iOS 6 download time window for release

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2012

We are just hours away from Apple’s big update to iOS 6 for supported Apple devices. Although Apple has once again failed to provide a specific release time, there is good news in store if Apple decides to stick to previous iOS 6 download time trends.

As we’ve told you several times, iOS 6 is going live a full two days before the iPhone 5 launches – giving users the perfect preview on their existing device, allowing them to make the decision on whether to buy the iPhone 5 if it’s deemed worthwhile.

In the meantime, we’re willing to bet that many of you are frantically pressing that update button on iTunes to see if the update is available or not. Don’t forget though, you can also use your iPhone 4 or 4S to download the update directly on your device over the air – just head to software update in your settings to manually check it yourself.

For those of you asking – we doubt that iOS 6 is going to go live the second the clock strikes 12am Pacific Time. History has shown that the updates usually occur around the 10am mark Pacific Time, which is 1pm Eastern Time, 6pm UK time and 1am for those of you in Hong Kong.

Of course this isn’t a confirmation as nobody knows the exact time except Apple, but the company has shown on more than one occasion that they’re a company who like following ‘patterns’. If you want our advice, get some sleep and wake up nice and early to a brand new iOS 6 update full of new features and enhanced Siri support.

We’re amazed to see that the device still isn’t available for order online at the Hong Kong Apple Store, but we guess that argument can be saved for later since most of you don’t have this problem. If you are excited about the iOS 6 release time, let us know what feature or features you are most looking forward to using.

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  • Craig Bauer Melson

    is anyone really that desperate they need to know the exact time?

  • pikeing

    Got update in uk at 6pm for iPod 4

  • Kate Wales

    Still nothing! 🙁

  • Deavo

    It’s all about time differences 🙂 we will get it at the same time as the USA, just our Californian friends are still in bed, 10:30am here is 2:30am there 🙂 stop stressing and let them have there breakfast 🙂

    • Deavo

      *their lol

  • ThatBlokeOverThere

    Would make more sense to release at 00:01 in whatever country the user’s in – would save the insane rush and overloaded servers when the entire plane gets it at the exact same moment (PS I know this would never happen as it would mean west coast USA getting it last!).

  • Is there any place where we can check the time table? I’m on GMT time so I don’t know what time will it be available.

  • Mgt

    I am an oldie of 54……I should know better….like the other post says… one has patience these days…..I agree (but it’s Apples fault)……I also got up….whistling Colonel Bogey and shouting out a countdown to my family (I thought it was 10 a.m. U.K. time)…Damn…6pm!!!!! What will I do till then?

  • Kate Wales

    Damn I’m in the UK so it won’t be till later this afternoon. I’m severely sight impaired do I’m most looking forward to the updates to Siri and the new maps navigation app as I can use GPS navigation to find my way to new places on foot.

  • Duggie

    Will we be able to use the features like when you say to siri, “find me a chinese resteraunt nearby” in the UK ?

    • Kate Wales

      Yes Siri will finally be getting local search in the UK.

      • Duggie

        thanks 🙂
        Can’t wait to update hehe x

    • Champ

      Siri is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation), and iPod touch (5th generation

  • Meetesh

    It will be released at 0941 hrs Pacific Time.

  • rob plant

    and FYI(BEING IRONIC) UK is much better

  • rob plant

    already got it plus jailbroken already 🙂

  • Harry

    Looking forward to Passbook and new layouts in Nouification Centre

  • The Doctor

    It’s going to be 6pm for UK users as that will be 10am in Cupertino. It’s nearly always been 6pm GMT when apple have released iOS updates. Patience is a virtue that is sadly lacking these days!!!

  • 8008

    dammit, been checking every 30 mins since midnight!!! wha a fool

  • USA

    That’s why America is so great

    • Astro

      and so dumb, you’ll still get the download at the same time as those in the UK as your 10am is their 6pm. You don’t get it earlier, it’s just earlier in your day when you get it and most of you will be at work and unable to play around with it as freely as those in the UK who get it at the start of their evening.

  • Guy who woke up early

    WHAT!!! I woke up early for nothing

  • :-)

    Why 6pm man!!!!
    Should be like 9 in the morning

    • Deavo

      It will be 10am in ther morning, just their morning 🙂

  • Nm

    Damn, was hoping to wake up with the update

  • Jonnyracingboy2941