GTA V clothing reconfirms religious return

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 20, 2012

KIFFLOM is nothing new to gamers that have followed Rockstar over the years, but Epsilonism Today has made a return on Twitter with subtle hints that lead us to believe it will make a comeback with Grand Theft Auto 5, and play a major part in the game. We touched on how the viral tweets are extremely confusing in a past article, but it now seems that Rockstar are about to promote some clothing around KIFFLOM and the upcoming GTA V.

If you visit the official Rockstar Warehouse and look at the new arrivals you won’t notice anything GTA V related, or even for KIFFLOM, but a quick search for this fake religion shows that there is indeed some merchandise on the store. Some people believe this means Rockstar are about to push this new KIFFLOM T-Shirt into the new arrivals section, and could be the start of clothing for GTA V, although others feel that this might be left over items from San Andreas.

We did have a look at the online store a few weeks back and didn’t find anything related to GTA V or KIFFLOM, so unless we missed something it does seem that the viral marketing for GTA V has stepped up a gear and we should see these T-Shirts and other material being promoted on the official store soon.

Above you can see the small slogan included on the KIFFLOM T-Shirt, which followers of the Twitter channel might remember seeing this quote posted over the last few weeks. You can also see a number of cryptic quotes on the official website.

Would you purchase one of these T-Shirts, and are you following the Twitter channel for Epsilon Today? It will be interesting to see how this religion is integrated into GTA 5, although for now feel free to see this item on the store here and let us know what GTA 5 clothing you’d love to see in the coming months. Do you have any graphics/pictures in-mind for the perfect GTA 5 related T-Shirt?

You can read about some radio ads making a return ahead of expected GTA V news in the coming weeks, although we’d love to hear what songs you’d like to hear in the next Grand Theft Auto game? If you played enough of GTA IV you would certainly remember the crazy statements on radio channels, so feel free to share your favorite memories of these in the comments.

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