PS Vita 1.81 update blocks new exploit

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2012

It looks like Sony are really taking no chances with their new handheld. After recently pushing out firmware update 1.80 for users which finally offered PS1 classics, the company has now issued a no nonsense security update to 1.81.

As like previous security and stability updates, the company has once again kept their statement to a bare minimum, leaving the community to ponder what the real meaning is behind the swift update. If you have been following the PS Vita underground scene recently, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Sony has issued this update to specifically block a new exploit which allows for custom tools and software to be used.

It turns out that users running the 1.80 update could once again gain access to the infamous VHBL exploit using the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite game on the PSN. Access had previously been available using similar exploits with MotorStorm and Everybody’s Tennis, with Sony promptly yanking them from the PSN store.

Monster Hunter has now suffered the same fate and we can confirm that 1.81 is a mandatory update so you’ll have to update your Vita if you want to make use of any online features on the system. This is the latest chapter in the ongoing cat and mouse game between the hackers and Sony, and there doesn’t appear to be any sign whatsoever of the pattern slowing down.

Sony’s own PlayStation Mobile software was also recently cracked open to allow desktop remote support, which then allowed users to play PC games and emulators on the Vita. The main priority for Sony is obviously to ensure that these exploits do not lead to direct PS Vita game piracythen it really would be game over.

So far, it hasn’t been managed, but it does seem like Sony’s days are numbered doesn’t it? If you have been interested in using custom software on your Vita, but have so far held off from installing anything, give us your latest reaction to the 1.81 update.

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  • John

    Well, I’m sticking with Sony and trying to support them. The only thing that sucks is that the Vita has so much potential and Sony just kinda holds everything back. The Vita does dumb things like allowing you to save images in the browser only as jpeg file type and then not allowing you to actually view the damn things because it’s not supported!

  • love d sushi

    I would agree and disagree about this. Disagree to the fact that you will buy again the games that you already have? For what reason? Comfortability of us playing PS1 games anywhere? Geez! Its already done in PSP! You want to play MHP3rd or MHFU on OLED screen so you will buy it for around $20? Why can’t they just make a UMD-convert-to-ISO program for gamers who bought the original UMD outright? They don’t need to rip loyal gamers. So in the end, people will end up hacking the device, and another merry go round will happen again.

    I agree with the update in a sense that HACKERS just STEAAAAAL the profits * AMEN to DAKKEN*. Darn that! In the end, everything will just be a hit on us, w/ us asking “Why is the device or the games on it are SOOOOO EXPENSIVE?”, or worse “Sony SHUTS DOWN due to PIRACY.”. Maybe you guys will give me a crap of “Then why the PC/XBox/DS survived all these years of hacking?”. Are you stupid? Its like you’re asking “Why is the music and movie industry here?” It simply because that there are these people who still love to buy the original games outright from a store. It just needs patience on where to look at the good deals. Hackers from the site I know (which still is operational and if you love firmwares, you know what devilish site I’m talking about), still buy original games, simply because of a gamer’s logic. We don’t want for the gaming industry to close, and we still support the games they produce by BUYING it.

  • Mikey

    You know it’s not just a security update, it also includes access to more PS 1 classics. WarHawk and Medieval that weren’t on the store before.

  • Wish they would let us have the best of both worlds if sony allowed it we would love them more for it

  • dakken

    they ruin it for those of us that actually do pay for what we get. personally im glad sony stays a step ahead of those washed up wannabes i to would help sony given the chance 🙂 no matter how smart those stupid piece of crap hackers think they are someone will always be smarter 🙂 but the ones that are smarter choose to use their skills for good. only the idiots use them for bad and then it blows up in their pathetic faces 🙂

    • So you don’t mind to have a 300 $ Gadget laying around the house and doing nothing spectaculare other then playing the Few good games that came out, and knowing that you could get more out of it for the PRICE you paid, like emulators, playing Pokemon like Back in the day (Ah sweet memories), apps and even more ? Seriously I support Hackers for what they bring us, I don’t support the fact of Cracked games and getting free games illegaly, but let’s face it, Sony riped us out of 300 $ and gave us a bag full of peanuts to help us wait for the next big thing wich will in the end be ? Original New made games ? Port-in from PS2-PS3 games ? Nahhh, a new update to allow us to have PS1 games on the console, yeahhh I can play old games on my Vita now and enjoy them on a smaller screen anywhere I go, even knowing that I could just play them on my PS3. Vita something that the PS3 doesn’t have and will never have, something exclusive.

      • dakken

        the newer games i play are a 100 times better than any glitchy emulated crap out there. lets put it this way what if u were smart enough to design your own gadget and created your own OS and it cost u millions to mass produce everything and then someone comes along and hacks your system suddenly that money u should be making u wont no more cuz whos gonna pay for a game now when they can just take it for free anytime they want. now the best developers that can make u the most money refuse to develope their best games on your system due to security issues. so now u stand to loose all that money u sink into your system and then some. japan has some of the best games that never see the light of day in alot of countries for good reasons. besides u use a custom rom on anything and u have to take some retards word that its clean. when all the time it could remotely feed information to someone u dont want having that info. so what u may think is so great can bit people in the ass. and whats to say that custom system isnt designed to ruin your equipment thats been know to happen as well. and then when that happens people go crying to sony that their device stopped working. geee i wonder why. besides emulated games are illegal and i dont pirate crap no more maybe in the past but i feel if someone works so hard to bring us nice products they deserve to be payed for their efforts. that goes for movies, music, and games. so u see not all people are the same.

  • Simon

    Why do people think game piracy = the end of the platform? DS hacked…..did it die no? PC has never ever not been hacked, still one of the strongest gaming platforms. 360 been hacked for years, does it affect sales? No.

    If people had actually read about this story they would have seen that this exploit ONLY allowed homebrew and had nothing to do with Vita games. This would have meant some really good emus on quite possibly the best system for emus. I loved my PSP as not only did i have my PSP games but i also had my megadrive and snes emu. Flashback on the move = massive win!

    • Kayoss860

      I don’t about you but the psp didn’t get developers support due to piracy. For the Nintendo DS, who do you think most of the consumers are?? The majority of the people who owns a DS are from the ages of 5-12. When the parents go out to buy a DS they don’t think about the piracy aspect of it because they don’t know about whereas when someone go out to buy a psp it usually people who are more into gaming (hardcore gamers if you will). These people know that exploit exist and have the know how to hack their psp. Same concept goes for the iPhone… Why hacking the iPhone haven’t kill it? Because the majority of the owners either dont care or know about the hacks. You have to look at the demographics.
      Homebrew and emulators are piracy. You are copying games owned by the developers and using it on an unlicensed device. I heard it so many times,people who claim it for homebrew end up exploiting the system for piracy.

      • Simon

        Please i dont believe you bought into the BS that piracy killed the PSP. It was always Sonys poor ass attempt at getting 3rd party support and bad AAA titles. Every console has been hacked and none have died due to piracy, well apperently just the PSP out of how many consoles in the last 10 years??

  • RonicXstyle

    It’s bad because i used to be one of them up till last year when I opened my eyes. seeing as how they have been ruining our chances of getting anything. I’ve decided to go against them. hell I’d help sony put an end to it if they’d let me.

  • saintfighteraqua

    It’s ridiculous how hackers are complaining about there being no support for these devices and the whole time they try to destroy the chances of more games being made by offering ways for pirates to steal games…

  • Vanessa_htog

    Yeah, me too :/ Too bad.

  • this sucks i was getting excited