iPhone 5 launch delays O2 SIM swap

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 21, 2012

Hearing that over 1000 people queued at the iPhone 5 launch in Bluewater, a shopping centre in the UK near Dartford, would make most people glad they didn’t visit that Apple Store for the new iPhone. Smarter shoppers not worried about an unlocked iPhone 5 made a visit to local O2 stores across the UK early this morning, and we also visited our local store in Westwood Cross (Thanet). These O2 stores had good stock of the iPhone 5 and also saw much smaller queues.

When we arrived at our local O2 shop the time had been around 6am, and just three people were in front of us, which the first had started at 4am. You can see a photo we took below, although by the time the store opened at 8am for the iPhone 5 launch the queue grew to around 20 people.

If you need to switch your SIM to the new smaller card and did this at home you might be experiencing some delay today, which is largely due to the iPhone 5 launch. We needed to use O2’s SIM swap service to move our number to the new nano-SIM that comes with the iPhone 5, and while a work colleague managed to get this fully completed within 5 minutes, we’re still waiting 4 hours later.

The process is pretty easy to do and starts by entering your mobile number here on O2’s website, which you then need to enter a code that’s sent to your phone. After this you enter your new SIM card number found on the nano-SIM that should’ve been given to you after picking up an iPhone 5 at O2, although this process is not needed for everyone but if you’re on a simplicity tariff then you’ll certainly need to SIM swap.

It is worth noting that you need to restart your iPhone 5 every now and then before the swap will activate, although if you still have your old iPhone then as soon as you lose service is when the other device should take over.

Have you needed to use O2’s SIM swap service today, and if so did it happen smoothly for you, or are you still waiting? We’d also love to know how long the queues were in your area of the world; did you see more than 20 people queue up?

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  • Jon

    Jon Devon ..Picked Iphone 5 up Fri 3pm …still no sim swap ..02 say they have tech problems …just have to wait I guess …good to know its a problem & I’m not unique

  • Kyle simms

    Picked up my iPhone at about 11.30 no queue at all(barnsley). Did the sim swap at about 12.30 ish and reset the iPhone about an hour later and it was all good up and running well before 2 o’clock.

  • Ryan

    Yes did it hours ago… Still waiting

  • jonny

    still waiting for sim swap to happen, taking the p**s

  • Aidee

    Connected at 19:30pm 🙂 at last…

  • Simon

    Completed the sim swap online at 1pm. Still no connection at 5.15pm. Not impressed, O2.

  • Aidee

    Did the sim activation at 1pm on the iPhone 5 4 hours later no connection to 02 🙁 go on holiday in the morning grrrr….

  • Andrew M

    Walked into o2 shop in Edinburgh this morning at 9.30 and purchased on PAYG as I couldn’t just buy the handset. Still waiting for o2 sim swap on my contract number after 6 hours.

  • Sarah

    Pre-Ordered the 64Gb from my local Carphone Warehouse. Picked it up at 9.30 this morning. Was the first one to do so! Still waiting for the O2 sim swap to come through tho!