Galaxy S3 better than iPhone 5 on paper

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2012

We knew it wouldn’t take long for Samsung to respond to Apple’s iPhone 5 event and without wasting any time, Samsung has sent out a specs comparison flyer essentially reminding consumers that the Galaxy S3 is still the superior handset.

The Galaxy S3 is already available to buy right now of course, with the iPhone 5 expected to launch in the US and other selected countries on September 21st. Samsung are confident that their device already matches the new iPhone 5 in specs, but a new banner advert released by the company suggests that they actually have the better device on paper.

The Korean manufacturer has sent out the ad, titled ‘It doesn’t take a genius’, and compiled the list of main features offered by the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. As you can imagine, the ad favors the Galaxy S3 in a big way, although there’s no denying that some of the features on the Galaxy S3 do outweigh those offered on the iPhone 5.

For example, Samsung touts a bigger screen, bigger amount of RAM, bigger resolution, more standby and talk time as just some of the advantages that the Galaxy S3 has over the iPhone 5. There’s even a little dig thrown in there when Samsung references Apple’s new Lightning connector as ‘a totally different plug’.

While Apple’s iPhone 5 feature list stops at 13, as imagined by Samsung, the Galaxy S3 continues to list specs with a total of 27 – the last advantage being a removable battery on the Galaxy S3. There’s also another reminder that the new iPhone still doesn’t have NFC capabilities.

It will be interesting to see if Apple decides to respond to the ad once it goes live – we expect they will and it will be surprising given the recent animosity between the two giants if they don’t launch some sort of response. Check out the flyer for yourself and let us know what you think of it.

Do you agree with Samsung – is the Galaxy S3 the better device on paper? Get the latest on the Jelly Bean update here.

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  • Apple fans don’t realize Samsung makes money off every iPhone Without Samsung’s technology there would be no iPhone. Apple is Samsung’s biggest customer .
    The processor in every Iphone and IPad Is made bye Samsung lol

  • Elliott

    haha this is such a stupid advert. If iphone listed things like “palm touch mute pause” their list would be epic. The iphone lists their new tech upgrades not every single thing the phone does! If you want an imitation iphone then buy the samsung. While you’re at it buy a crappy mp3 player instead of an ipod and a cheap tablet instead of an iPad… (then pretend you’re not missing out)

  • anyone else notice how Smsung has included loads of software features that all previous android phones have ,whereas they only put the specs of the iphone…
    notice all the semi retarded comments saying that iphones users are the “sheep” and look at that list, no one can deny the galaxy is better, how about those people open there eyes and actually notice that Samsung has relied on their stupidity to not notice what the ad was doing…

  • Paul

    I’ve just come from using an iPhone 4 (not a 4S) into a Galaxy SIII and unless I’m not using it properly, the SIII is not up to it as a business phone. The battery is poor and the screen way too sensitive. It’s not user friendly at all to set up and does not organise text messages or emails well at all.
    Overall, for all the hype, I’m not impressed.

  • jordan0085

    i hate when people are clueless on specks and think that there phone is better just because it has a half bitten apple on it but 1 gig of ram is way different then 2 gigs i also get irritated when people call android phones droid phones there are droid branded phones with motorola but not every phone is a droid

  • Sunn

    Samsung No1! Wake up buddy. Pursuing consumers by Advertisement they are no 1. Quality can’t even compare to Nokia Lumia, more on iPhone.

  • Mike

    I agree with Wise cellphone user, 2 months ago I bought a Galaxy S3. Hoping it’s works better than by previous iPhone 4S. Well, every after lunch I have to look for power source to recharge, photo flipping always lagging and often hang and need to remove battery to restart. The worst, my screen is crack now (dropped from my pocket). Regret switching from iPhone.

  • fmafia

    Into verizon and get a rezound or razor thats still better for one hundred bucks

  • fmafia

    The iphone 4ss is a ripoff apple is way behind android far far That gs3 kills it so does the one x one s new evo even windows 920 gotta be crazy to wait in line for a phone that u can go

  • duh

    IPhone 5 what a joke there’s only 2 things worth mentioning it’s 4g finally and it grew not even full inch. That’s it wow so cool everything else is taken care of by updating to ios 6 such an amazing phone not really this should of been called iPhone 4XLT (XLT because it grew half a inch and has 4g) it gets no props for turn by turn direction when phones have been doing that for 5 plus years can’t remember when my phone didn’t have turn by turn its been a long time. So duh the Gs3 (galaxy s3) is better but that’s like saying a Ferrari is better then a Lexus it goes without saying.

  • Buglet

    Its only sheep that would be fooled by Apple,the galaxy s3 is the better phone,you can’t even replace the battery your self on the iPhone ,smaller screen,no NFC, no comparison.I have a Nexus 7 and have found Hallucinogen Bean and Google Now amazing,better than siri,when the Gs3 gets JB WOW.

    • toluco

      I’ve replaced batteries on iPhones. It’s not difficult.
      Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Still has to be usable in one hand. Barely anywhere has NFC in shops.
      Most of the points on the list (bottom half) are pointless little additions. Only notable points are S3 has better battery and more ram. If the iPhone was bigger it might have more allowance for battery power?
      Also iOS is better than Android.

      • User

        I live quite a distance from any major cities and It is uncommon for me to find a grocery store, Pharmacy or gas station (half of which accept it at the pump) that doesn’t accept NFC Tap-to-Pay. The only places that don’t already accept NFC payments are small hometown businesses, many of which don’t accept any credit card and those that do, process it over a dial-up connection.

        Also, a bigger phone is convenient and is my personal preference. Things are easier to read and buttons are easier to press. My phone has 4.3″ screen and many people who own an Iphone, or another smaller phone, tell me how nice it is to type on a larger keyboard after using mine. I would also like to point out that a phone this large is still comfortable to use with one hand.

    • Ro Atkinson

      I think it is a lot closer than it looks. I reckon the Galaxy just edges into the lead because of things like not having a stupid docking socket and being able to replace battery and back. Also some of the software features are pretty neat like that video window thing. iPhone does not compare too badly though. It may look worse on paper but iPhones perform really well. I’ve seen the bench marks and it is a close call between the two phones. Personally the Galaxy has it by a nose. The fact that it is affordable as well is the thing that is going to make all the difference.

    • you mean people who want a solid glass and metal product not made primarily from plastic that doesn’t depreciate to an eighth of its value on opening the box and has such high quality hardware that it is more powerful than products that are supposedly double the spec of it…

      • Dave

        iPhone is made in china (its made cheap). At suicide employees expense.
        Buying Apple helps strengthen Socialism/Communism.
        Samsung is Made in South Korea which is a democratic country.
        There products are amazing from Cellphone to the moat advanced smart TVs to WiFi Ovens even WiFi Washing-machines with access from your Android Smartphone; how you like them (envy) apples?

  • Ram

    I totally agree with the flyer. S3 rules. Even after so much patent restrictions by the Money sucking vampire (Apple), samsung still manages to provide a lot of new things to its users and that too at a much lower price. Iphones dont deserve the price tag they have. But the thing is that iphone is for idiots who dont understand technology, who have useless brains, and they think “if its costlier then it should be better”. Idiots will remain idiots.

    • why do these droid people get so angry when people buy Iphones. I dont see iphone people angry because of the 3000000 different droids out there. Apple is reliable and a functional app store. After people invest so much time in apps and music and simplicity of Iphone. Why would they need to change to droid and deal with well you already know constant updates, horrible downloads, horrible interface and constant crashing, not to mention having to run an app to stop the apps from draining your battery and an app to kill your app and an app to remind you about turning off your apps, and a app to prtoect you from viruses from other apps

      • Brad

        I believe android users get frustrated with people making Apple seem innovative for releasing Iphones with technology that other phones have had for a while (Iphone 4S, 5), then claim that it is the most advanced phone yet and point to some made up fiction about how android phones are bad as evidence. To me Its not so much anger as it is frustration and face-palm disappointment. Its like someone preaching on the street that elephants are bigger than the moon, and other people believing them and telling their friends who also believe it.

        Based on your criticisms It is obvious that you have been drinking too much of the Kool-aid and have no idea what the android OS is really like. It is comments like yours which get read by people who also have little to no experience with android and spread your uneducated fictions to more people, Perpetuating the lie.

        • Ro Atkinson

          Actually he sounds a lot like someone who had an Android phone a couple of years back. Or even last year. I reckon Android is getting there at the moment but all the same I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have a well supported device. If your device is left out in the cold by developers then you could have the most powerful phone on the planet and you would see a lot of the problems he is talking about. That is one of the reasons why I would most want to have a nexus. Unfortunately nexus is lacking in a few features that I consider to be essential. Galaxy is probably well supported enough to be just as good though I reckon.

        • Guest

          For all of u: I am a proud of owner of s3. And i love it. Its worth more than it’s price.

        • you say iphone defenders are the ones lying, have you seen the advert above, do you notice how samsung conveniently leaves out the software features of the iphone…

        • Ram

          For all of you: I am a proud of owner of s3. And i love it. Its worth more than it’s price.

    • useless brains hey… notice how you fall hook line and sinker for the advert which lists specs of both phones but software features of the Samsung phone only…

      • Those software features are listed because the iPhone 5 doesn’t really have any software “features” that the GS3 doesn’t have as well. It’s meant to point out how much more capable the GS3 software is over the latest iOS on the iPhone 5.

  • Practically NFC and down are all gimmicky features that are useless for most phone owners. NFC technology is far from present, and Samsung rushed to implement it with its device. Good luck using it at stores. S-Beam can only be used when the phones are right next to each other. S Voice is a Siri ripoff, and both are useless. Direct Call is not a feature but a gesture that saves you a second. Tilt to zoom is inferior to pinch to zoom and Samsung knows it. Gestures such as Palm Swipe Capture, Palm Touch Mute Pause, Turn Over to Mute, Shake to Update are not phone features. Really Samsung? That’s the best you could come up with. BTW, they left out many iOS features. Vector Maps. iCloud, to name a few.

  • yarrellray

    Honestly there’s no comparison who are we fooling. The Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the best smartphone on the market today. From a software standpoint the iPhone 5 can’t compare on his best day. Bottom line here samsung innovates and pushes the market to no bounds or Apple just retreads all products for basically people who have no knowledge of Technology un educated Simpleton’s.

    • squiddy20

      Says the moron who told me just a few days ago that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus was “bloatware filled” insulted me about being a “pitiful homosexual” (who the f*ck does that?), and couldn’t root his Verizon Gnex even after “looking into it” for several months. You belong right with those “uneducated simpleton’s”.

      • yarrellray

        Here we go again with this Internet troll @squiddy20. He spends a lifetime on Disqus responding to all my comments throughout various sites. What’s even funnier is he acting like he’s getting to respond to each and every comment. Man The job market must be pretty bad where you live. Your opinion means nothing to me never will go get a job or go buy a life if that’s possible. Your a pretty sad loser a total Internet stalker and troll. Kiss the back of my black ass…

        • squiddy20

          1. “He spends a lifetime on Disqus” Says the dope who has 2670 Disqus comments compared to my measly 439 (including this one). Whatever you say Richard. -_-
          2. “What’s even funnier is he acting like he’s getting to respond to each and every comment.” When have I ever “acted” like that? I only respond to your most stupid comments that make absolutely no sense, like this one. For 4 straight hours a few days ago, you went around posting Youtube links to every website that uses Disqus. I never replied to any of them. Try fact checking yourself before you open your ignorant little mouth.
          3. “go buy a life if that’s possible” Oh wow. You might actually be learning. For the 2 years you’ve used this pitiful little insult, you’ve never said “if possible”. Congratulations. But FYI, you really can’t “buy” a life.
          4. “Kiss the back of my black ass…” Soooo… your penis then? After all, the “back of your black ass” would be on the opposite side of your ass. Good lord you can’t even make a well reasoned insult. 3rd graders could do better. Try again next time.

        • yarrellray

          Yup 439 comments All mines you responded too throb face. 2670 over almost three great job on my part. I don’t hide behind fake names as you do Charlie…

        • squiddy20

          Hahahaha! Wrong again Dicky! Maybe if you checked your facts once in awhile, you’d find that I commented twice over at Phandroid just yesterday. That’s right, I was commenting at the very website you were banned from… 4 separate times…
          Also, 2670 is not “almost over 3”. It would take a block of my comments to get you over 3000. Good to know you can’t do basic math.

    • Ro Atkinson

      The Galaxy s3 reminds me more of the tricked out cars in fast and furious. I would say the iPhone is the ferrari here. It has the performance but that is about all it has. It is there looking pretty and being slim but the Gs3 seems to be introducing a lot of stuff that is actually useful that gives you options. The iPhone is slim on tricks as well as width.

    • says the guy with the android phone which is if he is lucky an eighth of the original price unlike iphones which sell for almost the buying price a year after its release.

  • stealthware

    S3 > iphone5

  • Samsung galaxy s3 the best phone in the world