Black Ops 2 zombies hype intensified with visuals

By Alan Ng - Sep 25, 2012

We are just hours away from the world premiere reveal of Treyarch’s new zombie mode in Black Ops 2. So far we have only seen single and multiplayer for the game, but like previous tradition – zombies is being kept until last for one final excitement rush before release.

Treyarch will be officially revealing zombies on Wednesday September 26, but in the meantime two new screenshots have been released showing further teasers for the upcoming mode. This follows on from our previous report, where we told you that the zombies viral campaign had already begun by Treyarch releasing several mysterious video clips on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel.

The screenshots themselves are nothing too special, but it does include one interesting talking point that may become a major feature in one of the new maps. One of the images includes a public bus, which tell us that you’ll be able to use the bus to get to various locations on the map.

This is pretty exciting, as it also gives the impression that Black Ops 2 zombies is going to be more of an open-world affair as opposed to the first game which was largely restricted to indoor maps and close encounters. The other screenshot looks a lot like the underground section from Call of The Dead and the graphics are nothing to get excited about either.

Zombies is zombies though and it’s still going to be the main reason why everyone will rush out to pick up Black Ops 2 at a midnight launch. Treyarch are very good at mixing gameplay up to make it a fresh experience, and the new futuristic multiplayer setting actually looks like it could be a lot of fun as well- compared to Modern Warfare 3.

What are you expecting to see from the zombies premiere gameplay trailer? Will you just be happy to see new maps and weapons, or are you hoping to see a complete revamp with a drastic change to the format in which zombies is played? We already know that a zombie campaign is coming, so it’s going to be a big shake up this time around anyway.

Don’t forget to check the official zombies YouTube channel for further teasers until the main reveal.

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  • Robert

    I think you”ll start in the bus, and get dropped off at nuketown (actuall town, like lv 5) I dunno.

  • rich

    use the bus to get to a point on the map???? the screen with the bus in shows a zombie driver and zombies jumping out of the window.

    • Ed

      not necessarily a zombie.. but a robotic zombie.. if you watch the 40 second trailer and listen near the end very carefully where theres a voice that says ‘welcome aboard’ sounds robotic?

  • James

    What about Elite Integration? Does anyone know something?

  • rk

    your day is correct but date is not, its 26, just saying

  • Rusty

    Main reason? Think not. Multiplayer!!!!