Next Galaxy Nexus Verizon update isn’t Jelly Bean

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2012

After increased speculation that an official Jelly Bean for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus would be happening soon, users are still disappointed to see that there hasn’t been any movement in bringing the OTA update to their handset.

We told you at the end of August that a new build had been rolling out to handsets and although it was originally thought to be Jelly Bean, we’ve since heard that this was only available for test Galaxy Nexus handsets – not a full release for the public.

Galaxy S3 users ironically find themselves in the same boat, waiting on Verizon time and time again to give just a hint that an official update is coming soon. We do have news of an update that is due to land on the Galaxy Nexus in a few days time, but it won’t be the Jelly Bean update we’re hearing.

Instead, Verizon may be planning to roll out an OTA update for the Galaxy Nexus to fix problems regarding signal quality, when trying to use 4G LTE data. We’ve heard that the problem is so bad for some users, that they’ve had to request replacement devices numerous times, and it appears that Samsung and Verizon are now looking to eradicate the problem asap.

The guys over at Droid-Life have acquired a document which suggests that Best Buy are aware of an imminent software update to fix the 4G signal problems. It’s not Jelly Bean this time, but most of you will still be very happy that this issue is finally getting sorted out.

How is your Verizon Galaxy Nexus at the moment? Have you had to beg Verizon on customer service for a replacement device after experiencing these very same signal problems? What takes priority for you – Jelly Bean or a 4G signal fix first?

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  • GranzorMatic

    Looks like this here post is WRONG as the VZW update out now IS Jelly Bean. Nice play, Shakespear….

  • adam

    dear author,
    do you feel like an idiot now?

  • arun

    I got the jelly bean updated today on my verizon Galaxy nexus phone

  • matt

    Also it IS Jelly Bean

  • matt

    Got the update an hour ago!!

  • Just mod your phones to CM10 nightly. I have had it for over 2 weeks now and with the new modem software flashed, I get 1 to 3 bars of signal than I normally do everywhere in my city. support the mod community.

  • Rog

    Bought the Galaxy Nexus in June and have not had a working phone since. Continues to constantly drop the signal. Continually promised that a fix is coming. My wife had the same phone and it works perfectly. Has been very frustrating.

  • Jon

    Had my VzW GNex since December…rooted it, installed ICS as soon as it was available and have had Jelly Bean on it for many weeks. The phone is truly spectacular with a good ROM and kernel installed, and it’s SO easy with a Nexus phone like this. Wonderful device — just a major pity that VzW won’t make these great experiences available to the average customer.

  • theizzz

    Hopefully Google and Verizon are holding out on JB to suprise Verizon users with a release of KLP, BEST BIRTHDAY EVAR. high hopes lol.

  • cranston

    4G is unusable for me as it stands, so need that signal fix. Bought this second Nexus device as I appreciated the quick updates. Too bad I picked Verizon. I’ll be leaving them for once this next Note is released…

  • nexus

    I liken Verizon’s customer care philosophy to ones clearing of their
    sidewalk and patio of ant hills. When they become bothersome, they sweep
    them aside. Thunderbolt and Galaxy Nexus owners, case in point. They
    bother to think about the plight of the customer only as long as it
    takes them to bring the broom up for the next stroke.

  • I too have been disappointed with the Galaxy Nexus. I bought this phone because I was under the impression that new Google updates would be done quickly, so the intolerable wait for Jelly Bean is annoying. I’ve also had signal issues. My 4g Coverage is horrible and when it is working it is not nearly as fast as it should be. My phone also has issues with keeping the number screen up. For instance voicemail, when I try to press the numbers to enter my PIN number they screen goes blank then comes back and so on and so on… Very Frustrating, Now some of my letters won’t select while texting, I have to keep rotating the phone to complete a text message. Overall I’m very angry and with Verizon, if I go an upgrade I lose my unlimited data plan. GRRR…. Normally I’m a big supporter of Google and Verizon but Verizon has nickel and dimed me into switching carriers and Google is just letting me down.

  • Dallas

    I’m in the same boat as other regarding disappointment with the Galaxy Nexus. I bought the Nexus SPECIFICALLY for the quick updates. This just didn’t happen. I really don’t know if I will buy an android phone through Verizon again. Apple is starting to look better and better. At least there, you feel customer service is alive. And, to be honest, stock android sucks.

  • sawfoot

    I purchased a Verizon Galaxy Nexus the first week they came out and haven’t had any of those issues. I have a Nexus 7 with jelly bean it’s awesome! It will be nice to have jelly bean on my phone.

  • Sparky

    I would like to see the 4G signal fix first, but push out the Jelly Bean update soon there after. Come on, Verizon! I am really starting to regret my purchase of this phone through Verizon.

  • marcatdel

    Overall, love the phone and love the service. Sure, the phone has minor hick-ups from time to time but nothing earth shattering. I can live with out JB but I am still pretty excited about it. I am trying to stay positive and remind myself that I don’t have the whole story and Verizon must have a good reason for holding up the release but to be honest I’m starting to cave and my patience is wearing thin. I feel like a child by using the argument “…but everyone else has it” but its true.

  • bob

    i am starting to wonder if Verizon is not updating the Galaxy Nexus because they are trying to protect Apple i-phone5 sales, jelly bean rocks the house with improved updates why would anyone want an apple phone after getting Jelly Bean updates.
    (just saying)

  • larsfloden

    My wife’s Nexus would eat through the battery in about 4 hours if LTE was enabled. It was constantly switching back and forth and would hardly get an LTE signal. After switching it to only CDMA, it lasts a long time on the battery (all day, even playing games). It would be nice if they would fix that. The other issue is with dropped calls. Most people think this also has to do with the signal, but it isn’t. It is the sensor that tells the phone if it is up to your face, it sometimes thinks it is not and so the screen comes on and my wife’s cheek is right at the hang-up button. She watched it one time and it was flashing on and off, it couldn’t figure out if she was there or not.

  • My galaxy nexus has had excellent signal. But my friend’s galaxy nexus has lost signal right and left; we live in same area, same network, seemingly same phone, but have had quite different experiences with our connectivity. We do, however, have different phone plans on the network–I wonder if that makes any difference at all.

    I am very annoyed at Verizon’s super-late (and still pending!) release of Jellybean… What remotely reasonable reason is there for every other phone on every network (including Verizon!) getting the update before the Nexus phone??

  • mkstead

    I have been extremely disappointed with this phone. I would love to have Jelly Bean, but more importantly I would like I phone I can actually use. I wish Google would fix the issue for Verizon, since their engineers obviously can’t fix it.

  • nexus

    if everyone flooded Verizon with calls about jellybean as they have about the 4G problem, maybe it would come out faster.

  • gskill

    I bought this device because i thought it would get preferential treatment from google and verizon only to find out both lies. I really like the phone a lot but I have had many issues with the phone from 4G shutdown to phone foreclosures, these should have been fixed relatively quick. Samsung rolled out the S3 and google bought Motorola, and this phone has been forgotten. I have ordered an iphone5 for this reason, I am ok with the apple ecosystem and pumped about the support apple has for there devices.

  • marcos

    And that’s why I just ordered I iphone 5 I’ve had android since og droid came out customer service has declined over the years especially in the os update section got sick of having to do it myself since verizon holds on to those updates so they can add all that bloatware

    • Tman450

      If you had android that long… wouldn’t you know how to root and install any version you want manually? There are better versions than official updates anyway .

      • sanka

        Which update version would you recommend? I’m a little scared to do so, but I’m about to the point where I am willing to give it a try. If it doesn’t work, I can always revert back to the default version on the phone, right?

        • XDA Developers has a step by step program called GNex Tool kit v7.8 or use Wugfresh, read the instructions, as long as you backup your hardware and follow instructions you will be fine. Google Now is worth it by itself.

  • SvbZero

    Both Verizon & Samsung are a joke . No way should the first Galaxy Nexus offered.. still not have Jelly Bean!!! I’m sick of the way they’ve treated the many that bought into their “Nexus device will have the latest updates first lie”!!!