iPhone 5 features meet inflammatory remarks

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 23, 2012

You couldn’t blame Samsung if they feel a little angry after losing the recent patent battle with Apple, and we’d understand considering Samsung were ordered to pay around one billion dollars to Apple, although this bitter relationship is most evident in Samsung’s ad commercials. You can see one of the latest ads that made its way online only a few days ago, and clearly tries to mock the iPhone 5 features by claiming the Galaxy S3 is the next big thing.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 video ad can be seen below this article, which promotes this device as innovative, stylish, and copies one of Apple’s taglines by claiming it’s the “next big thing“. This is a direct aim at Apple and their iPhone 5, but then a lot of people understand this is just business and Apple has also played this game in the past.

Samsung bash iPhone 5 now like Apple did with Microsoft – this is just business after all, and the funny Apple ads that targeted Microsoft show that it is fair for Samsung to take aim at Apple in this way. These brands will use whatever tactics they can to get ahead, and one of the best ways to do this is with TV commercials. Do you have a favorite Apple commercial that you’ll always remember?

Samsung bashing the iPhone 5 features don’t help the rivalry between fans and can only increase anger and consumer feelings about their favorite smartphone, which is most clearly seen between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. Most recently this has included Android users claiming Jelly Bean is far better than iOS 6, and while the problems with Apple maps could justify this, the same couldn’t be said about the rest of iOS 6, which certainly is an improvement overall in our opinion.

How does the iPhone 5 specs compare to the previous generations? You can see the main iPhone 5 features right next to the 4S and 4 models in the images below. This shows the key improvements to core features, and also points out that the hardware upgrade is worth it alone, especially if you still own an iPhone 4 that is coming up to 2.5 years old now.

What do you think of the new Samsung ad seen in the video below? Samsung’s video focuses on iPhone 5 features that are missing and included on their flagship smartphone, but we’d love to hear from PR readers about this commercial and the missing features being highlighted. It is worth pointing out that one of the biggest selling points for the iPhone 5, in our opinion, is fashion and this motivates people to purchase the latest model as the next must have gadget. How much do you think popularity drives sales of the new iPhone 5, and could it be a bigger factor than the actual features on the device?

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  • Jetsetwilly

    I prefer the iPhone over other similar smartphones because of the build quality, ease of use, and the fact I use iTunes a hell of a lot. I couldn’t care less if its missing the latest gimmicky toys or functions, as long as I can call, text, email, listen to music, I’m happy.

    • PaulinVite

      Google play music syncs all your itunes music to any Android device, you can keep 20,000 songs in the cloud ir choose to sync any permently so you have a hard copy on your phone. Most of the gimmicky functions you talk about Apple copy from open source Android with each update. Drop down menu, turn by turn nav, google voice (now known as google now) rapid picture shot, panarama shot, the list goes on. I am a fan of the Mac line, and use an Ipad, but the iphone that was a world leading inovative device is lagging behind Android. It has only ever needed low ram and cpu power because it only does one thing at a time. 5 years on you still cannot use data and a phone call at the same time. The original idea gor IOS was for a tablet, and thats where it shines.

  • Jillxz

    The Apple brand is only a show-off. Nothing more. Just as a lady wants a Louis Vuitton purse as a show off to her friends., My JC Penny purse will hold the same contents and look just as good as the name brand. And I don’t have that insecurity need for a brand , that compels me to show off to my friends.

  • Apple boy!!!

    iPhone users are smarter!!! Apple is best! All others are inferior! Apple haters are morons!!! Any negative response to this means you are stupid and owned by apple!! Owned I said!!! Owned!!!

    • Jillxz

      I hate Apple and Love Android.

      • if you hate apple so much why are you reading all apple iphone5 blogs and commenting-trolling-hating on them? Because you know that Apple=$$ and you are too cheep to be in the club!!!

        • Jillxz

          You are too funny. if I wanted an iPhone I would get an iPhone. But I have chosen a more advanced system with Android. iPhone has no SD Card slot , no NFC compatibility , poor maps , etc. If someone gave me and iPhone 5 , I would sell it. It is a very unattractive device.

  • The only thing superior on an iPhone is the build, it is definitely more solid. As far as internals & software goes, Android has reached and surpassed the Apple iOS. I can’t wait to get rid of my iP4 for a Galaxy Note 2, so tired of all the proprietary crap and Apple ecosystem, will be glad to be free ASAP.

  • stugots39

    I completely agree with the comment below,people want the latest and greatest in their pocket but sad to say that apple isn’t.I use to be an apple user and then tried an android platform and need less to say I have never thought twice about going back.Apple is to controling with everything I don’t like that,there’s an app that I needed so I purchased it then compared the price and apple is charging one American dollar more than at the Google Play Store,wow,apple.Never will I own an IPhone my Galaxy destroys it in every way: in my opinion.

  • Android

    Apple buyers are people who need to think they got something worth their wild in their pocket, clearly its a ego thing and other than that Apple clearly is not the most advance tech devices. Most of the components in the iphone are made by Samsung lol. Its like OK you have an iPhone but can your phone do this? Didn’t think so

    • PPQ

      I have my reasons for buying iPhone, first of all I like the style far better than that of any android phone, second it feels more solid and built to a higher standard than other phones and finally I like the way iOS runs, in fact I prefer it to how android run. Oh and if you always have to have the device with the best tech in then you are the one on an ego trip, just so you can say “Look, my phone does this and yours doesn’t”

      • st4sh

        build quality, people keep talking about the build quality of apple. a glass back, which most iphiones have broken is good design and quality? miost iphones dont last thir contract without needing some sort of repair job done on it, and they are not cheap to fix……

  • joe

    just a single day in Ethiopia,then you’ll be able to know that apple is the oltimate ground braking merchandise ever to mankind.you must be dazzled but it is true like hell!!!!

  • joe

    come on,seriously speaking for me it isnt about the features and shit”come on it an apple”…..its like comparing,ok let me put it this way”Samsung makata kimato kkokota”and an”apple”.even the simplest emblem on the back is worth standing in line for a million years.thnx i’ll wait wait wait forever than having what was it ogain (crap).

    • Is it because it’s 6:50 in the morning or am I realy stupid, but I don’t understand your point. So I’m asking you, and you point is ?

  • LJ

    its true that you can use holograph?

    • Even better the phone is able to Fly like a bird and then transfromers it self in to a Coffee Cup.