GTA V on Wii U with GamePad features

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2012

It’s fair to say that the wait for GTA V, compared to all other games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been an excruciating one. Rockstar has given next to no details on the game since the November trailer last year and there are whispers emerging that the developer could be considering bringing the game to other platforms.

Let’s not forget, that Rockstar has not even announced what platforms the game is coming to officially. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are certainties at launch, but even then there are still some skeptics who believe that the game may only come out when next-gen consoles arrive.

A PC version is also highly likely, as the ability to create mods in that platform just drives sales up even further for Rockstar, so the only question that PC users should be asking is when GTA V will come out – alongside console versions, or slightly after?

Where does the Wii U stand in all of the platform debate though? The new console is now starting to attract attention once again after a second showing at E3 2012, especially since we have already seen evidence of Nintendo’s pulling power by convincing Sega and Platinum Games to bring Bayonetta 2 to the Wii U as a platform exclusive.

Many gamers believe that GTA V won’t be coming to the Wii U, but look what happened with Black Ops 2. Not only is the latest Call of Duty game arriving on the Wii U in its complete entirety, ie no content cut like the Wii, but the Wii U version is also going to have enhanced functionality thanks to the touchscreen controller as well.

Rockstar may take the same view and announce GTA 5 for the Wii U, with exclusive minigames that are playable using the touchscreen controller. Imagine playing on the TV and then triggering a rampage mission that can only be completed using the Wii U GamePad – it could end up being Nintendo’s secret weapon and the sole reason why Rockstar are stalling so long with announcing platforms.

After going hands on with New Super Mario Bros for the Wii U at the Eurogamer Expo this week, it’s clear to see that the GamePad has a lot of potential waiting for developers to unlock. What are your thoughts on Rockstar’s continued stalling for the game? Do you agree that they could be planning to surprise everyone by announcing a version for the Wii U?

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  • bazz

    N there was me thinking the delay was down to advancements in virtual reality chip implants…….. On a more serious note tho, microsoft have once again offered fuckloads for a timed exclusive. So delays aint for wii u as no system is gonna get gta v for 3-6 months after the 360 anyways

  • Douche


  • Not if they bring it to “4K” PS360 successors and Wii U is a Generation behind again.

    • sonic_cool_blueuk

      I hope you realise even good gaming PC’s would struggle at 4K resolution and would probably barely get 20FPS if lucky, currently the sweet spot is full HD, or 1920×1080 if you will.

      Games need to run at 60FPS+ to be totally smooth, and if new games on PC can manage that at full HD, what makes you think a cheaper console could run 4K resolution?.. it’s nothing but a load of crap that console players have no clue about.

      if they do announce the ability for them to run at 4K you better be prepared for a slow sluggish 30FPS or most likely less on those consoles.

      Give me speed any day over 4K res that people have no clue about, i haven’t long had a new 120hz monitor and the difference in gaming is night and day to my old 60hz.

      • AshleyB

        Lol clearly you’ve never owned a good GFX Card like the 680-690 or the 7970 because those run way better then 60fps… Like 60 for me is low when playing on 3 monitors…

  • You should probably put a question mark at the end of that headline.

  • Paul Phillips

    A lot of media sites have been peddling the same hook though no concrete details are ever given. Though having said that I dont see why a version couldn’t exist, its not that outside the realms of possibilities. Manhunt 2 was made for the Wii and rockstar did do well with their port of Table Tennis too, furthering their options with ports of games to the Wii U could make sense if it becomes a decent seller and Nintendo implement a decent online infrastructure.

  • Anonymous

    I bet it is. The evidence is on the table to suggest it.

    It has been highly rumored from many sources (some more credible then others).

    Nintendo is going after a more core audience. They have Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, Tekken, Darksiders etc. Surely Rockstar would have appeared at the very top of the list on companies to push on board.

    At the time Zelnick was asked last year he never said it wasn’t on there. Nobody has ever asked outright since so you can’t say a flat out “no it isn’t”.

    A retailer has had a listing for it.

    They have been strangely quiet about the platforms. We know its on PS3 and 360 due to Max Payne 3 save file carry overs and code found on the disc. So why are they so quiet about it?

    It has appeared on several leaked CVs/resumes down for an October release and yet this hasn’t happened. What is the hold up?

    I’m guessing a May release on PS3, 360 and Wii U. I’d buy Wii U if it was on there. And I know I’m not the only one.

  • I hear they may be releasing GTA V on my ball bag. Maybe you should report that too?

  • So… no real facts eh?
    Pretty much just making up whatever you want.
    Is the follow up article about how awesome BioShock Infinite could be on the Wii U as well?
    Why stop there perhaps a port of Halo 4 and God of War 4?
    And an announcement of Sony and Nintendo having cross play between Sony Battle All Stars and Smash Bros?

    Oh and then we can speculate how great it would be if world leaders announced a plan for world peace and an end to suffering, hate, and hunger.

    Ah, the Internet, King of making up stuff when there is nothing to actually say.

    • Lol dude im falling off my chair tight now your comment is actually meking me piss myself lol. Props for it. But you do know GTA is not an exclusive to anyone platform, so yes its far fetched but in business anything can, and always does happen. Nintendo have changed their stripes with the WII-U there is no doubt about that. So why not have GTA V on it it wouldn’t make no sense not having it on the console. On Nintendo and R* part. So lets just wait and see.

      • edm

        well… it was funny. but if you pissed yoursekf u should see a doctor.

  • GTA has never been on Nintendo and unless Nintendo change their target audience they never will.

    • Well with this new console lets not try to act blind to the truth that. Nintendo is swaying to each corner of the gaming consumer, plus more flipping kids play GTA then adults do. GTA’s been on DS and did quite well. And was so much more better on the DS then the Psp (FACT) So yes to correct you sir, it has been on Nintendo before 🙂

      • Guest

        Yes I stand correct you are correct “China Wars” was on the DS I forgot that.

      • Yes I stand corrected “China Wars” was on the DS, I forgot that. I know Nintendo had the rights to do the residential evil series as well which were all 16 rated as well.

        Due to the sheer size of the game I guess porting can be costly and can you guarantee the returns. Do Nintendo have enough adult users? Although kids do unfortunately play GTA it’s the adults that must buy the game. I own a Xbox but I’d buy a PS3 if GTA V came out on Sony exclusively (obviously this isn’t going to happen).

  • Guest

    GTA has never been on Nintendo and unless Nintendo change their market audience they never will.

  • Nintendo

    an article about “big nothing”. Looked like the real deal but turn out to be someone’s wish. Though, I hope to see GTA V on Nintendo’s new platform.

  • bob

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  • Kingdingaling

    Speculative rubbish, yet again. Misleading title and an article that just regurgitates the same tired mixture of old news and ifs and buts. Do yourself a favour and write arcticles about something else, you have no news and have not for a while.

    • Master Bogan

      STFU douche bag!!

    • gimmesomethingnew

      a true king of dingaling, you could not be more right sir.

    • Richard Belk

      You’re absolutely right. The title is misleading and there’s no point in writing an article based on absolutely no intelligence what-so-ever.

    • Yeah it is kinda misleading.

  • bob

    wii u

  • Hey

    I would love this!!!

  • noreply

    They didnt convince platinum- they saved the game from going under, funded and put resources into it and are publishing it. there would be no Bayonetta 2 if not for Nintendo.

    As for GTA V- let’s hope

    not really news nor an announcement so misleading title….