Prolonging Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 is an issue

By Alan Ng - Sep 25, 2012

As we move into October, PS3 users are still no closer to finding out when the elusive Dawnguard DLC expansion will be releasing on Sony’s console. The good news, is that Pete Hines from Bethesda has been providing daily updates on the situation, but the bad news is that progress doesn’t appear to be going according to plan.

Just to refresh, Dawnguard released on the Xbox 360 as far back as June 26, meaning that it has now been exactly four months of waiting for frustrated PS3 owners who still do not have any additional content to play. It’s obviously not an ideal situation for all concerned, especially when Bethesda are clearly still having technical problems getting Dawnguard onto the PS3 hardware.

It’s been mentioned before, but ‘performance’ seems to be the key word when Bethesda do offer little updates on what is happening their end. From a user’s point of view though, it is going to be very difficult to understand how such an accomplished developer like Bethesda can continue to have technical issues on a console released six years ago.

In a new Tweet issued by Bethedsa’s PR man Pete Hines, the exec again quoted performance as key reasoning material why Dawnguard still isn’t out on PS3, adding that the company still cannot get Dawnguard to an ‘acceptable’ standard where they could release it.

It does make you wonder if Dawnguard will be released before the end of the year doesn’t it? You would also like to think that suitable progress would have been made, but there does seem to be serious technical issues that are outstanding which is just causing Dawnguard to crash when running on the PS3.

Are you still content to wait it out for as long as possible, or has the issue become too much for you now that you are now prepared to move on with other games?

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  • Hank Kimble

    I would be more inclined to believe that Microsoft threw a truckload of cash at them and contracted them into absolute secrecy regarding DLC exclusivity for a certain duration. In other words, it seems more plausable to me that Bethesda ‘could’ release Dawnguard and Hearthfire on the PS3, if they ‘could’ legally do so. In the meantime, stalling tactics like ‘we are having performance issues’ keep that clock ticking until the contractual agreement with Microsoft has been met. Of course, this is nothing more than armchair speculation on my part.

  • AngryPS3gamer

    Enough with this BS. I have lost all hope.In my eyes, Bethesda is worse than EA, Bioware, Activision, and Zynga (yes, even effing Zynga) combined. At least Mass Effect 3 was a solid game, despite the shitty ending.
    I hope you lazy liars get sued and go bankrupt.

  • Ell

    what’s this new bethesda rule of only releasing things when they work properly?! It’s never been the case with them before; in fact i’ve never played a bethesda game that works to an “acceptable standard”

  • I moved on to other games back at Christmas! This game has been out for more than ten months – do you really think that we have been playing one game and one game only, nonstop for ten months?

    My plan hasn’t changed – I will get back into Skyrim as soon as DLC is made available. And it will. “When” isn’t something we should be concerned about. It’s already “too late” for many people. October will be “too late”, Christmas will be “too late”, If we don’t see it until a GOTY drops, it will still be “too late”. That won’t change. What can change is the quality of the release. Releasing now will be qualitatively unsatisfactory. Releasing by the end of the year may even be unsatisfactory. They should release it as soon as it becomes satisfactory, and not a moment sooner.

    And I will buy it, play it, enjoy it. I won’t be happy about the wait, but I won’t deny myself the content.

  • ++

    The thing that most people seem to forget is that technically we aren’t entitled to the game. With that said, that’s exactly what it is. Just a game. Whining and refusing to not purchase the product probably won’t do much in the sense of fixing bugs and releasing it any sooner. I think the days of maturity and patience is gone.

  • Put your mind some where else brother im far more excited with hitman absolution that about to coming out and skyrim will be just the past my brother

  • John The Raptist

    Yo yo yo when is Dawnguard coming out on PS3?

  • Or they could just do what they did with oblivion which wasn’t exactly released at the same time as Xbox

    • John The Raptist

      Yo yo yo Oblivion was an awesome game dude! I totally loved that game.

  • Bethesda Representative

    Hahaha we screwed you pathetic PS3 users.
    We lied about Dawnguard’s

    performance on PS3 and we will NEVER release Dawnguard on Playstation 3.

    We will continue our loyalty with Microsoft and will forever screw you

    Playstation 3 losers over. Why?….because we can. Please shut up, stop

    complaining, and stop sending us hate mail on our webpage. We honestly

    could care less about your opinions on how we operate business. The

    Playstation 3’s limited ram is an upmost disgrace and we refuse to

    dawdle any further on this situation. When we want your opinion, we’ll ask

    for it. Thank you.


    Bethesda Representative

    • Ok, I’ll go play something else then, Would you recommend Borderlands 2? Demon’s Souls maybe? .

      • Bethesda Representative

        Here’s your recommendation.

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…………. _.·´


        Bethesda Representative

    • OOH Bioshock Infinite? I’m hearing good things. Can’t wait for that one to come out

  • Ralph

    When the game comes out Bethesda should sell the game for half the price or give dawnguard to ps3 owners for free or hook us up wit a dlc that is exclusive for us (ps3 owners) if you guys can’t do that I could wrong on this or I could b write Bethesda could lose alot of sales for the future.

  • Kim

    Sorry for double posting, but Mr. Hines should stick with ketchup.

  • Kim

    I strongly
    believe this whole issue is closely linked to the certification process. Hines
    won’t say anything, but Hines never says anything. He keeps us in the dark,
    keep the hope going just so no one sues Bethesda for false advertisement.

    Skyrim was developed
    for PC and Xbox360 and ported to PS3. The programming architecture of these
    machines are very different, and Skyrim should’ve been developed specifically
    for the PS3, parallel to the Xbox/PC versions.

    What I
    think is causing the delay is that with certification, a game must meet very
    specific criterias to be released on a console, criterias that are, for many of
    them, exclusive to a specific console.

    They were
    able to patch Skyrim, but trying to have Dawnguard certified in its current
    state is like trying to have a Burger King product sold through McDonald’s. The
    game is too similar to an Xbox360 game to be released on a Sony console.

    Of course, I’m speculating here. If Hines would
    do his job though I wouldn’t have to.

  • PS3HasNoGames


  • Steve-O

    I’m not too worried about it, when it comes, it comes. In the meantime, I’ll just play some Borderlands 2.

  • plko

    anyone else notice the quotation marks around acceptable

    • I got the impression that he was using them to point out that it wasn’t himself who was in charge of defining what constituted acceptability.

  • Ginreaper

    I was fine at first with the post pone of Dawnguard, but since it’s now been FOUR MONTHS i have about givin’ up by now. Sure if Dawnguard does come out then yeah I’m gonna get it, but if not se la vi. Will I be upset sure, but it’s not like Skyrim is the only game in the world and yes I Am am a hardcore Bethesda fan, being only 14, but I have been moving on to other games like Borderlands 2, while remembering to check every once and a while. I’m glad Bethesda is still trying to work on it, but COME ON people it’s been FOUR MONTHS if they’re not getting it now they’re probably not going to get it in the next month it just takes time. Yes, I’m a hardcore gamer nerd, but come on geeks/nerds stop B****ing about it and move on. GROW UP!!!!!

  • Keaton

    What does that mean, an acceptable standard?! How bad is it right now? They always so how bad it is, but they don’t give specifics at all!

  • seabrook87

    f**k the PS3 I had one for 2 weeks then sold it cus I hated the thing.
    The blame lies with Sony not Bethesda its not their fault its a crap system to work with.And as for us Xbox users getting everything first. ha ha ha ha ha f**K an Xbox or shut up.

  • JVip

    I have spent exactly 635 hours on this game. That’s almost 27 days! I understand the dlc is not up to speed but there has to be communication by both parties. We have done our part yet they have not. I’m a huge fan of the game and i guarantee if they really wanted to, they would have the dlc out at least in the beginning of August but i guess we are no longer a concern.

  • TJ

    I say they rerelease Skyrim for PS3 and resolve the save file issue so we can have DLC!

    They release a faulty game and they knew it 100%. They neglected to
    resolve the save file issue and the favorites menu issue which causes
    all the notorious problems, this is why DLC may never get released. For such work they put into a game like this, for such a big name in the video game industry its outrageous to think they did not test it before release. I would get fired for releasing faulty products.

    • spiritreaver

      As much as i love Skyrim-even with its numerous bugs and shoddy support on the PS3-the game as a whole should not have been released to any platfform as early as it was. 11/11/11 should have been more like 11/11/12 imo.

  • Personally I think they should just release it. If they would just release it and let us test it out we could help find out exactly what is wrong with it, and potentially help find ways to solve it. In this day and age a huge chunk of the gaming population have a vast understanding of how games and consoles work. Not to mention that having several thousand different ways to test it would be that much more accurate and finding out the exact issue….. Now I know this really doesn’t make much sense, but I am severely tired, but I hope you can get what I am saying.

  • BradC

    im pretty sure microsoft and sony signed a something to say no more exclusive content so if they end up giving up on the ps3 they should remove dlc from xbox

  • X-GamerGurl-X

    No offence but some people need to grow up, I’ve seem commenters saying how they are going to get an xbox just so they can experience this DLC even though there isn’t that much to it, or they no longer like Bethesda.. I absolutely love Skyrim as much as the next person, and I don’t have any interest in what the problems are, what is them telling us the problems going to do exactly other than give you an idea on how long it could take to fix things? All you can do is wait, and then buy it when and if it is ever released. I’ve turned to other games at the moment and just put Skyrim to the side, if the DLC never comes out I will most likely sell the game as I have nothing left to do with it, I’m the highest level and have done pretty much everything that has to be done so it is just boring to go on it and run around..

  • I think we should still pay full price on the expansion. Because not only is bethesda spending extra money on the ps3 sony is also. If they get it working and release it I say release on full price but have some extra content exclusive to ps3. Like a completley new set of armor and weapons or something like that. Just an idea but if they actually make the playability better across the entire game then that is payment enough and a job well done. You will get full price from me.

  • wilkyway3000

    they managed with new vegas fine on ps3 and that was the glitchys game i ever played by bethesda so i find it quite odd why they have difficulties with skyrim but if they don’t get the dlc out I’m selling it. Ive just started oblivion which is a much better game

    • FDuncan101

      Fallout: New Vegas was developed by Obsidian, it was only published by Bethesda. man

  • this has got to be the worst year for skyrim ps3 fans to be honest knowing that Bethesda has really taken the piss with us all over the world, yh you let Microsoft bribe you’re ass to let Xbox fans to have it first at least have the guts to do it for all platforms man. also thanks for updating us about no progress aswell on the issue which we all know there is no progress going on in you’re team and four months!!!!! of waiting and still no progress this is getting out of hand

  • Mr firry birry

    If they just said what was going on they would probably get support from fans, but they seem to only be doing things that will make the situation worse like releasing hearthfire

  • caseyt

    i’ve been a loyal bethesda customer for years but there lack of information and how they have handled it has really aggravated me. then they go and release hearthfire to xbox before they solve the dawnguard problem and we cant even get hearthfire. i had dishonored preordered but i’m tired of the waiting game. i have cancelled the pre order for dishonored and any game i had that made made by bethesda has been traded in and i will not buy anything made by them until they can hire people that can do their job correctly instead of employing IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, don’t cancel Dishonored, it’s not made my Bethesda, it’s made by Arkane Studies, BS is only publishing the game. Totally different, meaning Dishonored shouldn’t have the problems that Skyrim is having. Don’t hurt the little guys just because the big dummy put their names on the box.

      • caseyt

        that may be and i understand what you are saying but if bethesda is publishing it then that means if i buy it they still get paid but now that i know it was developed by another company i’ll consider buying it. thanks for the info

      • spiritreaver

        It truly sucks hard for Arkane to get dragged into all this, but they are another division of Zenimax(Bethesda’s parent company). And as such they are going to be impacted both directly and indirectly by their sister companies.

      • casper13rocks

        so what bathesda still get the profits i wont give them a cent untill ps3 owners start to get the same respect they give xbox and pc owners this isnt the 1st time bathesda has screwd ps3 owners with elder scrolls they did the same thing with oblivion xbox and pc user got all the expasions and ps3 got stuff all but excuses untill the game of the year edition was released as skyrim is not exclusive no platform should get any content unless all platforms get it

    • Caseyt-mother

      Boohoo. As if they care. There’s lots of people like you claim they won’t buy another Bethesda game, but yet it’s the very same people who are always at the front of the que

  • Chad

    I hope Bethesda has learned from their mistakes. The first mistake was making a deal with Microsoft to release the first 2 expansions on Xbox 30 days prior to any other platform. That by itself was a blow to PS3 owners, many of whom have been huge supporters to Bethesda. The next mistake was releasing Dawnguard once it was ready on Xbox, instead of waiting until it was ready on all platforms. They could still have released it first on the Xbox to honor their agreement, but at least it would have been ready to go for the other platforms after the 30 days was up. Now they are experiencing a huge nightmare from fans, many that have decided to stop purchasing their products. Making deals with other companies may look good on paper, but in reality it’s the customers that keep your company afloat.

    • spiritreaver

      Making the exclusivity deal with Microsoft wasn’t the first problem imo. The problem was not keeping ALL their customers in the loop as to what was going on with the DLC.

      I refuse to believe that Bethesda didn’t know that there were serious problems getting Skyrim DLC on the PS3 from well before Dawnguard was announced for ANY system. Yet they kept mum on the issue and only actually said there was a problem at all after the anger of their PS3 customers made it to mainstream news outlets like USA Today.

  • Give up on dawnguard my brother it not that good it boring all the video you watched on youtube that all there is to it i’ve play it trust me you will get bore very fast it should be play when it first came out not like this when all the excitement has gone i play it on xbox for a week and that was it im about to switch back to PS3

  • DirkyDirk

    Its hard to let go. Right now Skyrim is like one amazing ass girlfriend and Dawnguard is the expansion to them cheeks and I think I can say I and a few other ps3 users want some of that ass.

    • Get A Life

      Only a homosexual would compare video games to sex. You’re obviously a virgin dude.

      • Get A Life

        4 people are homosexual virgins.

      • Get A Life

        5 people don’t have an amazing ass girlfriend.

  • raged ps3 owner

    like i said befor xbox gave money so sony will have to front if not we will have to wait till the game of the year edition its all about money people MONEY $$$$$$$$$$ thay say its preformence isseus????????? ok 1 beth has been making games on the ps3 for what 5-6 years now and thay still dont know what to do ???? 2 why say when skyrim release that there would be dlc and not front with it ??? money….. if thay cant get dawnguard working thay should make a dlc group for the ps3 the hole twilight vampire wearwolf is getting old just a hint,riding dragons still keep the dragon bone weapons thers no end to the possibiltys to what thay could do with skyrim so get your crap together and release it or give us something eles im getting tired of googleing this every day and still find out its not coming

  • The king

    I can wait but seriously I should just get an xbox

  • RC

    this is just stupid… bethesda your company is whack. it took you about 4 months and you still have not released the dlc for ps3. at this point, if you guys do release (which i doubt) it should DEFFENETLY 100000% be free. No discount, not $1, FREE. You guys cant do anything right when it comes to the PS3.

    • yuss

      So… you’re saying that even though they’re losing money by testing and trying to fix the game instead of abandoning it, we should still just get everything free due to an unforeseen issue that no one could have prevented? Also, I don’t think there’s such thing as 100000%

      • TK

        yea but you are also forgetting they had a month while it was out for xbox to Atleast maybe quite possibly i don’t know let the ps3 users know they may not get it when it came out for pc. I don’t think it should be free but it should atleast be discounted or something along those lines. i appreciate they are still trying. its the communication that’s at fault here.

        • princeOg 95

          We should get it for free. They might b losing money trying to fix it. But they r loosing even more money with all d angry costumers . Tht r selling d games n justleaving bethesda. So d only way they can bring them back is by giving it for free or giving them something extra

        • I really don’t think we should get it free, and that wouldn’t happen anyways, they would lose way too much money. However, I do this we are due a good discount on it, make it at most $15 instead of $20. That would be somewhat acceptable. What they should do is just rework the PS3 version and release it, or do that for the GOY edition. I’m so close to selling back my copy and waiting for that instead.

        • spiritreaver

          If they were to go this route with the PS3, they should allow some sort of trade back program for PS3 customers. Like if a initial release version of PS3 Skyrim is traded in, a PS3 Skyrim is only $29.99 or so. Because i know that personally, i’m not a full $60 for game twice even with a few pieces of DLC thrown in.

  • chris

    I think players who still have the original game should be entitled to their money back, there are definatly outstanding issues with the way it runs on the ps3 all the patches they have released have not dealt with it properly. I for one still get alot of freezes and frame rate just drop to an almost stand still. Also it is still glitching as i cannot complete many quests! This game was broken from the start and i feel that Bethesda have not fulfilled their duty by releaseing a game thats not fit for purpose. We paid good money for this game and it is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. IMO we are entitled to our money back. You wouldn’t buy a car that cutts out every 500 yards. It appears nearly all ps3 owners are haveing problems still. There should be a product recall on this game as i am sure that a car company with a major flaw in it would be forced to make a product recall. Do the right thing Bethesda Recall the game then release the GOTY editon with the DLC written in. You as a major company ballsed it up do the right thing and recall it give us our money back or you will lose a valuble fan base.

    • If they ever announce that there will be no DLC released, we could start a class action lawsuit because the case promises DLC as an incentive. So, you’re on to something. However, it’s not clear to me that issues exist on a fully-patched game. I have not had any freezes, and framerate lag always clears up quickly. Skyrim itself does function properly on the PS3 for me. But again, we were promised DLC as an incentive labeled clearly on the official packaging, so if they outright cancel all DLC, we have every right to sue them for a refund.

  • hmmm

    it would help if bethesda could actually tell us what is wrong! not just crappy little tweets saying theres still technical issues and the game isnt upto an ‘acceptable’ standard, i say these are ‘unacceptable’ responses! no wonder people are turning away from u bethesda, and yet still unlike many i will still be here waiting for the DLC of one of my favourite games, although i cant say that i will be waiting for u forever!

  • So basically Bethesda is telling ps3 users to go out and buy either an Xbox or get it on pc. That’s BS. Atleast give us the ability to build our own houses

    • Kim

      least give you the ability to exchange your PS3 copy for Xbox or PC for free
      you mean?

    • Get the Sims if you want to built a house

  • Bethesda has been having problems and who can blame them, skyrim is a very big game so they need to fit everything in the DLC and make sure it coexist, in a way, with the original skyrim game.
    i hope that bethesda makes Dawnguard really good for us Ps3 users.

  • I manned up and got it for 360, was annoying seeing as i had to start all over and had over 200 hours on the ps3 but what you gonna do, by the time its out on playstation there’ll be other titles id like to play

    • Mr firry birry


    • wilkyway3000

      i would rather spend not spend that amount of money for one game to be honest. Skyrim isn’t that good anyways when you compare it to its predecessors so seems like more a stupid move than manning up.

    • Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to get it on PC?

  • –_–

    I’ve already spent the money i had set aside for Dawnguard. Sorry Bethesda but do to the lack of ‘acceptable’ feed back and all the delays. I’m done with you.