GTA V to meet diversity from competitor

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 26, 2012

Rockstar has a fanbase that is truly dedicated to some of their games and this includes Grand Theft Auto 5, and while most gamers would appreciate the news of a release date it seems that the majority will still purchase the game no matter how long the wait becomes. These gamers understand GTA V will not be another annual launch, and is expected to have a lot more substance to it with attention to detail.

GTA V will have other games targeting its market share in the coming months and next couple of years, and you can expect some nice open-world freedom type games to arrive with gameplay that’s missed-based in a very similar way to GTA V is expected to be. These games will offer impressive graphics and a twist on what Grand Theft Auto has become known for, but one thing they won’t have is a fanbase as large as seen with the GTA franchise.

We’ve seen a few games with promise that include Watch Dogs, Sleeping Dogs, and even a possible next-generation title in the form of Just Cause 3, but will any of these games manage to eat into the sales expected for GTA V? In our opinion this won’t happen as long as Rockstar keep the gamers happy with what they deliver in GTA V, although if they fail to impress with the majority then we could see desertion considering increasing competition in the open-world genre on games consoles.

Just Cause 3 from the best open world developer – we expect some people have something to say about that statement, but in a recent article on this popular gaming website it seems that Avalanche are “set on” making it to the title of “best open world developer“. The company’s boss explained this mission in an interview, and touched on his feelings about Rockstar by giving them a complement but also stating they are less of a competitor.

While the majority of rumors state that Just Cause 3 will be a next-gen title, it seems that the head of Avalanche, Christofer Sundberg, isn’t giving anything away. When asked directly about the next-gen rumors, he replied, “we’ll see“. You can see his comment on Rockstar being a “phenomenon” below, and how he sees Avalanche offering more diversity and expects them to become the number one for this genre. This is a big statement considering the hype surrounding GTA 5 and the fact gamers are having to wait so long for the title to arrive.

What are you more excited about – GTA 5 or Just Cause 3? When it comes to the timeframe for these two titles they might be on very different scales, although both will likely be released as competitors to each other for open-world gamers. It will also be interesting to see if Just Cause 3 lands on the Xbox 720/PS4, and then Rockstar launch an upgraded version for next-gen graphics and abilities.

If you are wondering why it’s taking Rockstar so long to give more details on GTA 5, or even a release date, then you should read this article that explains Take-Two’s position on getting the game right and not rushing.

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  • jack1991

    I personally have never owned an xbox or playstation, but I have followed the GTA games enthusiastically and had a good play here and there, but GTA 5… Well I already have money waiting to buy a xbox as soon as it come out.

  • devon

    gta 5 will be out in 2012! mark my words… don’t you guys realize what their doing? SURPRISING us, well, most of us anyway.

  • Rockstar fan

    I guess Christofer Sundberg forgot about Red Dead Redemption when talking about diversity

  • Kyle Mc Callion

    just cause, what a joke of a game, Rockstar are by far the best game developers

  • matt19811

    just cause is fun, seems almost like a mod of gta done by mexicans

  • justcause gta isbetter

    P.s. daniel chubby is a b!tch!

  • justcause gta isbetter

    Yeah id rather play gta 2 over anything these idiots come with. Show some f**ckin respect atvthe end of the day they are the genre! If you are pushing for best open world best get in line son and houser and rockstar are the top of the foodchain. What a dork, stop using gtas name to market your crappy sp!c game

  • Hazel

    Oh and just thought i’d say Rockstar did say in late august with those screenshots

    “Hope you enjoyed this week’s 10 screenshot special from Grand Theft Auto V.

    We will be back with some more to see in a few weeks or so” so for those who complain about there being a lack of info etc just be patient lol

  • Hazel

    In my opinion GTA V will be aiming towards a large audience its traditional one and no doubt a whole new one not to mention possibly fans from other series who never had much interest in gta in the past after all it does say its going to be “A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer”

  • Ryan

    The only fun thing to do in Just Cause 2 is drive a car off a mountain, because the rolling and crashing physics are sick. The rest (driving,shooting,walking,falling,parachuting) is way too fake. What’s with the lack of gravity?

  • slashfan7964

    Just Cause 3 will ahve nothing on GTA V. Just look at Just Cause 2. The map was huge but the lack of attention to detail killed it an made it boring. I’d go as far to say that even San Andreas kicked Just Cause 2’s ass to hell and back.

  • K


  • Dymez

    I think it’s good that developers challenge Rockstar for their open-world crown. I love competition, it brings out the best in everybody, which means more good games. Rockstar is in another stratosphere — along with Naughty Dog, nobody is touching those two in terms of quality. The reason why Rockstar is taking so long to make this game and not releasing screens and trailers every other day like some of these people want, is because of the quality they expect from all the games they make. I’ve read comments about people saying they’re “lazy” or “don’t care about the fans,” that’s ridiculous. Rome wasn’t built in one night.

  • Mr Sexy

    I’m completely fed up with games nowadays, just feel like they can’t offer anything really innovative now. Thought we’d all have VR simulators in our homes now to be honest lol GTA V will be the only game i’ll be buying from now until it’s released because I know it’s going to be absolutely top notch. GTA games are always of the highest quality and I cannot wait to play every bit of it.

  • gumgum

    haha like just cause 3 stands a chance against gta 5 😛 its a big joke. just cause 2 was shite 😛 too unrealistic

  • nicky

    yet another garbage “article” about GTA V

    • slashfan7964


  • R.A.G.E.

    I’ll be honest, I cant wait for rockstar to meet they’re match. They have dominated sandbox games so long they have gotten arrogant. They remind me of Netflix, how they owned instant downstream movies but then decided to turn up the heat on consumers which ultimately cost them they’re consumers who went elsewhere. Then months later them ceo apologized for thinking he had such a all mighty grip and choose to squeeze. Back to rockstar….. They need to remember this is a video game and not a password to nuclear warhead. Two or three screenshots weekly should not be to much to ask.But if you have gone to any chat rooms or discussions on gta v, you would clearly see ignorant morons who can’t even hold steady on 1 topic. Hell, I can’t blamerockstar.If I had fanboys that dumb I would do the same.

    • Gumby65

      Chatrooms on GTA V…
      If you CAN stay on subject for more than an hour, it is time to move out of mom’s basement. Really.