iPhone 4S: iOS 6 battery life problems need 6.1

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 1, 2012

It is not the first time iPhone 4S users have experienced battery life problems, and now iOS 6 is delivering issues with the battery once again, although it’s not the same experience for everyone. Once upgrading an iPhone 4/4S to iOS 6 you might experience battery life problems, which are extremely evident to some people who see the battery drain at a much higher rate than previously.

We are continuing to hear about iOS 6 draining the iPhone battery on a daily basis, and while we’ve heard about a few iPhone 5 cases it is mostly the older models receiving complaints. Our 6th generation iPhone has been performing really well since launch, and considering the technology improvements you’d think the new iPhone 5 would drain battery faster, but in fact it seems that iOS 6 is causing the iPhone 4/4S to drain juice at a faster rate for a number of people.

Apple’s iOS 6.1 update needed to fix the iOS 6 battery problems – when the iPhone 4S first launched we experienced battery life problems like thousands of others, not everyone, and Apple addressed these problems publicly and released an update to fix the issues. It took Apple a couple of software updates, but finally everything improved and the iPhone 4S started to drain battery life at a normal rate again.

Considering the amount of complaints on Apple’s official forums and the feedback we’ve received from our readers, it seems that iOS 6.1 will be needed to update and tweak the software on the iPhone 4/4S, which would help older models to perform better where battery life is concerned.

It is clear that iOS 6 is the problem here and this has been made even more obvious by a number of tests we’ve performed, and also what other technology websites have done as well. You could have the same apps and settings on the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5, but battery life will drain faster on the older models in most cases. It is worth noting that the battery problems started the moment iOS 6 had been installed, which rules out hardware issues and with thousands of users complaining it proves a simple tweak in iOS 6.1 could solve the problem. We’re not talking about slight changes in battery life either, this is a major drain in juice that results in some devices not making it halfway through the day.

Are you experiencing extreme battery drain on your iPhone with iOS 6, and if you have battery problems feel free to share a comment with the model you’re running and how long your charge lasts? At the time of writing we’re not sure how long it will take for Apple to release the iOS 6.1 update, but keep connected to PR and we’ll let you know the moment it arrives. We’ll be sure to test the battery life on the iPhone 5 and older models once the new update arrives as well.

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  • my iphone 4S with ios 6.1.2 dies at 70% no matter whether it is a call, camera or app being used. It will show the battery needs charging (see picture above) and after five minutes (not plugging it in to charge) the phone will start again when pressing the power button, it will then use the remainder of charge up with no problems until about 11% when it switches off again and again after 5 mins it will come on and lasts for ages even when on 1%
    Sort it out Apple as this was ok until IOS 6.1.1 was released
    Roll on the end of this contract in october as i am leaving Apple and going to Samsung.
    battery problems always happen with iphone and i am fed up with it.

  • Jay

    I have a 4s and my batter drains 1% every minute and then when it gets to like 45% it switches off like the battery is completely flat…ANY HELP?

  • Ever since ios 6, 6.1 my battery is draining faster. I even thought maybe I should replace my battery, but after seeing all these reports of others losing battery life fast I’m not gonna. I need to charge my iphone twice a day. ios6 is a fail.

  • Faizullah omari

    hey bros i cant update 6.1 version for my i phone 4s can you guys help me ?

  • Reymar

    Just updated my iphone 4 from ios 6.0.1 to 6.1 yesterday was really bad im having a poor signal and always searching for cellular signal then suddenly fell into “no service” my iphone was working properly in 6.0.1

  • chef

    6.1 update is a scam to get you to by newer iphone apple is doing this purposly dammm crooks.

  • Ron

    Loaded the new 6.1 software on Tuesday and my Iphone 4 battery is draining within 5 hours of minimal ussage… I did get up to two days… Can I change back…

  • charged my battery all night this morning my 4s at 9 am was allmost dead it only started after i installed the 6.1 update no more updates for i think they do it to get you to buy a new phone

  • tng

    Last week my phone’s battery died and refused to charge and wasn’t recognized by my computer. After a while it decided to charge. Since then my phone randomly shuts off at before the battery drains and loses it’s charge extremely quickly. I went to the Apple store and I was told that my hardware was fine and to try to restore my phone from new. I did this and it did not solve my problem. My phone still drains extremely and can’t last me thought half a day. The only solution I was given by apple was to buy a “new” phone for their replacement cost of $199.

  • IrshPride06

    Just got a brand new iPhone 4S from AT&T.I’ve sent three text messages, haven’t used facebook, instagram, web browser or anything else at all for that matter. My phone was fully charged an hour and a half ago and is already down to 77%. The phone typically dies in under 4 hours, with my last full charge down to 1% in 3 hours and 15 minutes. I plan on taking my phone to the AT&T store to see what they have to say. This is rediculous!!!!!!

  • Niquitta

    Lately when my battery gets to 5% it shuts itself off, when you plug it in it starts up right away and shows 6% battery life….. Anyone know how to fix this!?! It never used to do this 🙁

  • New software suckin’ the life out of my phone. It will shut down with 50% of the battery still avail. Bad software update! Hurry up, this is crampin’ my style!

  • shelly

    After the update my ipod drains within 10 minutes, ill charge it all night long and the next day it will drain within 10 minutes, any way to fix this problem?

  • Chrissy

    I have the 4s with the new 6OS. All apps unstable and shutting down, calendar & email are not opening. Battery life drains quickly, I have to keep on charge all the time and I don’t even use my phone very much.

  • Andrea

    IPhone 3GS.
    Battery drains in 12 hours even if in airplane mode the entire time 🙁

  • Joyce

    The battery drain is the same on my mac book pro. I upgraded under supervision fom staff at the apple store and the so called brilliant ISO6 has relegated my wonderful machine to a that of a horrible PC. It drains battery life at an unpressedent rate….i now have to plug in nearly every hour……..Sort it out APPLE.

  • Earlier my iPhone 4S battery life lasted for 2 days. Now with 5 hours usage less than 20%. Apple needs to fix this very soon because I’m getting so annoying right now. I’m a Appleholic and a very loyal one for Apple. But Apple doesn’t look like trying to solve this right now

  • On standby, my 4s is behaving perfectly normally, no battery drain issues. However, as soon as I am using it, the phone heats up within 2 minutes to the point where you can feel the right side near the sim and half the back cover gets super hot – exactly where the battery is. This is not even using any graphic intensive apps, I’m talking about Whatsapp/Email etc. I have installed a system profiler app which reports CPU use totally normal so it’s not that sucking down the juice I’m sure – more like something wrong with the screen brightness or maybe defective battery? Gets pretty hot whilst charging which may be due to the crappy fluctuating electricity current here in Indonesia. Could this be the culprit and have damaged the battery? I’ve had it a year now and it started doing this 2 weeks after I upgraded to iOS6.

  • Merim

    I had fighting with this fu***** problem hours and hours. Yesterday I installed ios 6.1 to me and my friend also replaced broken screens to both and changed new battery to my phone. Now when I put my phone in charge, it looks like its charging, but its all the time at 8%, and dont move from that. It goes off itself sometimes. Sometimes when I boot it, the battery level might switch from 8% to 28%, but doesnt still charge even if its hour plugged in the socket. It still looks like its charging. My friend said he charged his battery all night, but when took it off from the socket, phone booted itself and showed 2 % battery level, I hope someone could solve this.

  • Charity

    I upgraded my iPod Tough 4th Gen the day before yesterday to 6.0.1 My charge was fine before ad would last me over 1 days use…….NOW my charge bar is NOT moving at all…….I leave it plugged in all night and when I’m not using it and the charge does NOT move at all. I don’t know what % it is at because it does not show the %. SOOOOO NOT HAPPY!!!!!

  • omar

    i feel sorry for those having issues with the new ios… i upgraded my 4s about a week ago and if anything it has improved my battery life. i’m loving the new features and extended battery life

  • I updated to 6.01 and the battery drained like i have never seen before. I went to bed with 100% and woke up with 70%. The only apps in the notification centers are phone, message, skype, facebook, viber and maybe two others!

  • Kesav

    After IOS 6.0.1 upgrade my iPhone 4 battery drains, signal flops frequently where I used to get full signal before the upgrade and my mobile heats 🙁

  • Carrie

    I have the iPhone 3GS and after the iOS 6 update my phone started shutting off at 50%-35% saying the battery was dead and needed to be plugged in. Even after the 6.1 update nothing has changed. This keeps making me very angry. Apple really needs to fix this. I do way to much on my phone for it to keep doing this.

  • jojo

    im thinking of removing all of the application installed, will this work, i dont know.. hoping for a 4s ios 6.0 battery problem ASAP resolution..

  • Edi K

    I have been experiencing battery drain and overheating since I updated my IPhone 4S to the iOS6. I have noticed the overheating starts right after I open any GPS enabled app, like Maps, Instagram, etc.. The reason I find is that the app remains working after I exit to different apps. Apple: Please FIX!

  • Daniel

    Yes, there are NO WORDS to describe how bad iOS 6 works on iPhone 4S !!! My telefon dies after 4 hours os usage… and standby 8 hours. THIS IS A JOKE!!! and dont write me to turn pff 3G and Gps. Before, with 5.1.1 I had usage about 8 hours!!!!!!

  • Chad W

    90% battery life at 10pm, I wake up at 530am for work and there’s only 56% left. I even killed all background running apps before bed. 4s My first iPhone and I hate it. I got a replacement because the touch screen wouldn’t work at times and the power button stop working…apple is lame….I’m going back to android when my contract is up.

  • lmc

    Now have less battery life on iPod 4th. Everything is smaller and crammed together. Not user friendly and takes a long time now to load. Only the 4g devises can carry this bloated software.

  • I purchase two Iphone 4s lase December. The batter would last at least two days, longer other periods but not less than two days. Now I am lucky if the battery last 12 hrs.

  • Josh

    APPLE SORT UR S***T OUT, this is pathetic i have a 4s and this battery drain is rediciouls, sort it out before i move to samsung honestly trying to stay loyal but this is beyond a joke now

  • Dave

    Upgraded to the 4s from the 4 to after two years and yeah, I noticed the battery issue on the 4 as soon as I upgraded to iOS6. I thought it was because the 4’s battery had hit is mark, but it’s actually been much worse on the 4s. I resent having to get iPhone5 just to have a decent battery life again. Thinking about just taking it back and going with the Galaxy.