suckers.

      • It’s not really that Sony is that much harder to develop for, it’s that Bethesda clearly has more of a problem with it than does any other developer. If this wasn’t so so much worse than any other problem that’s plagued one release of a cross-platform title, maybe you’ve got a little MS/Sony argument. But THIS problem is obviously a problem specific to the developer that other developers have not had with this console.

  • Gamer

    Never buying another playstation console again! The PS3 has been a disaster,this and many other such sagas have really pissed me off! Should have gone for the xbox 360!

    • casper13rocks

      your a moron bathesda are the only comperny that ever have any problems with ps3 most compenies make quality games with quality dlc if bathesda had simply maid ps3 its own game engine insted of being lazy ass’s and cheap basterds and porting it from xbox engine thats why there haveing so much issue

    • MiLkWeEd1388

      then go b***h on a xbox forum cuz no one cares if u think xbox is better

    • Gamer Shamer

      You idiot. Should have gone for the XBox 360? Really? The fact is, if noone bought XPox, then Skyrim would have been even more awesome as it would have been made for PS3 and ported to PC and other platforms. Unfortunately, XPox is the lowest common denominator. Wait until you see The Last of Us, a PS3 exclusive, and compare that to the next XPox exclusive. Then you will see how much BETTER Skyrim could have been (even though it is awesome as is) if made for the PS3.