Skyrim Hearthfire wait with platform mind games

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2012

As the days pass on, many PS3 gamers are beginning to come to a conclusion that the PS3 release of Dawnguard is never gonna make it on their version of Skyrim. Optimism however remains for the second DLC pack Hearthfire, although Bethesda has again clarified their position on the likelihood of it reaching other platforms.

It’s fair to say that if PS3 players cannot play Dawnguard, they will definitely want to give Hearthfire a try, even though Bethesda has recently said that releasing Hearthfire on the PS3 could complicate things further.

Over on the PC, the situation is a lot more relaxed, with gamers having access to their own house building tools via the healthy supply of custom mods available in the Steam Workshop thanks to the Creation Kit. Having said that, an official release of Hearthfire on the PC would still be appreciated and some of you may raise an eyebrow or two on hearing that Bethesda has reminded the community once again that Hearthfire for the moment remains an Xbox 360 exclusive.

At the moment, the reality is that there’s no sign of the 30 day exclusivity period ending on the exact deadline, as you can see from a new Tweet from Pete Hines, stating that Hearthfire has not yet been announced for any other platforms. We knew that the second pack would be coming out on Xbox 360 first, but this could be more evidence that there wasn’t even an intention to bring Hearthfire to the PC and PS3 after 30 days was up – just basically when the developer sees fit.

If it wasn’t for the Creation Kit, would you be unhappy about this as a PC gamer? Right now it’s obviously a long shot for the PS3 to get any sort of post-release content period, but now it looks that Bethesda are happy to make PC gamers sweat a little bit as well.

It all leads us to suggest what kind of tactics will be employed when the third DLC expansion for Skyrim arrives, when the supposed two pack exclusivity on Xbox 360 has run out.

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  • Bill

    Amusing, console gamer, trying to defend a closed platform– and making yourself look like a complete idiot. You do realise that games developers are not Gods of Gaming Creativity? There a thousands of extremely talented individuals out there who have made some fantastic game-improving mods to Skyrim. The game is enormously improved by the addition of mods. To say you don’t like the idea of open-games (controlled by suppressing modability) is pretty damn stupid and self-defeating– you don’t have to play with mods enabled, clearly democracy isn’t in your interest on this subject.

  • RW

    I believe that since the PS3 Skyrim box specifically states that add-on content and trophies. the fact that i bought this game was under the impression that upon buying this game i would be able to play the add-on content that the company makes for this game, but in actuality i get to watch other individuals play the add-on content that was promised to me on an 12 year old game console, did i own a Xbox yes but its motherboard fried and i didn’t really have the urge to buy another 12 year old system but my personal preference in system is not under debate because the both have strengths and weaknesses in there own rights.. Yet because i didn’t go purchase another xbox i do not get the material i was promised on my PS3. I personally believe that this is much more serious than it is actually being made out to be, i personally find this extremely offensive that Bethesda has failed to fulfill their own promises and are trying to just brush it under the rug, If they cannot fulfill what they agreed to give me i want a refund i paid $60 plus tax to play this game and most PS3 owner could not even do that when they released the game now i dont get the DLC i was told i would get. Bad products warrant a refund of products purchased and i think that Bethesda’s product and product service on the PS3 pretty much a poor as it gets.

  • Why bother buying the game for consoles for like 60$ and then buying a 20$ dlc, if you have good pc you can DOWNLOAD skyrim and tons of MODS that are already better than dlc and even if you want a dlc you can download it also for FREE like my friend did.

    • Not everybody has the money to buy a Gaming-PC. Most people just want to play the game without spending 1000 $ on a computer first. Is cheaper getting a new bundled console and the game, and then with the money left you can buy some extra DLC’s. Free DLC’s my ass, you migth get them, but I prefer to support the company that made it, and god knows some Cracked DLC’s have Bugs and Glitches that can brake your gaming experience. But hey if you’re douchbag enougth go out and get every DLC you want you Prick.

      • I only had to spend $600 to build my gaming rig and it can handle any game on the market really well, Skyrim at 60 FPS/1080p and all that. Still, I definitely prefer console gaming and wish that PC gaming elitists would shut up. I’m getting a PS4 at launch and I’m not upgrading my PC any time soon, I can’t wait for that beast to release. Consoles generally get way more games I’m interested in than PCs, especially with most PC games being scraps thrown from the PC gaming side of the market. I’m not interested in modding, having to fix my own games with quick-fixes and mods or having to ever mess with settings, I also like universal controller support consoles provide. At the end of the day, though, all that matters is what games are being offered and consoles are where it’s at. I definitely regret spending those four years a PC gamer, at least I get to totally skip the still-totally-awesome PS3 and get a PS4 whenever that comes out. I hope that’s backwards-compatible, seems likely since the Cell processor of the Super Slim PS3 is so small, energy efficient and cool. They could totally slap that in the PS3 and build a simple emulator for better compatibility with its GPU and RAM, after that it’s all good. At first I was sure the PS4 wouldn’t have PS3 backwards-compatibility, but the SS PS3 model could solve that problem. Console gaming, woot.

  • BababoI

    First, I’m a PC user. Second, who the bleepers care?
    Since day one I’ve been on nexus mods and even
    Fixed the memory/ graphic issue myself. People who
    play Elder scrolls game on a closed system as our
    consoles miss out on about 99% of all the cool stuff
    the mod community brings. A house in Skyrim?
    Please had that about a month before any official
    statement was given about Heartfire. Graphic bugs?
    Please took us a few days to fix, counting alpha hours.
    So Bethesda please step up your game so I don’t
    feel like giving you pity money as I will when all these
    small dlc hit Steam.

    • Offical DLC > Mods

      Comparing community driven mods to official DLC is like comparing what I write here to Dickens. Why aren’t the guys who create these mods employed by Bethesda? This is why PC gaming sux. No control. Could one not have a Gatling Gun introduced into Skyrim? That would make completing quests mindlessly easy, but where would be the satisfaction in completing quests? I guess that is why there are infinitely more cheats on PC versions of games than any other platform. Each to their own I say. I prefer to play my games exactly how the developers intended. No mods, cheats etc.

      • CJM

        Actually, they do employ modders. Todd Howard said so at Quakecon.

        • Yeah you’re right man, even batman works for them…

        • Bill

          Amusing, console gamer, trying to defend a closed platform– and making
          yourself look like a complete fool. You do realise that games
          developers are not Gods of Gaming Creativity? There a thousands of
          extremely talented individuals out there who have made and are working on some fantastic
          game-improving mods to Skyrim; such as the total Elder Scrolls 3 conversion (which is free). The game is enormously improved by the
          addition of mods. To say you don’t like the idea of open-games
          (controlled by suppressing modability) is pretty damn stupid and
          self-defeating– mods prelong the life of a game – because developers will only support a game for so long – by adding content, improved graphics and bug fixes. Yes, there are plenty of cheap mods; the PC now has over 10,000, and there are plenty of great ones. I personally prefer to use around 20 mods that subtly improve the game (for example an excellent mod which adds a unique female werewolf model, improved horses and one that makes only dragons much more powerful– because for me there should be a much wider gap in strength between say, giants, and dragons). There is however an excellent mod which adds a separate jungle zone and quests, which is graphically equal to any of the standard game.

        • I Have a PC too you know. I don’t play always on xbox360 or PS3. I managed this year to build a top notch computer that will enhance my gaming. No need for any further statement, so please take a look at my middlefinger :).

  • I have given up on any DLC that Bethesda releases doe Skyrim. As I read on another article since the game was not exclusive to one platform, it goes against Fair Trade regulations that the DLC comes out for some platforms and not others. All I know is that Bethesda has been bumbling excuses and not shown anything at all. On the other hand Sony has not done anything better to let consumers know what exactly is being done about the problem. In my view, they are both as guilty for the lack of information and transparency.

    • thyder91

      It also seems to be false advertising, since the back of Skyrim for PS3 specifically says “add-ons”.