iOS 6 problems with Maps, Wi-Fi, and Passbook

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 20, 2012

Most Apple fans come to expect a certain amount of errors with new software by now, and now that we’re hearing about a number of iOS 6 problems it hasn’t surprised us, although some users are not happy with the issues they’re meeting when using iOS 6 features like Passbook and Maps. We’ve also heard about bugs that turn out to be much less of a problem, and this included the Wi-Fi problems some people experienced with iOS 6 that were simply web related.

Early iPhone upgraders to iOS 6 met a couple of problems yesterday when testing the new software, and one of these included issues accessing Wi-Fi. Users were met with a redirection to the official Apple website, which showed a login screen rather than allowing them to use their home Wi-Fi or various networks outside their home.

After a barrage of comments in forums it seems the problem had been fixed within hours, which had been thanks to Apple making a tweak online that clearly showed this issue was web related rather than with the iOS 6 firmware. You can read some of the user comments in this article, although we’d love to know if you experienced this problem with iOS 6 yesterday?

Problems with the Passbook app in iOS 6 – one of the more prominent iOS 6 features is Passbook that makes using an iOS device more efficient thanks to having all your passes in one place. This feature is certainly a step in the right direction for making our physical wallets/purses extinct, but some people are noticing early teething problems.

You might run into an issue when opening Passbook and trying to connect to the App Store for a list of supported apps, which is thanks to an error message explaining a problem with connecting to the iTunes store. It seems that Apple will need to release another iOS 6 update to correct this problem, but for now there’s a simple fix that involves setting the date and time ahead by one year after turning off automatic. You’ll find “Date & Time” in General under Settings, and once you make this change and have visited the Passbook app, just set the time and date to automatic again.

Apple’s new iOS 6 maps experience teething problems – our first impression of the new maps had been one of excitement, and while we loved the 3D and responsiveness of the new UI, it isn’t good to find a lot of places missing and also being met with a “cannot find” message for popular landmarks and places. This article takes a detailed look at the problems with iOS 6 maps, although pointing out that Greenland is now somewhere in the Indian Ocean and directions are sending people down dual carriageways the wrong way quickly shows the severity of this issue.

Apple has delivered some major improvements with iOS 6 and we love most of the new features, but there are also a large number of issues with key features that need fixing as soon as possible. How have you found iOS 6 maps, Passbook, and other features so far?

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  • Rubies314

    Really disappointed. The biggest problems I have experienced is the battery life rapidly decreasing and a huge problem with downloading apps. When I download Apps from the App Store, the app simply queues and remains on “waiting”. When it does start even the simplest of Apps is taking nearly and hour to download. I know its not my internet as I have an iPad 3 and have opted out of iOS6 until Apple fixes the bugs – My iPad is working perfectly so I can safely say iOS6 is the culprit. The maps feature is terrible too. In a town not far from me Apple have managed to list Woolworths and Our Prices stores – pretty sure its a long time since they have been trading on the high street.

  • Tina

    I still have a problem with wifi, after hours on the phone with my carrier and also apple, they have suggested they replace my 2 month old phone at my cost….. Would rather problem fixed.

  • Claudia

    Im having problems with my wifi connection since yesterday that I ugraded my IPad. It has been very frustrating since I have tried all!

  • Kayroll

    Still have a problem to connect to wifi……..WTH with apple technical team……..this is the worst OS that created from the fruit company…….what a shame……..come on apple……..

  • Ted Mingolla

    There are too many issues with IOS 6, doesn’t feel like an upgrade more of a downgrade.
    Not good Apple

  • Greg

    Big problems for me so far. Upgraded on Friday & wifi has been desperately slow since. Tried all fixes – none work. Also wifi kept dropping out (at home next to my router…) & I unwittingly was using up my data cap – not cool.
    Hope I can find a solution before going back out yo work.

  • Scrossan

    I have a 4S since upgrading the battery drains very fast. It is also unresponsive at times and slow; it occasionally won’t start at all. I’ve tried turning it off completely but it didn’t help.

  • Mel Wolff

    Yahoo email access is working, I keep getting locked in a loop asking me to verify my password. I’ll get very quick glimpse of my emails then it kicks back out asking me to verify my password. Very frustrating.

  • Jennayv

    With the upgrade, my camera apparently didn’t upgrade because I never got the option for panorama

  • its time to support apple..tough time going for apple…we know that apple is no 1 company and whatever it does it become besties wait for official announcment .your problem will meet your solution very soon.

  • The once burned one

    Just having a sneaky smile on my face, as I decided this time to wait till all the bugs are gone b4 upgrading to OS6!
    Seems I will enjoy my Google maps for a bit more..
    Sorry for the rest of the early jumpers – just have to wait next time.
    Anyway it should be a great OS when fully baked LOL!

  • PerryG

    i am still having trouble connecting to a wifi network on both my iPad2 and iPhone 3gs

  • Christine T

    I updated to ios 6 and lost about half of my contacts. 🙁


    I have had every iphone up to this point and never have I seen a update this ridiculous, my wifi goes out the maps are no good and passbook it’s pointless. Why release this only to lose customers to the sales of the galaxy 3 because of the lack of innovation not only in the iphone 5 design but the technology as well.

    • Passbook isn’t buggy and just because its not useful to you doesn’t mean its not useful to others. I use it for my Starbucks card.

  • brituc1

    I’ve had two issues. One with wifi. It wasn’t working so I followed the advice of someone from another forum by resetting my network settings (Go into settings>general>reset>reset network settings). Once I did this, I would try to connect to my wifi but would get redirected to an apple webpage with an error message. I then gave my phone (iPhone 4S) a hard reset and now it seems to be working. My other issue is with the App Store. Half the time I’ll get an error message “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” and I can’t access any of my purchased apps in the updates section. Also, the App Store crashes quite a bit. Hopefully iOS 6.0.1 will fix these and any other bugs.

  • Upgraded last nite to 6. I haven’t come across the battery issue yet but the new maps application needs working on. Love the turn by turn prompting and new 3D design but its not that forgiving if you get a street name wrong by a letter.

  • Has anyone notice that satellite view in Maps is blurred when getting below about 1000 foot? It’s obviously very low resolution compared to the old google maps version. If this is all we’re going to get it’s again useless unless you are flying a light aircraft and wanting to see the ground from very high up. Lack of streetview is also very frustrating, especially for finding new buildings, parking, addresses etc…

    • Finding new buildings? Street view is out of date everywhere anyway… Even in San Francisco, when it drove past an Apple Store the sign said “Introducing iPhone. Its an iPod, Internet Communication Device, and Phone all in one”

  • Battery life is totally ridiculous, drains like crazy from fully charged with nothing going on. Even on airplane mode it’s still sucking power. I has everything turned off apart from the kindle app and was on medium low brightness, in 45 minutes I went from 45% battery to 8%. That’s not normal and wasn’t happening on io5.

  • Now Passbook shows 2 compatible apps – United Airlines and Lufthansa. That’s pretty dire when they’ve had months to get firms on board. Unless you’re flying US or Sauerkraut, it’s totally useless for such a high profile feature that appears pointlessly as an icon on the home screen. Even having this placeholder “app” that just states what passbook can do, and linking to the app store, is very strange internal marketing of this new service. Never seen something so un-applelike.

  • Has anyone noticed that the App store isn’t sized correctly for the iPhone 4s screen. The icons which now slide horizontally are constantly cut off to the right and left. As the new iPhone 5 has the same width screen it’s another odd choice making the app store painful to navigate and ugly to boot. Jobs wouldn’t have been happy!

  • Francisco _ Portugal

    Same problem over here, i still can’t connect to my wi fi network. :/

  • Sam J

    I have the iphone 4s, i seem to constantly keep loosing my WIFI connection, although it shows its still connected, i have to switch aeroplane mode, or switch WIFI on and off to get it back. Also app store and Itunes keep locking up and quitting on me. Most functions are very good, but think the update is to much to quick! Also dont like the new App Store layout, old one was much nicer to use and navigate around. New one seems to have to much on one page.
    Maps are an issue, i use Google stree view quite alot and have now lost that abbility, google maps still can be accessed via the Google website though, just very restricted on the options you can use.

  • andysra

    Androids are far better….and even new Windows versions have more comparable to iphones

  • Nuum

    I solved this wifi glitch by restoring through iTune. However, please make sure that your wireless access point does not have a password. You can restore the access point password after restoring iOS6

  • Get over it people, Google Maps and YouTube are owned by Google, why should would any company want to be tied to a rival like that? Ditch your iPhones and go and buy a Nexus or a brick, pleaseeeeee

  • Cole Fardreamer

    With the lack of Youtube support in IOS6, you need to download an app – unfortunately the OS prevents the apps from using streaming to get the AppleTV to show the Youtube stream. – Again, an example of a backwards step for Apple (as with the Maps and a couple of other features), and worse, another demonstration of their ability to downgrade what you had already purchased. There is no other company in the world who would sell you a product, then remove features and get away with it legally or morally!

  • NDG

    since uploading the software upgrade on Weds, I’ve lost the ability to use the mail app to see my yahoo emails- really quite fed up by this. Does anyone know how to fix it? Vodafone were v unhelpful. NDG

  • I’ve noticed a distinct decrease in my battery life since the change over.
    This morning, about 2 mintues after unplugging from the charger at 100% battery the battery was down to 91% although I had no apps open, nor had I actually used the phone for anyhing other than my alarm!

    • Wow that’s even more nuts than iOS 5! I haven’t upgraded my iPhone 4S yet, but that can lose 1% every 3 minutes some days, while others it can have no reception and only lose 2% in 4 hours

  • FTW

    my iphone 4s is stuck in landscape when im using safari how to solve it

    • Cole Fardreamer

      Check that you haven’t ‘locked’ the rotation. Double-tap the home button (this shows the loaded apps). drag this new window right (so you see the screen on the left) which should show a rotation icon on the left – make sure it isn’t locked.

  • UK_Male

    My son just upgraded his 4 – and my town no longer exists. youtube is gone and replaced my an app that cant display full screen. This is a retrograde step. Apple was always a leader and progressive company with working innovative product… now its just another bitter corporate trying world domination. I was a huge apple fan – got iphone/ apple tv etc. I just canned my iphone5 order.. I need a working phone / maps etc and this product is just hype. Now the issue is : Samsung GalaxyS3 or do I wait till apple wake up and reinstall all the things that are important to the users ? Im guessing Apple now so arrogant that they will push on regardless.. let the world suffer… what are users anyways ?

  • My wi fi is fine but my 3G connectivity hasn’t worked since yesterday’s update

  • chris3504

    The convenience of maps has always been a core reason for me to use Iphone. With OS6 that is now gone. My Iphone 4 cannot find any landmark in my neighbourhood anymore. Although it used to find everything, now I get “no result found” for my residential estate, the shopping malls around my place, and many more important places. Yesterday I lost at least 30min on the road because it could no longer find the places I was going to. Apple has hijacked my phone with their new OS. I got an IPhone with the understanding that it comes with certain features I tested before buying. Now they replaced it with substandard applications I have nothing to do with. I really do not care about their colorful 3D maps if the basic functionality is gone. That is what happens in companies when corporate animals replace visionary entrepreneurs. OS 6 and even IPhone 5 are just other “me too” product. Apple is the next Nokia. I am done with IPhone.

  • Apple new iOS claims to be integrating seamlessly with social media services twitter, facebook etc. but what about YouTube. They’ve removed the single most used social video service on the Internet today ???? very cynical

    • Google YouTube is the competition to Apple, however google have released a replacement app on the app store.

    • Apple didn’t have much of a choice to remove YouTube as the license finished earlier in the year. YouTube is also owned by google so not lot of joint collaboration going on currently….

  • Gumpray77

    Unable to find panoramic mode in the camera

    • Aung

      only iPhone 4S & above can have the panoramic mode… 🙁

  • I am unable to connect my bluetooth to my 2008 300 series bmw without idrive. the phone was working fine before the upgrade. I wish I could downgrade too! There’s no information on the net about this. I deleted the bluetooth pairing on the car and the phone. the car won’t recognize the phone. also, internet was painfully slow today on 3g verizon network. it was ridiculous and my voicemail came in 5 minutes after a phone call.

    • Thats because there’s no such thing as a 300 series BMW. You might want to say Chrysler or “3” series.

      • CanadianBMWowner

        Austin, take your head out of your @#% as there is a 300 series BMW. some people call them 3 series, it’s all the same, calling a 318, 325, 330 a 300 series is correct.

  • Berd

    I updated an iPhone 3GS, an iPad 2, and an iPad 3. Live in So Cal. Have no problems with wifi on any device, but on both iPads, can’t receive e-mails suddenly. Same e-mails work fine on iPhone 3GS. An exchange e-mail account works fine on the iPad.

    Anyone have similar problems, or solutions?

  • nnat45

    I am havin problems trying to put the apps i use most on my homeage. Is there a solution? and is anyone else having this problem?

  • Matt

    I had the wifi issue reset your network settings and retry it will then ask for your wifi key and it will then work!

  • Rachel

    How does Apple supposedly “fix” the wifi connection issue in ios 6 without the user having to do another update? My iPhone 4 is still having issues.

    • tvonthebrain

      Because the issue was not within the OS, but on their website somewhere

  • kopame

    i agree that is not a good move removing youtube,but there ìs the free app on applestore just to download

    • Cole Fardreamer

      But you cannot push the videos to the AppleTV any more (the OS reports to the app that it only supports audio – which amusingly DOES stream!).

      • airplay still works here at home on ios6. Upgraded this morning. Playing videos off the net

        • john

          too bad, it appears you own an iphone, sorry.

      • I had same problem sound but no pic but all I had to do was turn on mirroring which sorted out the problem:)

  • kopame

    i don’t have problems with wifi after the update.i’m in italy(don’t know if could make a difference) and have 4s

  • Graeme1101

    The removal the YouTube app was a terrible move. I will not buy or recommend any apple products until this is rectified. Apple maps is a very poor replacement for google maps also. Another bad decision. Get your act together apple.

    • There is of course a YouTube app now that is a lot better than the Apple one… Google Maps is still available through the browser… Also I’m sure Apple have a strong enough customer base and wont notice your refusal to recommend their products. End of the world? probably not 🙂

      • john

        do not try and put the blinders back on him

    • I’m on your side mate I also did not like the you tube and google maps to removed. I wish if apple could bring these features back in next update.

    • Diane

      Totally agreed.

  • The calendar function is messed up. Appointments on iCloud appearing correctly on my imac don’t appear on iOS 6 iphone 4s. It worked find yesterday prior to the update. Navigating around London today was a nightmare, couldn’t even find London Bridge Station and navigate me to Tower 42 by foot. Lack of streetview is also terrible and Passbook just takes me to the app store and there is only one app by Lufthansa that supports Passbook. Finally battery consumption is much worse than before. Other than all that it’s a great update!

  • I cannot connect to wifi. This issue has not been resolved. It says unable to join the network. Apple has not resolved this issue contrary to what is being reported.

    • mieke hoogeveen

      same problem here, i’ve tried al the solutions mentioned on several sites, but still no wifi!!

  • Mike

    Very disappointed my whole phone (4s) seems slow most apps shut down for no reason the amount of bugs is unreal and maps are useless because half the country is a blur sat nav is about 4 seconds out the list is endless any way to get old software back? Apple right now toe anyway is a joke

    • guyInNY

      I have the exact same problems – apps shutting down right after launch for no apparent reason! And was told by Apple Care they refuse to update their server which dictates what iOS version your device will be restored back to via iTunes. Horrible design! Even in Microsoft Windows you can roll back an update if you realize something got broken – is it time to go back to Microsoft products?

  • Andrew

    I still have issues with wifi, such as not being able to connect to my router, or any router for that matter, on my iPhone 4S updated to iOS 6. My wife’s 4S which she didn’t update, works fine, as does the iPad that wasn’t updated.

    Apple have not addressed this other problem at all!!

  • Myster04

    Hate the new iOS, I’ve bought every new iPhone and am now dreading receiving my 5 tomorrow after updating my iPad last night. Maps has no street view which is essential for me everyday and YouTube app disappeared. The downloadable YouTube app is crap and for the iPad you have to have it in 2x mode!! Worst update ever and wish I never did on my pad. Considering keeping my 4s with ios 5 still on it and just selling the new 5!!

    • tvonthebrain

      Google will get the youtube app updated, give them time.

      • john

        or buy another OS that doesn’t dictate what you should have in their eyes because their competition is becoming more and more superior

  • I been running into some 3G problems on my iPhone 4S… and I will also have problems sending SMS, and MMS messaging as well. It was running great before the update. I have Verizon Wireless btw

    • Ryan

      I’m having the SAME problems, and I thought I was the only one! I have an iPhone 3GS (AT&T), and both my Wi-Fi and my 3G connectivity is completely shot. (Oddly enough, I can pick up entirely new Wi-Fi networks, but past networks do not work—even after I restored network settings). Also, iMessage no longer works, and some text messages I send take over five minutes to be delivered. Absolutely ridiculous. I regret installing the “upgrade” and am pissed that I can’t simply restore iOS 5.1.1 without losing all my information.