Skyrim Dawnguard not cancelled for PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2012

The drama surrounding Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3 might not be that known to gamers on other platforms, but certainly those using the PlayStation 3 know how frustrating it is seeing other platforms receive both Skyrim Hearthfire and Dawnguard while PS3 players just wonder if they’d ever receive either of the DLC.

There aren’t many VPs of PR in the gaming industry that take as much abuse as Pete Hines, which is primarily due to the lack of communication surrounding a release date for Dawnguard on the PS3, and in fact any DLC coming to that platform. Today we’ve seen a tweet from Hines that is a little more reassuring than most.

Just over 12 hours ago Hines posted a message on his favorite social networking website explaining that Dawnguard is “not cancelled” for PS3, and Bethesda is in fact “still working on it“. It seems that the developers are still at a loss as to getting any DLC working smoothly on the PS3, and right now they seem to be “trying things“, so take from that what you will. You can see the latest tweet in the image below.

Have you given up hope on Dawnguard coming to PS3? We guess PS3 players are in a couple of places right now, which might include one of feeling more frustrated than ever, or feeling just fine thanks to moving on from Skyrim and possibly all Bethesda made games.

It is strange that after the PS3 has been out for such a long time these problems are happening, or maybe this is just an issue with the Bethesda development team. One thing is for sure and that is any new DLC will slow the process for fixing these issues in some way, which has been noted before when Hines explained that team members work on more than one project. We also wonder why Bethesda won’t do a weekly blog update on their official website that explains how the development for PS3 Dawnguard is going, unless there’s little news, which would explain their lack of communication.

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  • dciggs

    xbox and pc any day cheap ps3

  • dciggs

    ps3 too sucks

  • dciggs

    psr suckssssssss

  • DocRudy

    Yeah, well I loved Skyrim, got tired of waiting so I traded it in on Borderlands 2. Why bother waiting when we aren’t going to get it anytime soon. And don’t even expect me to play the MMP Elder Scrolls.

  • Dawnguard is boring as hell i give you a week to it then you will get bored there is not much to do and the heartfire it just a house nothing more to it it just a house in a forest god i was definitely wrong to get an xbox i will switch back to PS3 ASAP

  • Vince

    I think by this time that they should either give the PS3 users a discount on Dawnguard if not issue it for free as we with PS3s have had to wait a long time. I have pretty much forgotten all about Skyrim at this point.

  • Chad

    I on it for you would not mind waiting if there was at least an estimate on the DLC for Skyrim just give us an estimate on heathfire.

  • Harry Dandy

    i have skyrim and i have had it with the rubbish they say about it being too complex i have sent 234 complaints to bethesda and have had no reply!!!!!!!!!!!! im soo just spamming there inboxes LOL ROFL

  • Elutheral

    I really don’t care anymore. The hype for dawnguard is over for me, and I feel I’m being punished by microsoft for buying a PS3. I’m probably not going to by any games from bethesda or microsoft related for my PS3.

  • NomNom

    I don’t want to pick a fight with anyone. I honestly just found about this DLC. Plus, some people raise pretty good points for the console. PS3 IS a little more complicated than PC and Xbox, but I am not picking sides. If they are lying, chances are I’ll forget about it in the first place. But if they really are working really hard to make improvements for the PS3 version, then kudos. I can honestly wait for both DLC whenever they figure out what to do (if they do ever figure it out).

  • salgr2011

    I’m pretty angry over the whole thing. I big reason why I was excited about the game was the promise of large dlcs to come. Bethesda should provide us ps3 users with a pc version for this failure.

    • Not all of us have a bomb ass pc that can run this game on, because if we did I’m quite confident that a good majority of us would have purchased it for pc from the get go. I know I would have…

  • while i am not surprised about the fact that there are issues with dawnguard i am surprised at how long its taken. for anyone who got skyrim on ps3 at launch…me…you will know how ruff it was to play before several patches. i think its was 1.4 when it was fixed properly. while waiting this long its too long i have no issue waiting until they get it right. don’t just put the blame on bethesda either. i remember several 3rd party developers saying from day 1 of the systems life that the ps3 was difficult to make games for just because of its shear graphical output power. its not all sony’s fault however. i didn’t play fallout new vegas because all i herd was how buggy it was. i say let them fix it, BUT MOVE YOUR ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jason bradley

    well at least it isn’t cancelled then so there’s hope still

  • Cyras4

    There is a little thing everyone is forgetting… oh yeah xbox online costs money while ps3 is free.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      you are correct sir

    • Yeah… no. It’s not that Microsoft has you pay to play it’s that when Bethesda made the DLCs they were not thinking “Oh yeah PS3 has a higher processing system and we will need smarting programs to think of this.” That’s the problem. 360 just runs on a lower need thus making it easier to make content. PS3 on the other hand needs higher order of programming. And before you say bs or hater look up the make up of a ps3 and 360. And if you are too simple to understand what it says then ask someone who does or better yet tweet me what the difference is and I will explain it. They are having issues with making the DLCs compatible with PS3, not that 360 pays to play so they get it first. This isn’t CoD.

      • I do agree…but they actually are paying bethesda for a month of exclusivity on all skyrim related dlc


    Thumbs up if you thumb up balls hahahahaha!!

  • RC

    just release it… What bethesda doesnt get is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of the bugs in dawnguard. This whole situation makes no sense.

  • F*** Bethesda

  • SeaSwipe

    marhorn nobody gives a ****

  • TheNetherLord

    They should just take their time, I’m 15, I can wait

  • Icha

    I hope the dlc would be released as soon as possible for the ps3. I have played it on xbox too but its better for ps3.

  • marhorn

    Just get a 360…..then you can play Dawnguard and play the best game of the year….Halo 4!

    Or stick with a ps3….and play……er…..allstars?

    • DON-EAZY-E

      haha yea your a nerd and halo’s not really worth playing anyway playstation’s got way better exclusives than than xbox will ever have and ps3 all stars is one of them i’d rather play as sweettooth and chop people up than play another FPS no to that crap box

      • marhorn

        Fact remains…get a 360 and play Dawnguard (with better graphical performance to boot) and Halo 4! (best game of the year) Or you can play a decent fighting game…..(Dead or alive 5) LOL!
        And yes….I am a nerd…..your powers of observation are astonishing, what gave it away? Me being on a game Forum or that I mentioned video games?

        • DON-EAZY-E

          hahaha your making me laugh sayin to buy a crapbox no thanks man i’ll stick with my powerful system ps3 dude like i really want to go through 4 xbox’s to have fun playin games no thanks i’d rather have somthing that will last me.Xbox doesn’t even have good graphics believe me i tried the hdmi test on a 40 inch sony bravia with xbox and ps3 with skrim. PS3 has better graphics than a xbox does all you get from xbox is dark color because it’s a dvd for xbox and with ps3 it blue ray get you facts straight dude.

        • marhorn

          My facts straight….thats why every multiplatform game looks and performs better on Xbox 360! And blu-ray? I watch all my stuff in pure 1080p HD…exactly the same as blu-ray, except that with that format the disc spins a lot slower, meaning games almost constantly load (take Killzone 3…its loads like every 10 steps)
          And I have had the same Xbox….never failed me, I know at least 5 of my mates who have ps3 and broke….then they went out and got a 360….never looked back!
          YOU make me laugh….hdmi test? lol….go to lens of truth…they compare every mutiplatform release and Xbox always trumps ps3 (for which there are technical reasons but I doubt you would understand)

        • DON-EAZY-E

          hahaha your still making me laugh dude seriously ? whatever dude that’s your opinion. Anyway call it what you will i know what i know and i seen what i seen and ps3 is a lot better to me and looks a lot better.Plus you can take into account that the xbox 360 has a 61% chance in failing than the ps3 which is less than 15% and some people yeah it doesn’t happen but you can’t beat those facts i just stated because it’s the truth. Yea maybe the numbers are different but it exist and maybe your friends don’t take of their systems that well.Who knows but i never had probs with my ps3 my lil bro went through two of those crapboxes as well he never played it as much but still died.also my friends have all went through several xbox’s and died it’s a shame that people like like you love such a crappy product oh well.*sigh*

        • Majin_Romulus

          Ps3 cell chip processor is way more powerful than the xbox processor(cant remember name). Also xbox is running out of exclusive games, halo is pretty much the last big one. Once halo is milked as much as possible the xbox will fail completely unless they create a new and original idea for a game on xbox.
          Anyone ever read the Redwall books? I really want an RPG based game on that! It would be better than Skyrim.

        • DON-EAZY-E

          Hell yeah that’s why I was like dude c’mon halo but yea that’s what’s going to happen with the xbox this guy over here just don’t want to face facts haha *cough*marhorn*cough*

        • marhorn

          Yeah crappy product….thats why its already won this generation!
          anyway…I don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.
          Go play with your dild…I mean Move….

        • DON-EAZY-E

          awww we got a crybaby over here is there hot chick around he needs hug whatever dude your just being a baby go cry it off..

        • TrollStomper

          Loving how an article about how some fans are unhappy with a game developer’s methods of handling an issue in development got turned into a console war… And then hot chicks got involved…
          Anyhow, Skyrim is a great game. We on PS3 aren’t very happy with Bethesda. HOWEVER @marhorn ‘s fanboy senses were tingling and gave us some useless information. If I wanted to know what was in an Xbox or PS3 and which was more impressive, I would google that. But I don’t, so I put the two side by side and see which I like better. You use big words to make yourself sound intellectually superior but we all just think they’re made up. And if I really wanted to know anything on Halo, then why would come to an article on Skyrim? And we’re just as bad for commenting on your idiocity, we should just ignore the nitwits, “for they know not what they do”. So I believe you found this article just to troll your tail off. However I am a troll stomper. So consider yo-self stomped.

        • DON-EAZY-E

          dude i was not trolling whatever the hell that is and also i was stating the obvious he was the one that just didn’t want to listen.whatever a troll stomper is i’m sure i stood toe to toe with worse in my life and beat the living crap out of them .So whatever your proud of as troll stomped that’s cool i guess and he’s the one who brought up halo not me.So are you trying to send it to moron or something.

        • marhorn

          WOW…..Pidgeon chesting in a forum… can litteraly beat the living crap out of the internet!
          I am “virtually” shaking in my boots!
          U can haz Moar

        • DON-EAZY-E

          dude i’m done with you, your old news and it doesn’t even look like you read what i said right.. i’ll leave it at that and stop replying back it’s just making you look like an idiot. *face palm*

        • Hmm? iv’e been reading the argument. and guess what? iv’e also been reading every article about this and you are truly ignorance with a hint of idiot of observation. if you’ve read anything you’ll know that Bethesda has more than once called us “too advanced” for the DLC and as much of a problem as that is for us, they clearly stated this. WE. ARE. BETTER. THAN. YOU. You catch that. oh and don’t forget that Bethesda gave s***box a prototype. witch is basically a big piece of crap for you. so you can take that and kindly shove it good sir

        • Didn’t the Wii actually win?

        • DON-EAZY-E

          You know what i think your right

        • DON-EAZY-E

          awww we got a crybaby over here is there hot chick around he needs hug whatever dude your just being a baby go cry it off.

        • marhorn

          The Xenos GPU on the XBOX 360 is superior to the RSX on the PS3. Xenos simply has more power – higher fillrate, higher pixel processing power, higher vertex processing power, and better memory architecture. If you look at multiplatform games and contrast the graphics on the two consoles, XBOX 360 almost always leads. Whether they use a higher resolution or higher quality antialiasing, games often look better and/or play smoother on the 360! So errrr….get your facts straight dude (you cant even spell blu ray)
          Xenos simply has more power – higher fillrate, higher pixel processing power, higher vertex processing power, and better memory architecture. If you look at multiplatform games and contrast the graphics on the two consoles, XBOX 360 almost always leads. Whether they use a higher resolution or higher quality antialiasing, games often look better and/or play smoother on the 360!
          So errrr….get your facts straight dude (you cant even spell blu ray)

        • Did you really just say 360 has a better graphical performance then PS3? Where are you getting you information? The back of a cereal box?

    • or Demon’s souls.

    • Victor

      We have Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted. Metal Gear Solid doesn’t even have any games copying it because they know they wouldn’t stand a chance. Same thing with Uncharted, but it’s getting a little repetitive in my opinion. I think we both know who won here. btw, have fun with your red ring or rings if you decide to buy another crapbox.

    • MiLkWeEd1388

      F*** xbox. id never buy a lame system like that for just one game then pay yearly or monthly for microsoft points i think not. if u are an xbox user i dont feel u have a place in a PS3 forum

    • Plus we can be PlayStation Plus for $50/yr. and get Free and Exclusives content for games. Unlike 360 where you have to pay to just play for anything plus MP for when you buy things. Yeah… go brag about that…

      • Love the fact that being a PSplus member gives you free exclusve titles and full games every month! Can’t beat that with Xbox live…. So glad paying isn’t a nesesity to play online.i

  • Matt

    If it doesn’t come to ps3 will sell it and buy an Xbox, rats do leave a sinking ship you know

    • DON0-EAZY-E

      that’s what they want you to do but good luck with the red ring of death i’ll never get a crapbox and FYI my lil bro has skyrim on xbox and it crashes more then my skyrim does on ps3.soo good luck with that.

    • D-MANN1229

      Wow ur so impatient ur switching systems for a dlc thats like childs play man

    • Mark

      NO, sir. To clarify – DISLOYAL and MORONIC rats, ) in this case), leave the “sinking ship”. By doing what you claim hou are going to do, you are simply perpetuating the liklihood the developers will continue this stupid exclusivity crap, and reinforcing fbe reason they do it in the 1st place. Way to really “show ’em”, assipe. Now kindly go f#ck yourself …

    • chris

      sounds like matt is calling himself a Rat! what a pratt! Thats exactlly why micrsoft payed Bethesda for the excluseivity for the DLC. BTW what makes you think the PS3 is a sinking ship? Here Matt have a piece of cheese…………..

  • Georgegarside

    Ur an absolute prat Bethesda is quite clearly working as hard as they can as if they were not pet Hines wouldn’t be saying this I support Bethesda in whatever decision they make and so what if the DLC dosent come out like Peter Hines also said you don’t buy a game for the DLC

  • F@$K Bethesda

    Like I said, my previous comment would be deleted. Anyways there are better games than Skyrim. PS3 gamers, don’t be worried. GTA 5 is right around the corner… We’ll soon drink German ale and pee on every Betehsda game. OWNED

    • GTA games, even V, doesn’t even compare to bethesda.

  • F@$K Bethesda

    Grant it this comment will probably be deleted, but any gamer with a grain of common sense knows that they’re lying. They are only trying to maximize profits on the PS3 before they pull the plug and say “Whoopsies! We can’t bring Skyrim DLC to PS3. Sorry.”

    I’m glad that I didn’t purchase Skyrim…saved me aLOT of stress! lol. 🙂

    • fred flintstone

      if u didnt buy skyrim u should just shut the **** up

    • Dillon Dowell

      Well to be completely honest you have no way actually knowing what the position it’s at or when it will or won’t be released. It’s pathetic to assume things based upon your own ignorance. Have a nice day

    • Nick

      I agree with Fred Flintstone .If you don’t own the game, and you don’t play it, then why do you give a damn. Just shut up unless you own the game and thus have a reason to bum it.

    • Be better to wait for Bethesda to release a GoY and but it then.

      • If there is any GOTY edition to come out, since they can’t even manage to have a DLC released I can’t imagine when the GOTY will come out :S.

  • LarsBars