iOS 6 untethered jailbreak with skepticism

By Alan Ng - Sep 25, 2012

As the wait goes on for a working iOS 6 untethered jailbreak release, it appears that a breakthrough may have been made. We’ve noticed that there is an untethered jailbreak available for Apple’s new software, but unfortunately it looks like you may have to pay money for it.

Obviously, the first reaction to this is – don’t go near it. Jailbreaking your iOS device should always be a free service, but at the same time it’s not surprising to see someone attempt to charge users for it, given the demand for an unlocked version of the software.

A website by the name of are claiming that they have the world’s first untethered jailbreak on iOS 6 for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S – no surprise that iPhone 5 is left off the list for the moment. The bad news is that they want $25 for the service and this is going to be an instant turn off for the majority of consumers who are used to free jailbreak software.

So what should you do now? Our advice to you is just to wait until one of the various jailbreaking teams release an updated version of their popular software and install that instead. We’ve read comments on how the $25 method works, but do you really want to spend your money with the risk that they could have been lying?

They are calling it ‘Softra1n’ as well which isn’t exactly original and the whole thing sounds very dubious to us. Still, you can’t blame them for trying and there are probably some individuals with more money than sense who will still empty their pockets for this.

If you are willing to try this out for $25, let us know how you get on and if the method is safe. You can find out more about the Softra1n iOS 6 jailbreak at the official website here.

Do you already have a tried and tested jailbreak software that you stick with, with each iOS version that releases? How many of you still wish that Geohot was still in the game – at least he wouldn’t be charging $25.

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  • katielee93

    DO NOT BUY THIS! SCAM. wait a few days and download it for free.

  • Anonymous

    Seems legit. Wait no, it doesn’t.

  • Mastro28

    I have a friend that downloaded this yesterday. They just tell you to download the newest absinthe. It DOES NOT WORK AND ITS NOT EVEN THEY’RE SOFTWARE. big waste still. He has to contact PayPal directly they will not refund his money or return his messages

  • ryan

    You can tell it’s fake because the first testimonial says a guy from the USA is using ROGERS, a Canadian telecommunications company.

  • Matt

    It’ll only be a matter of days before untethered free jailbreak comes out.. Until then try and copy google maps down with a pen and paper – you’ll need it 😉

  • Keefe

    This is a scam. The iPhones pictured are running iOS 5 or lower. The YouTube app is still on the screen!! SCAM! As always with paying for jailbreaks, just wait for the updated redsn0w or absinthe

  • I paid for this scam and I am currently waiting for my bank to reverse the charges. I tried to email both their service email and their sales email addresses and got a message back the he email address was invalid. Their 24 hour chat support has been closed since I made the purchase.

  • bob



    i used a stolen company credit card and its FAKE!!! google should ban sites like this nobody should pay for any jailbreak and the fool that does make sure its on the company lol

  • That’s scam, they charged for a soft unlock on the iphone 4 and send a link to download a zip file with redsnow, and others tools

  • Kenny

    For one the ad says “3G” did that phone even get an iOS 6 update? I’ll wait for the brainiacs to make a free jailbreak…

  • I don’t get edgy untethered takes so much longer?

  • markintyon

    I purchased this and it jailbreak my iphone 4S after the iOS 6 update , i did not try the unlock

  • What the big obsession with jailbreaking your handset. Your iPhone should not be jail broken

    • AndrewIZGEHAY

      Ya it should, duh. The phone is essentially homosexual without it.u

      • Yo

        You are a complete douchebag! Get a life Andrew u little troll.

    • Fook u Up

      WTF!! what planet do you live on MoFo!
      suck my white british c0ck you fag!

    • elly


    • Jusus you guys, why do you have to be sooo rude. The guy is entitles to an opnion without being insulted

      • iHack3r

        ——————————–> GTFO TOO

        • Hahahhahahahahhahahahha – just the responce I expected

    • iHack3r

      —————————> GTFO


      I wouldn’t even consider an iPhone without the existence of jailbreak

    • mike

      Please tell me you do not own an iphone. Whats the obession? you truely do not know the power of your iphone unless it has been jailbroken…. Thats all.

    • Why remain in a sandboxed “jail” that makes third party developers jump through hundreds of hoops to make one app, and also limits customization of your own device?

      Jailbreaking opens you up to a whole new world of free third party apps. It’s also 100% legal (At least in the US, a DMCA exclusion was added for iOS jailbreaking.) There are some amazing tweaks for jailbroken devices, like SBSettings, Winterboard, and many other tools. The possibilities are endless! A jailbreak can also be easily reversed by hitting the “restore” button in iTunes.

      However, many people may not require the improvements that jailbreaking makes in favor of being able to easily and immediately upgrade to new iOS versions. If this is you, just don’t jailbreak. People have their reasons for jailbreaking, and you have no right to say it should or should not be jailbroken.

  • Styx

    This crew have been scamming people since iOS 5. They are not legit. A simple bit of Googling of their name will bring you the truth about them!

  • Apple Empire

    WARNING: *************************************************************************
    It’s fake… I know who paid for it and it doesn’t jailbreak iOS 6 on iPhone 4,4S.

  • Aden

    So do we do ah,I need to jailbreak ios 6 to 4s

    • oscar m

      don’t pay for this service, last time i paid for service like this and right after I realize that,the program did’t work, and I called that people and never answer my calls..

  • Trill

    No point of paying if there’s gonna be a free one out in a couple of days or weeks plus the paid ones can’t be trusted anyway

  • Theguynextstreet

    Not willing to trust a paid jailbreak