Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean hoax becomes two month wait

By Alan Ng - Sep 15, 2012

After what appears to have now been a hoax a few days ago after an alleged ’60MB Jelly Bean’ update for the Samsung Galaxy S3, we now have a much needed progress report for you. Samsung has apparently sent out word that the official update will actually be happening in October instead.

To recap, we were sent a tipoff here in which a user claimed he had received a notification to update to Jelly Bean over in Germany. Having seen the sheer amount of comments from you telling us that you hadn’t received the update, it now looks like that could have been made up.

The reality now, is that the majority of Galaxy S3 users worldwide are still waiting for the Jelly Bean update, but we can tell you that Samsung has told CNET UK that the update will be happening in October. Unsurprisingly, there is no specific timeframe for when the update will be going live, although CNET are now running the story as a confirmed fact.

That obviously means that users now have another month to wait and some may be now tempted to install one of the various custom ROMS that are available. Samsung had promised at Mobile Unpacked in August that the update would be available soon, but did you expect that you would have to wait a further two months for it?

The company are notorious for being slow with their updates and consumers will really hope that this update situation doesn’t continue to drag out until the end of the year. Meanwhile, those planning to pick up the Note 2 won’t have to endure the same frustration as thankfully Samsung are including Jelly Bean right out of the box.

Presuming the news of an official update now happening in October is true, what is your reaction to this?

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  • stuey

    United Kingdom2012 September4.1.1 I9300XXDLI8I9300OXADLI8DownloadUnlockInfo

    looks like quite a few jellybean firwares on sam firmware the flash directly over ics using 3e recovery so no rom or root required

  • S3

    Probably another disinformation campaign sponsored by Apple.

  • pissedoffarmyguy

    this is retarded, i am noticing that both HTC and Samsung arent giving what they are promising and its gonna piss alot of customers off

  • AJC1973

    it seriously took you this long to realize and confirm that that was a hoax?? shocked and dismayed not in the fact that its a one month wait(not two) that it took you long to write about it. and then act like its new news. not only didnt you take a dreadfully long time to come to this conclusion your sensationalized it and said two months sept to october is one month…

  • kev

    just came from the dark side (apple), only last week. The Galaxy SIII is a big improvement on apples lack of connectivity options ICS seems fine to me only problem i have is Bluetooth its a little temperamental. All in all the SIII is an amazing phone with lots of features would be nice to connect to my network printer right out of the box without an app, cant wait until Jelly Bean comes out should be even better. I Say lets wait and let Samsung do their thing and get it right….

  • Michael Fawcett

    So a phone that came out in May has to wait 5 months for an update? Really is that such a problem?

  • Moon

    I think samsung is losing their trust in public. They may be planning to come up or launch something unbeatable but same time their customers who were loyal to apple and those who were reconsidering to move to Samsung apparently losing trust from the brand. If this is how it goes, I won’t recommend any of my friends or colleagues.

    • super guest

      wow you are really whining, the phone has not been out that long, they want the update to make the phone better not screw it up, its great with ics, have patience, think about it, how many android phones have been ruined by rushed updates

  • Z

    You really need to research your stories… Samsung are currently working on JB and a number of “leaked” versions are currently being heavily tested by real users. This is identifying bugs long before the general userbase gets it. Resulting in a much better version at official release… Better to get it right than rush it out of the door. It’s called “quality”.

  • Vigun

    I hope Samsung waited for the launch of Iphone 5 and also to see the features of Ios 6 …. so after that we all will get a best Jelly Bean Android update packed with lots more ….

  • galaxy s3

    this sucks b$lls i made the move from an iphone to this…i cant connect my galaxy s3 to my macbook pro..i have to use wireless connections which so slow and an upgrade is taking forever

    • SamsungFTW

      Sorry you can’t connect to your Macbook Pro, but my guess is this is more Apple’s doing than Samsung’s. Apple is known for intentionally making their devices much more compatible with each other than anything else. The point is to lock you into an ecosystem you cannot escape from.

      • Roderick

        My galaxy s3 works just fine on my macbook pro. What are you attempting to do?

    • nateynuclear

      this is because Apple blocks and doesn’t play nice with certain Android devices intentionally (Samsung Devices in particular). Use Kies or AirDroid and all you’re problems will be solved.

  • parkesed

    It’s not really a bad thing having to wait a little bit longer. my s3 is pretty impressive with ics. Rather have 1 major perfect update than having lots of fixes after. Hats off to Samsung for such an amazing device

  • derp

    It wasn’t a hoax. I got the update as well. Even screen shotted it to have proof. It was just an update to 4.0.4

  • brod

    Ics works fine on my gs3 but would love to experience zero lag of project butter.. Jelly bean is surely going top ios. .. So hope the wait is worth it!!

  • 1232nayl

    This is where Apple can still justifiably claim to have an advantage over Android. Samsung are not helping by taking so long to sort out this update. I love my S3 but am frustrated with this wait.

    • FlyingsCool

      I’m sure a lot of the delay is due to the Apple patent disputes and changes Samsung is making to accomodate the patents.

  • BadBoyKane

    I’ll probably root and install a custom Rom on mine now. Samsung make goose phones but they are known to always take forever on updates, wouldn’t surprise me if October came around and there was yet another delay of some kind.

  • Dave

    I am waiting impatiently for the JB update as I have problems with the bluetooth which seems to be an ICS problem, also S voice can crash when using the bluetooth. If it weren’t for this I would be more than happy with ICS, the phone is great. If Samsung would sort out this problem, and it is a known problem, then I would be happy to wait for JB.

  • Barry Freeman

    Personally, I’m not too fussed. ICS works fine, the phone works fine. I haven’t seen another ROM that’s tempted me to root and flash.
    Would be nice to have the extra performance from JB, but really? IS it worth all this whining? I’d rather have Samsung test to perfection (not that it won’t have bugs, I suppose) than have something which has to be hotfixed and patched afterwards

    • I’ve rooted and flashed a few of the leaks and roms…my advice, wait…

  • en.c

    Probably trying to work around the many ridiculous software patents that should never have been awarded to Apple.

    • Mark

      Help, I will be coming from an iPhone 4s, so I’m a TOTAL newbie. Simple question, If I buy a S3 locked to Rogers (I live in Toronto), will I be able to get the JB update as soon as it’s released? If yes, how sure are you? If no, then when do you think I’ll be able to get one? Another question if no, would there be a way around it (IE rooting and downloading)? Thank You

      • you wont be disappointed with ics, jellybean is not that big a step up an dyes, you will get it careful tho’, if you use the s3, you will scoff at apples…

  • GSTR21

    Its a real shame that us that rushed out to but this rather expensive phone have to wait. And now samsung is providing JB on the note 2 from stock! It really should not have taken this long. Come on samsung get your act together!

    • Adam Koueider

      The NOTE 2 is coming out in OCTOBER the S3 Jelly Bean update is coming out in OCTOBER. See the resemblence. Of course technically this has to be true a 4G LTE Quad COre 2GB RAM version of the S3 is coming out in AUSTRALIA on the 26th of September with JELLY BEEN from stock so….