COD: Black Ops 2 Zombies trailer confirms reason to buy

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 27, 2012

Call of Duty fans were delighted to see the Black Ops 2 Zombies trailer launch within the last 24 hours, and it certainly impressed us with a tease of what to expect when we get hands-on. The video can be seen below this article and shows COD: Black Ops Zombies gameplay, so take a look and let us know your thoughts on the mode returning again.

We missed the carnage in the last Call of Duty and while Modern Warfare 3 included a survival mode, it didn’t meet the extreme fun found in zombies, in our opinion. There’s something about having your back against the wall with friends and family, just trying to stay alive while zombies are heading in your direction in increasing waves. The video can be found below the screenshots.

Black Ops 2 Zombies the main reason to buy the next Call of Duty – this might seem a controversial view, but the only reason we’ll purchase Black Ops 2 is for the zombies mode. This part of COD started as a little side project some time ago, but has now become part of the game we’re sure to put more hours into than the normal online multiplayer.

We’ve included a few screenshots from the Black Ops 2 zombies trailer on this page, which show some of the gameplay action and certainly tease you if you love this mode. If you are getting this years game then let us know what edition you’re picking up, and if you pre-ordered Black Ops 2 did you get the exclusive Nuketown Zombies map?

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  • Yup Pre ordered hardened just for the zombies!

  • OrderedChaos

    I have pre ordered the Harden Edition for the bonus maps and have been playing since the beginning Waw. I have to say despite being a avid zombies fan and have completed every single easter egg. I am actually more of a fan of the pc version of Left 4 Dead 1/2. Although i have read some where that the L4D concept may now be a game mode available in the new Black ops 2 Zombies. One can only hope 😀

  • I will probably cancel my Hardned Edition preorder, it seems unworthy, I thought they will come out with something different, from the trailer I see, nothing changed, yeah you change Map through the Zombie Story line, but I don’t know, we all now new maps doesn’t mean better.

    • JamesDBRJ1987

      have you read anything about zombies on black ops 2?!?!? there are 2 new new modes to choose from! they aint just new maps, they are new maps all put together to make 1 big map. you can pick up different things and make new weapons such as turning a car door into a riot shield! zombies on black ops 2 is going to be amazing!!!

      • Didn’t know that thanks, now I won’t cancel it anymore :P. Just wait and see. 😀

  • zombies!

    Yeah i preordered the hardened edition just for nuketown zombies! I fell in love with zombies the moment i played it back on WAW. This years zombies just looks like its got even better cant wait to play it!

    See you guys on the 13th november to slaughter some ZOMBIES!