FIFA 13 price at Sainsbury’s beats ASDA / Tesco

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 21, 2012

It makes sense to want to save money when buying the latest games, especially when you spend a lot on video games each year, so we wanted to point our readers in the direction of the best FIFA 13 price in the UK. Considering you’ve only got 7 days to go until the release date, it is time to work out what UK stores are offering the most for your money.

FIFA 13 at ASDA and Tesco brings a price that we’d expect, which is thanks to both of these stores constantly tracking the prices that each other offers, so this means a joint price of £39.97 for FIFA 13 at Tesco and ASDA. This is the same price on both PS3 and Xbox 360, although those of you that want the Ultimate Edition should expect to pay £46.47 at both ASDA and Tesco.

It is worth noting that both these stores offer a pre-order price promise, but when it comes to giving you a little extra it is Sainsbury’s that deliver. You can pickup FIFA 13 at Sainsbury’s for £34.39, which is thanks to a special voucher code that Sainsbury’s are promoting clearly on their website. This is for 20% off a collection of video games, which includes the pre-order for FIFA 13. The code is SETOK12, and you need to apply this to your basket before checking out.

Details of this offer can be seen here, although we’re not sure how long Sainsbury’s will keep FIFA 13 at this price, they state it is a pre-order deal, so expect it to end soon. If you found a better price for FIFA 13 then we’d love to hear about it, so feel free to share in the comments with your fellow football fans.

Did you pre-order FIFA 13 a while ago, and if so what price did you manage to get? There will be a few midnight release parties and we know a few people that are planning a launch party at home on the FIFA 13 launch night, so again feel free to share your plans in the comments. You can read our first impressions of the demo here, which certainly showed some flair not seen in the current game.

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  • Moonbeam

    The offer has now finished – Ts and Cs on the site clearly mentioned the end date as Sunday 23rd at midnight (well 1 sec to!)

  • Jeremy Nobody

    Need to mention that while the Sainsbury’s deal is excellent, it is delivery only. I ordered with the premise that I could walk in the store on release day and pick up my copy. Actually, it is a mail order only offer and the game I ordered would have arrived some time after 29th September. Not convenient when I have booked in a holiday to enjoy the new game! Rang Sainsbury’s Customer Services team and they were able to cancel my order.

    • Moonbeam

      Actually most pre-orders online would be delivered on, or in some cases before the release date – so you would have been quids in all round…