GTA V quality affects release and funding

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 23, 2012

We are sure that dedicated fans waiting for the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date will wait as long as it takes, and while quality is certainly on Rockstar’s mind when developing the game, it is also on the gamers mind as well. In Take-Two’s yearly general meeting it had been made clear what comes first, and the fact that they’re prepared to hold back game launches in favor of getting it right just makes us support them more.

Our past articles showed how GTA V developers are focusing on the little things, as well as the big improvements, which they hope these smaller details are appreciated by the fans. Rockstar’s silence on the GTA V release is also helping to create hype, something Rockstar commented on before when holding back certain details, although PR readers make it clear that a release date wouldn’t be too much to ask for in the coming weeks with a launch early next year.

The focus on GTA V quality impacts the release and Take-Two funding – it’s obvious that the money is needed thanks to the $107.7m loss, and the next Grand Theft Auto game will certainly bring Take-Two back into profit, but they kept silent at the annual meeting and just made it clear that GTA V is making “progress“. Hints about the games planned launch date and those of other titles were given, which is clearly seen in the comments on the loss from Take-Two’s CEO (seen below).

These comments might explain the reasons behind the first GTA 5 trailer landing such a long time ago, and it might be that a release had been planned that has since been put back, and as such trailer 2 has been pushed back as well. The loss is thanks to the postponing of “several titles” that needed “additional” time with developers.

Do you welcome Take-Two’s approach to quality when building games, and do you think a GTA 5 release date should be revealed this year for a launch in 2013? We agree that getting the game right will lead to more sales in the long-term, and the quality of past Grand Theft Auto games clearly gives us a reason to be excited for GTA 5 when it finally arrives. The screenshot below might not be next-gen quality, but it certainly shows how much better GTA 5 is looking when compared to the previous game.

You can read more about Take-Two’s financial results in this article, and see some clothing starting to appear on the official Rockstar store that’s targeted at the viral marketing “KIFFLOM“. We could see some GTA 5 branded clothing in the next few months, but the real question is – would you wear it in the street?

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  • Six

    The economy will crash before the release of gta5.

  • Kujo

    Idk, they have waited so long that I am kind of getting bored with the whole thing. They need to hurry up before everyone else gets over it too.

  • 22/m/aus.

    Dont you like not knowing. Why do we need to have another trailer. I hate how every game now before there release i know every detail it kills the fun. Dont you wanna feel like your a 7 year old on xmas eve wondering what surprises the next day will bring what presents you will get all that excitement. Thats GTA in a nutshell, thats why ive been loyal from birdseye to IV. No game makes me feel love for gaming like GTA. Just a thought.

  • IchiYamamoto

    As long as this game comes out and I have the money at that time, I’ll be happy. Though, I wish they’d release another trailer to help.

  • cam

    I don’t mind them taking their time to finish the game but they can atleast give us a release date or a second trailer or something don’t just leave us hangin with no info or anything its been almost a year now its kinda ridiculous to build up this much hype for a game i mean people are goin 2 buy it anyway y make people wait so long.

    • Dan

      Man your grammar is appalling! Did you even go to school?

      • KingOfTheRobots

        Dan the grammar-nazi 😉

    • Terminal Rex

      To be fair to the developers, a lot of companys will say a release date and then keep pushing it back, sometimes up to a year after when they originally said they would release a game. Rockstar doesn’t want to dissappoint their many fans so they make sure that everything is set in stone before they make the annoucement. Also it hasn’t been them building up the hype at all, if you think about it they have done virtually nothing, it just goes to prove what a huge fanbase they have as this much hype can be built up from almost nothing, they virtually need no marketing campain whatsoever.

  • lol

    I work for RockstarGames and I can confirm that GTA 5 will be released in 2019

    • I work for RockstarGames and I can confirm that I never saw this guy.

  • PsychoSploosh69

    At least they’re not releasing the game with a bunch of glitches, and are taking the time fixing them before releasing them like some other companies *cough* Bethesda! The wait is killing everyone, but I think they won’t disappoint! R* rarely does!

  • Jerry Nomnom

    This game will come out when it’s ready. No rushed releases for this franchise. GTA IV was pushed back, let Rockstar keep the release date hidden until they are 100% ready for the shelves.

  • usedtolovegta

    I couldn’t wait for GTA IV as San Andreas had been so outrageously brilliant. But IV was such a let down that I don’t mind so much about V. The birds in the trees signing the appropriate songs for their species won’t matter much if it’s another ‘shoot this guy’, ‘follow this car without being seen’, ‘shoot another guy’, ‘oh look the secret thing he wanted was a big dildo’, ‘shoot another guy’, ‘it’s a set-up’, ‘clear a warehouse full of people’ yawnfest. Word.

  • Muhammad

    The world will end before then

    • Dan

      Is that because your a Islamist dickhead?

  • AllahMalikRahman

    sleeping dogs would be a worth while wait.

    • cam

      Sleeping dogs is already out dude.

    • klone

      You mean Watch Dogs right?

  • baz

    i want it to come out before December, the world cant end until GTA V is out

  • Danny

    I REALLY hope Take Two Interactive go bust like a lot of other games companies did 2008 to 2010 time. Take Two have ruined Rockstar Games cool image they once had. Rockstar should go back to being on there own.

    • JesseT

      I think T2 has always owned Rockstargames man.

  • Peter

    I was getting really frustrated with Rockstar, but now I am not. They need time to make the game the best it can be, and if they are taking this long, with better graphics, and better technology/programs to make the game, it must be really really thorough and realistic. Looking forward to it, but not angry anymore. Disappointed? Yes. I would have preferred it was released in 2012. Now I have no incentive to buy the game. We are at the end of a console generation. Games should no longer cost 59.99. Why would I spend 70 bucks on a game for a now outdated ps3/xbox 360 when new systems that do over twice as much (like the wii u) are coming out? I’d rather spend 500 getting a new console, instead of spending 70 dollars on a console that will be worth nothing shortly. Next weekend im bringing my entire ps3 collection and all systems into gamestop. I have at least 1500 in trade credit stuff, that’s good enough for me (even though I payed about 4000 for all of it). That’s why I HATE when next gen consoles come out, I can’t stand using an “old” console. And new consoles make the good ones old. I’m happy with current gen, and Wii U (sure it has next gen graphics and stuff) I still want it because it has the ability to run this gen games, in better hd and graphics. And it’s power is far beyond what I will need for the next 4 years. I had my ps3 for 7 months, and now I’m gonna sell it? This sucks. The systems should have a ten year life cycle, it would have worked out fine.

    • Yad

      WIi U is going to be at best as good as ps3/xbox where the next generation of the XBOX and PS3 are going to go up a huge level but those aren’t coming out any time soon because Developers have hardly reached the boundaries of the graphical capabilities of the xbox or ps3

      • NintyFan

        To make something with lots of power takes money. Where did Sony and Microsoft get the money to build such systems? Really does the world not have any common sense? If Sony had another repeat of 2006/2007, they’d essentially putting the final bullet through their heads. Microsoft, I’m sure they don’t want a repeat preformance of the RRoD. The majority of Sony is currently in the red and then you Microsoft who spent some big bucks to fix the RRoD. The only company that made it out of the current generation with money to throw around was Nintendo, and obviously they’ve been throwing that money around.

  • llort

    It will be out Dec 2012. I work for Rockstar and Dan Houser told me this personally.

    • John Houser

      Impossible my uncle Dan Houser said when he feels like it. He also said to go kill yourself

    • ryan

      Okay there little buddy. Now go back to doing your social studies homework, got that big test tomorrow….

      • Karanzer


  • Gta rules

    I don’t mind how long R* take because I know when it comes out its gonna be the best GTA ever! I can’t wait!

    • Skyderpants

      You don’t mind how long they take. But can’t wait?

      • Gta rules

        You know what I mean…. I can’t wait till it comes out! But they can take all the time they need to perfect such an epic game 🙂

        • well don’t say they can take all the time that they need because then they may actually do that!!!! Lol smh next thing you know: “GTA V – Release Date – 2014” smh

        • Spoilt for Choice

          I’m glad it will be at least mid-late 2013, as I have many other games to play starting November with Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, AC 3 and the Last of Us (which I think will be out early 2013). Remember it’s not just having about $500 to spend, it is also finding the time to play each game to a sufficient level. GTAV would have done awesome if released in October 2012 or earlier, but if that is not achievable, then May 2013 or later would be preferable. And we get a more polished game as a bonus.

        • True but I’m just excited because if the game was to release right now, I have a strong feeling that it will be the best game released this entire decade so far

  • Let’s hope it comes out before the end of next year. I fear it the most.

    • wtf

      are u scared lol

    • GTAFreak

      I hope it comes out before the end of this year.

      • Peter

        It won’t. Unless they make a surprise announcement for the holidays, it would be a good sales tactic. I could see them doing it.

      • cam

        Not goin to happen if it was they would have announced it by now.