iOS 6 map problems fixed by user feedback

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2012

It is easy for blogs to jump in on the action and start posting negative news about the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 maps, but the problems reported should be tested first hand before an author starts writing, which is exactly what we did today before writing this article. We took a few screenshots on an iPhone 5 using the new Apple maps, and these highlighted the iOS 6 problems being reported when visiting certain areas in 3D.

The amount of places in iOS 6 maps that are in the wrong area, or include a 3D landscape that don’t look right are numerous, and while we’ve highlighted some of the issues being reported by users it is worth pointing out these are just a couple of what is likely thousands of problems with iOS 6 maps. One Apple spokesperson recently pointed out that the majority of iOS 6 problems will be fixed thanks to user feedback, so if you find an issue with maps then you should report it to help with improving the service.

If you like roller coasters then you need to see Hoover dam in the 3D satellite Apple map view, which shows a road that would be perfect as a fairground attraction. Obviously this is nothing like the road at the real Hoover dam, but just one of the iOS 6 map problems that Apple needs to fix. You can see an iPhone 5 screenshot below that we took moments ago.

Another roller coaster type road can be seen at Porto in Portugal, and you can see this in the image below, but we also wonder if this is a wider issue that Apple can fix for many places at once with a certain code change. If not, then Apple has a big job on their hand fixing many locations in iOS 6 with problems during the 3D view.

Apple designed the new iOS 6 maps from the ground up, and the new app isn’t all bad with amazing flyovers, clear graphics in most areas, crisp text, and when it’s done right the maps in iOS 6 look extremely good when in a 3D satellite view. You can see one such example of this in the image below, which shows how nice these maps look when done right.

Have you spotted problems with iOS 6 maps, and if so share what you found in the comments? We’d love to also hear about the positive things you noticed in Apple maps, which are certainly there if you’re looking for them, but it is fair to say that when problems strike these are certain to upset when expectations are set high.

Apple feel that this is just a start with their own maps, and they point out that it will be “continuously” improved and all feedback helps this process thanks to the service being cloud based, so make sure every issue you find is reported to Apple if you want to see glitches in iOS 6 maps disappear in the near future. We’ve also heard about iPhone 4/4S owners installing iOS 6 and being left with extremely bad battery life, which you can read about in this article from earlier today.

If you want to see the funny side of the iOS 6 map problems, then you got to see the video parody we’ve embedded below, which talks about iOS 6.1 that will include a Quantum Lock feature.

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  • Agreed to ALL comments here……… gone greedy and cut corners to make a cr@p product iOS6…………..the browser version of google on the ipod is a bit too small thats why it was good as an app!!!!!!!!!! the street view was the whole real point of it too………..I was using it as an essential for house hunting. NOW ease of using it …..GONE…what b@stards they are.
    Arnt they RICH ENOUGH!!!!!!!! Pay Google the franchaise rates and get it back ON IPOD touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve must be turning in his grave..what a disgrace.
    They always (Apple that is) had a go at MICROSOFT for getting bad half baked software to customers…..But HEY at LEAST Gates is doing somthing GREAT with the money he got like that……Apple is just stuffing us UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue F

    Maps are very blurred and to do clear. Absolutely useless upgrade let me have the old one back. Trying to connect to wifi is hard, it’s loosing connection a
    ALL the time.

  • polo

    If you search in maps for a Place click on the pin that brings up the information phone number etc. When you want to click on the number for the business the Area Code is left out so the first 3 digits after the area code becomes the area code. I am not sure what morons they have working at apple. But to release this half as$$ upgrade is a joke!

    The iphone 5 was the usual rush release of a non polished ios6 just to give people something new. Think i will be going back to Blackberry when BB10 hits. They seem to have some real innovation going on there as they right the ship with a brand new os.

    IOS is becoming bland and boring and lack many standard features like NFC. The passport will be another Apple flop. Like Genius, Siri, list goes on and on. There is no documentation of what passport does for the clueless users. An no real apps to go with it. Even ones released for it are POS. Like everything apple after the 4s wait a generation after before you see anything good. The 5 is a cash cow release, before the next real improvement phone.

    I laugh at iphone 5 not even having the store optimized for the bigger screen. Apple is becoming a joke.

  • Jani

    “It is easy for blogs to jump in on the action and start posting negative
    news about the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 maps, but the problems reported
    should be tested first hand before an author starts writing, which is
    exactly what we did today before writing this article. We took a few
    screenshots on an iPhone 5 using the new Apple maps, and these
    highlighted the iOS 6 problems being reported when visiting certain
    areas in 3D.”

    Who’s “we”?

  • Jeff

    6 Ave does not exist in NYC, you have to type in “Avenue of the Americas,” which is its official name, but that’s just LAME because it is commonly referred to as 6 Ave, and is even labeled as such on many street signs. I typed int 6 Ave and it brought me to Brooklyn.

  • Big t

    You’ve made a right mess of the maps. Three steps forward six back. Thanks for nothing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • Lauren Fried

    My youtube has disappeared from my iPad. . . Weird. Any clues how to retrieve it?

    • Adam

      Download the better YouTube app from the app store … Apple and Google are not friends …. oh and apple have gone all about money and not customer satisfaction it seems!

  • Raul

    Just my opinion, when iTunes adviced me that theres a new iOS update, I downloaded and installed… I only used iOS 6 was about half an hour, when I see that Maps App, isnt really usable as Google maps (they dont have an actual street view for my city (Mexico City, to be exact). Street view was a feature that I use a lot, because when I need to go to certain place I didnt know, I used the street view to see how’s the place, near parking places, etc. Now Apple get off these fetaures from its maps. So the best solution for me was, to downgrade again my iOS to 5.1.1 and I dont expect to upgrade again to 6 or upper… I am an iDevice user since the first iPhone gneereation, and I was realley happy with all my Apple devices I had til today..

  • Any body try searching for stanmore tube station it comes up in Australia and it doesn’t even register canons park and that was just 2 of the places I tried to get directions 2. It’s becoming a joke after waiting almost a year for Siri to be up and running this is what we get!!! Apple is starting to become a joke think there gonna drive away even the die hard users!!! Me included!!

  • Sakina

    I want youtube back!:,( it’s not the same, I HATE the youtube app:,(

  • Manabu

    In the user’s view point, it’s not worth give feedback to Apple, it’s just unreliable and useless. I’ll use other map and ignore Apple map until it has major improvement. Apple might be pleased because not so many claims, but reality might be far few people use it.
    In the map of Tokyo, there are non-existent train station on map, train station in the center of river, redundant item in different position, totally junk.

  • Don Holt

    HUGE battery drain issues 4GS . . then, after draining the battery, and a full recharge, just like it was in OS 5 . . . on from 5 AM til 10 PM, used all day for various tasks, texts, and calls, and still at 25% at bedtime. . . . Maps work fine here (Cental California), especially for a first time release (remember Map Quest’s launch?) Love the built in turn by turn directions, and Siri seems like she got a lot smarter . . . . . . Apple wins again, so got back to Jelly Bean, all you haters.

  • Tesha

    Hi my screen 4s has a dimmer light.. Anyone with this problem? Plse help.. Thx

  • cawitches

    Battery life…..goes down by the minute
    App Store starts to download an app, then hinges…need to reboot…
    Everything is very sluggish….home screen rotation, browser, etc.
    Wifi is still an issue…when I leave one place and go to another, I.e. home to work….requires reboot to connect
    I tried maps and the directions are wrong and the options limited….I have gone back to google, via the browser…
    No YouTube, seriously?
    Siri is a joke…never gets it right.

    I am very disappointed with this update….why not take your time and get it right. Wish I had a tablet with jelly bean. 🙁

  • Alanna

    i have no volume button and my buttons at the side have stopped working, can anyone help? 🙁

    • I’d take it into the Apple Store and let them deal with it.
      I bought an ipod touch, my first Apple product, and I’m glad I started small because it’s my last Apple product.

  • KingDavid

    Installed on Iphone 4 and when it’s comes on direction with public transits i m not able to see transfer buses or trains please advice

  • Eric Goberman

    Users should not be expected to fix issues that Apple should have done right in the first place. It’s rather obvious Apple’s issues with Google made them deploy a worst-in-class solution for mapping. Let’s face it, if Steve was alive he would not have allowed this to happen. Apple’s changing – for the worse.

  • Jackshizz

    I think people fail to realize that all of this data is being Outsourced to dutch navigation company TomTom. all the faults with Flyovers, directions, misplaced POI’s Etc. can be attributed to them, since they supply the actual raw data.

    • Tom

      Except TomTom works fine, they just supplied the raw data.

  • Installed iOS6 on a 4S. No issues so far. Runs very smooth. No maps problems. In fact I am VERY positively surprised by maps app which looks better than Google maps. Also safari loads blazingly fast and Siri suddenly knows even small grocery stores here. A Big improvement. No changes in battery life detected here. Happy customer. FB integration and Sso are a time saver. Performance looks better than before.

    • Che zeee

      Better than google maps?!!! WTF are you clueless? Even the standard map on apple maps is useless. Having Facebook and twitter integrated has given my iPad 3 a ‘teenage’ feel to it. It’s time consuming to browse through apps on the App store. I’m really disappointed and really wish I could roll back to iOS 5.

      • Jackshizz

        if you don’t want a teenager feel, then don’t enable integration.

  • Rico

    After upgrading to iOS 6, you tube apps disappear, anybody ??

    • Download the YouTube app from the Store. Apple removed it as default in iOS 6.

  • Kay

    I have experienced a fair few issues with the maps. In Chippenham, Wiltshire, it is currently called Hardenhuish according to apple’s map. I also noticed when panning around the local area (50 or so miles) Stroud, is not called stroud but rather “Dudbridge”. However when you search for these two places, “stroud” and “chippenham” it does show you there locations.

    Also most of Wiltshire’s satellite images are stupidly fuzzy and you can’t distinguish anything! Very disappointing. I used to use my old google maps as a sat nav and trusted it so much. Don’t think I can do that now. 🙁

  • Arsiep

    Why not get it right first time instead of expecting users to correct fundamental inaccurate data. What a load of b……s

  • Hagar

    Provost, Alberta, is named in maps as Camrose Alberta when on, postal code is for Provost though