Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean annoyance after update setbacks

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2012

It has been a roller-coaster with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its pending Jelly Bean update, which is something seasoned Samsung smartphone owners are used to by now, but the frustration continues for the majority that wonder when Android 4.1 will land on the Galaxy S3? At the time of writing it seems like October is the best bet for Jelly Bean, although this might be unlocked devices only and carrier phones could be November.

We had been contacted by a number of readers claiming the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update went live nearly two weeks ago, although this wasn’t the case and ended up being an update to Google Android 4.0.4. We’ve also heard about a number of file sizes for these updates, which range from 86MB to 100MB, but this varied by carrier with the majority of people quoting Rogers in Canada at the time. You can see these comments and the misinformed update in this article.

Reactions from users waiting for Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3 – if there’s one thing we’ve heard a lot it is “fed up“, which is used when talking about the expected release date for the pending software update. The majority of Galaxy S3 users expected August to be the month Jelly Bean would arrive on Galaxy S3, but this rollout could be pushed back to November for users on a contract.

The confusion continues thanks to people not understanding the updates they’re getting, which is seen with comments like “what was the update I got today?” and claims of the official software update landing on their phone, although a quick look at the version in settings/about device quickly shows this is not the case.

We wouldn’t be surprised if a few Galaxy S3 owners jumped to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 when it sees a release date in the next few weeks, which will feature Jelly Bean right away with no waiting needed. The frustration of seeing the Galaxy S3 update pushed back a few weeks continually has upset a lot of people, although it is worth pointing out that most of these dates were rumors and not official launch dates from Samsung.

How do you feel about the possibility of waiting even longer for Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3 if you have a contract phone? This is why a growing number of users install unofficial firmware and learn from the developer forums, although some people worry about the risks with getting the latest Android update this way. Are you running a custom Jelly Bean update on your Galaxy S3? If you live in the UK you might want to read about the S III being 4G LTE ready in this article.

Have you been confused with the updates landing on your Samsung Galaxy S3? Some people think they have Jelly Bean and later find out it’s not.

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  • elogal2012

    In response to one of the comments in here regarding customers being “spoiled” The is issue has nothing to do about “whining” “crying” or expecting too much from the pricey carriers they give money too! Its about being a satisfied customer and having the latest, and most up-to-date software out there and keeping up with technology the obvious reason why they would spend top $$ for a high end phone in the 1st place! If they offered it, and its out there then provide it! Most carriers have this update already Verizon being the last and the priciest of all. So yeah I want my darn update, and I want it as now! not when the Android puts out the keylime pie version they are working on and a year later when the JB is obsolete! Because this is through choice, if you love your version so much don’t update, but for those who crave recent, new, up-to-date, buttery smooth software we should, as important customers get what we want when available not when the carriers feel like taking the time to provide it!

  • ja-t

    The jelly bean update on my s3 is horrible. Decreases my battery life, makes my phone lag and worse of all, launching apps has become slow. Samsung pls fix this!!!

  • Michael

    This article is clearly written by an iPhone or Apple paying journalist. Be smart and read between the lines and what he tried to get across. There are many people like him on the Internet to do gorilla marketing – just came up with this term and not sure he looks like a gorilla in life.

    S3 is great and Note 2 is great too with a larger screen. And being close to 70, I will sell me new – 2-3 months old S3 for the Note 2 so I can see better and enjoy movies on an IMAX screen on the Note 2 vs the tiny iPhone screen.

    How much should I sell my new S3 with extras: 2 additional batteries, 1 extended battery that I never used, MHL micro USB to HDMI adapter, 3 types of protective cases and some with built-in stand? Whole thing should be more than $700. Half price?


    • Rev

      Gorilla marketing? Is that when you have King Kong promote your product?

  • greg

    my update did nothing. it says 4.0.1 but im still having problems. my yext box still says thier are messages waiting when thier are none. i still cant download apps requiring jellybean.

  • Why $ when you can #

    I just wanted to give everybody a heads up. Don’t rooted your phone… voids warranty! Carriers can definitely not tell if you have been rooted in the past and unrooted back to stock. Just saying we should all jump ship to apple and “think different” like everybody else that was in line for the iphone5. If you really think about it jellybean is actually a downgrade from ice cream sandwich… I don’t know a single person who would rather have jellybeans.

  • Hmmm I wonder what is taking so long? I only just got my s3 a week ago so im in no particular rush to get JB but i know they have been developing it for a while now. Are they having issues?
    Also i flashed a JB rom to my galaxy s2, before i got the s3, and i have to say its not that great. I mean its super smooth and fast but i like the samsung touchwiz and all the features that come with it. If you ask me, ICS with touchwiz >> JB Stock

  • snk

    I have installed the latest leaked rom. It seems that battery life has
    increased. Also the memory usage has been optimized. When u clear ram,
    it shows that it is consuming on 384 mb instead of 550 odd. That is a
    plus. At no point ICS was slow.
    I guess if people are desparate they should try them or wait 2 or so weeks to get latest updates

  • wilbur

    I’m so upset about the delay that I stay up all night crying about it. Oh and I spend a bit of time whining and moaning to myself about this apparently cheap feeling GS3 that I have. Oh why is life so cruel blah blah blah……..babies

  • mac user

    I’m anxious for the jelly bean update because 4.0.4 doesn’t work with my Mac via USB.
    Checked forums and it seems to be a common problem on the latest firmware.
    Rang up Samsung support and they say they are aware of the issue.
    Here’s to hoping the jb update will fix it!

  • lifre

    better have tested and good quality update than rush things to satisfy impatient writers

  • ted

    jelly bean update on sg3 is a bonus. ice cream is already good.

  • I don’t get what the majority of users are mad at because it’s not like Jelly Bean is going to make your device into a whole new feeling device like the jump from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich which was a major re-write of Android. JB is just an optimization of ICS with a couple new features, nothing to be going crazy about. Don’t get me wrong I’ve played around with it on my wife’s Nexus S & its features are pretty cool but they have a short lived over excitement.
    What I don’t get is if you think you got the update to JB & you didn’t then you can’t be mad at all because you really have no idea what your waiting for or what to expect. Your obviously happy with your phone running what it is because you thought it was JB & if you have no idea how to even check what your version of Android is then you shouldn’t worry about updates at all. Just be patient guys its coming & besides it hasn’t been long since you got your phones in the first place. – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

    • snk

      I have installed the latest leaked rom. It seems that battery life has increased. Also the memory usage has been optimized. When u clear ram, it shows that it is consuming on 384 mb instead of 550 odd. That is a plus. At no point ICS was slow.
      I guess if people are desparate they should try them or wait 2 or so weeks to get latest update

  • tom

    Swapping my s3 for a iPhone 5!….. lol! Just kidding!

  • When I start feeling sorry for myself, I just remember that it could be worse. I could still have my Bionic waiting for ICS.

  • shane

    This is a ridiculous article

  • Nick Bossert

    Ya… chill out people, it will come

  • annoyed

    i sold the s3 and got an iphone5, i hated touchwiz and i hated the fast, yet cheap feeling to the s3

    • why didnt you just install a free launcher that removed touchwiz then? you just made a poor decision that was easily fixable.

    • Sten

      So you hate the Touchwiz launcher… But you like the boring IOS launcher?? ok mate you go have fun looking at your app icons which basically all the IOS launcher is.. an apps list.

  • The things that would annoy me the most, would be the waiting even longer for google now and I don’t know if anyone else knew about EE (Everything Everywhere) which is the first 4G LTE UK network which orange/t-mobile will give to every 4G phone contract. So It will also annoy me the fact I have to wait for the 4G

  • jacauc

    Jelly bean isn’t all that much people. Relax. I bet you won’t even notice the difference! Google now is pretty useless too if you are not in the US

  • I’ve seen this on every Android phone I’ve owned… owners crying like spoiled children that they don’t get their updates fast enough. It’s like they all bought a phone that they hated and would only love once an update arrived later in the year. Often, they swear they’ll sell their phone and jump to (fill in the blank)’s phone…while at the same time, those people are whining about their updates.

    Me? I’ll be happy to wait for Jelly Bean to arrive when it’s been properly developed and tested.

    To everyone else who’s going insane over updates, you should probably sell your S III and buy a new iPhone. Apple will be happy to tell you what to enjoy and how to enjoy it.

    • Sten

      Amen brother 🙂

    • Robert Clark

      Lmao! Nicely said…well done…to the point .and funny as hell…By the way..most of the whiners are whining because they are probably using mom and dad’s contract..So they can’t swap unless their room is clean…Bammmmmm. yes that was sad but I laughed. Lol

  • rene quirarte

    I love my gs3!!! but I can’t wait till jelly bean is released… but oh well I guess I have to wait.

  • billy bob thorton

    verizon will add their stupid apps, which noone wants before customers get it

    • Dizzle

      True, that is the major reason it takes so long. The carriers have a lot to do with it. Verizon in particular needs time to load the OS with their uninstallable bloatware.

  • Robertggg

    I can wait on the jelly bean update because, as most comments here, there isn’t an issue with 4.0.4, its fast, the multitasking which it can do is fantastic, so Jelly Bean is just going to be an added bonus, the one thing which is annoying me is the fact that I am on an Orange contract and have registered for updates from EE once they roll out the 4G network, only to find out that the GS3 doesn’t have or wont have LTE to be 4G ready, bit annoying considering Ive had the phone 3 months

  • Dizzle

    I am used to this with android devices. New handsets will eventually come out with jelly bean preloaded. The devices released a year before become obsolete and forgotten. It is not a matter of “when” jelly bean is released for the S3, but IF. The S3 will soon be obsolete and a newer version of android os will be around anyways. I am willing to go out on a limb and assume that the S4 will positively have jelly bean. And then we will be reading articles disscussing whether or not THAT device will get an upgrade to the “latest and greatest”. Technology evolves fast. It’s best not to get our hopes up.

  • PaulinVite

    The S3

  • AverageUser

    I just want the update before my 3rd month of owning the phone. After month three i don’t learn or use anything new with my phones.

  • Bill

    They are just trying to get people to give up waiting and go toward rooting the phone and flashing a ROM.

  • Rob

    Although it does bug me that Samsung can’t just give us an exact date for it’s updates, I am happy to wait for the Jellybean update for now, but if they change the release date to November, I may not be able to resist any longer and decide root and flash a rom.
    I do like to have the latest everything right now today if I can 🙂

    • Bill

      Same here, any longer than October and I’ll just swap to a stable ROM that has already been released on JB.

      • Rob

        Yes it’s simple and quick enough to do, plus no bloatware.

    • Jordache

      This is probably what I’m going to do as well. It’s not that hard to get something like Cyanogenmod up and running for the Galaxy devices, and in my experience it works quite well.

    • Robert Clark

      Trust me.. why wait. Its easy safe and fast…if you don’t like it…flash a backup…fear not root. I’ve been fine with many many countless devices rooted..all still worked even better than stock…imo..peace .

  • Uplift777

    I am waiting for Jelly bean for the Google Now… I guess it’s not that big of a deal but it would be nice for great phone to become even greater! “Operation butter”

  • Graham

    I dont think JB gonna be that big a deal anyway, we still have the best phone on the planet with ICS!

  • jen

    i love my gs3 happy with the way it works jellybean would be a bonus all ppl moanin need to grow up be happy with it theyve got to make it work for all models

  • gs2 and gs3 owner

    I do not trust samsung any more.I think they luring people to root their handset to void warranties, so they make more money risking less

    • gs3 , and happy

      Really Jen , that seems just like Samsung to have short sighted strategy to chase customers away in the long term – I think not.

      As for Daniel Chubb – he is in the very minority of S3 users who think the phone requires an update to be functional and all he does is whine on about Jelly Bean . The phone is brilliant as it is. Jelly Bean will not add any major functionality, just tweaks and smoother graphics. Try reporting on something useful , if you can think of something ….

  • randy msb

    I love this phone too. I can’t wait until they release the jelly bean update….I’m holding out.

  • budde2

    I love my GS3 as is and jellybean would just be a Plus not really waiting on it we have a perfect phone and people need to be patient

    • I agree with you budde, I love the phone regardless of jelly bean or not. I can wait as long as it takes.

    • Anonymous

      If you were not waiting for it den why would uhave been here on this page referring to infor about update release

      • ted

        they said they CAN wait, no one mentioned they are not waiting. duh?

      • Jay Sood

        Calm Down! 🙂