PS Vita needs third party games to survive

By Alan Ng - Oct 1, 2012

While the PS Vita remains something of a luxury for those that made the decision to purchase one at launch, it’s clear to see that third-party developers have yet to welcome Sony’s new device with the same open arms.

FIFA 13 has just been released on the Vita which should breath a new lease of life into the system, but on the bigger picture, Sony has even admitted themselves that the device could do with more support in the third-party category. It may be a cause of worry for current owners, but the good thing about this issue is that time is a healer and Sony still has the opportunity to attact some of the biggest developers around, providing the tactics are right.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified may not be the best looking PS Vita game around, but the fact that they now have Activision on board for the Vita is probably more significant in itself. The PS Vita has been available since December 2011 and until now we’ve only had a handful of third-party games.


Is it simply a case of being patient, or is it evident to see that developers are already starting to get reluctant to bring games to the Vita, when they know that the real money is in console games? Declassified could have been so much better on the Vita and there was real promise that it was going to be on par with the console versions of Call of Duty in terms of online multiplayer. Sadly, it looks nothing like that though and most fans have already started to distance themselves from the game in favor of other upcoming third-party games.

Is it partly down to Sony as well though, for a lack of advertising? We have just picked up the excellent DJ Max Technika Tune on our Vita and we’re willing to bet that most of you have never heard of it. It’s easily the standout rhythm game on the system and a fantastic port of the addictive game that you’ll find in some public arcades.

If you have a Vita at the moment, let us know your thoughts on the current progress so far with third-party games. Are you confident that Sony will continue to make behind the scenes deals to get the system more third-party support, or is it now time to start worrying?

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  • Bolaji

    The most important thing it needs is gta 5 and a version as close to the console version that will get the vita kick started

  • fricktyu

    create a notepad app so i can keep track of all my darn passwords from all these darn gaming networks lol a password for nintendo, a password for microsoft, and a password for sony, a password for parental control that i can’t remember and watch a movie i downloaded.
    or provide video output so i can truly make the Vita my all in one goto device. that way i can take my movie collection over to friends houses etc,,, also make it so i can switch memory cards on the fly without messing up all my icons.

  • i mean theres nodoubt that the vuita is a nice piece of work it just needs to release games earlier and stop teasing us with app videos of apps that havent even come out yet for like months.

  • the vita needs more side scrollers. rayman legends, trine 2, castle crashers would also be cool. i mean we know now that no one is going to make a game for the vita that isn’t japanese based based on the low sales. so why not start third party app it up to. if you (sony) is not going to fight the video game fight, fight the smart device fight, smart phones are made by their apps. tablets are made by their apps. yes i know that might be saying to much or not crediting software but, there’s an app war out there. and i mean sony isn’t smart enough to bring out the games. sooooo pick one sony, please for the people that know that the vita is a beast of a machine and can do great things. make a game that shows us this. you need a vita department not a side branch of the playstation tackling this, cause that’s how it seems. it feels like vita gets all the scraps of the ps3.

    remember hand held gaming was kept alive by side scrollers. build an exclusive side scroll that is awesome and iconic and they will all come!

  • Majestic 12

    Give us Ico HD Collection, give us Gran Turismo: V-Spec [i.e. Vita spec…see what I did there? ;)], give us Rayman Legends Vita, give us No No Kuni Vita and a Vita exclusive sequel, give us Peacewalker 2, give us a heck load of original IPs, preferably adventure games. A new Tomb Raider would be nice.

    • i agree totally man, why the new rayman isn’t on vita is dumb…

      • Majestic 12

        They kind of went a bit ambiguous on the whole WIi U exclusive deal recently. It will likely come out on other platforms later on, but to begin with it will be only for the Wii U. Like you I really hope it comes out on the Vita. I want to see a new Timesplitters sequel or side story in preparation for a console sequel as well. Crytek UK are hesitant about a console release, but turning to the Vita could be a good move as it needs more support from 3rd parties as it is and it lacks a definitive FPS. What else…a new Fear Effect, a new Tenchu game, a full Shenmu remake released both for PS3 [or 4] and Vita.

        All that aside the Vita really needs some radical, original franchises.

        • BellaKazza

          You troll here too???

  • Spider

    The psp had a thing with jrpgs, and I hope that will continue with the vita. The ps3 doesn’t really have any good turn based rpgs.

  • arch

    FPS games?! I am tired of them. Playing FPS for the past 15 years and not much has changed ever since. Black Ops is dead to me on Vita and Ps3 or any other format. What Vita needs is some smart puzzle games to attract totally different audience. Vita lacks in games where you want to return and play again. I wouldnt mind some card games or any other game where you can take your time and sip wine slowly. And where are the Apps? This is ideal device to have similar Apps to smart phones and tablets.
    Vita is an awesome device. I have also 3DS but since i purchased Vita i havent touched my ninty’s device. It just looks old and not relevant next to the Vita.

  • John

    Not worried, just want more FPS games and im happy, but im sure i will be soon as i will buy call of duty since i know a few in my area are as well, plus i want some single play missions when i dont play on my ps3, as long is i can have fun, im not t worried about the graphics