Next Skyrim DLC makes PS3 Dawnguard difficult

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2012

At the end of another week, it would have been nice to give you some positive news regarding the PS3 release of Dawnguard for Skyrim. Sadly though, there’s still no good news to report, with Bethesda now saying that the release of Hearthfire for PS3 may complicate things further.

Pete Hines has been the main communication point for disgruntled fans and unfortunately, he’s had to endure a fair amount of abuse over the missing first expansion on PS3. In his latest round of answering questions from fans, Hines revealed that the team are still working on the issue and that they don’t have a new update other than what they released during PAX.

However, there was a new twist in the plot to tell you about, as Hines also revealed that releasing further DLC on the PS3 would complicate the situation even more with Dawnguard. Having said that, he also gave a glimmer of hope to one user by saying that he remained ‘hopeful’ that the problem would eventually be solved.

Have you now accepted the fact that Dawnguard may never release on the PS3 and have moved on to other games? Or are you still frustrated on the original lack of communication and assumption that both Dawnguard and Hearthfire would release 30 days after Xbox 360?

Now that the company has said that releasing Hearthfire would complicate things, that does suggest that we won’t be getting Hearthfire on time either – if there even was a set time. It’s a shame how things have turned out, especially since the majority of the amazing DLC packs for Oblivion worked without a hitch on PS3.

Are you still holding Bethesda responsible for this, or have you eased up on your original aggression?

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  • Nelson

    Xbox players get to have fun on dawnguard and now with this new DLC Heartfire as well. Meanwhile ps3 players like myself are stuck waiting with the frustration that bethesda has gotten it all wrong for us. the 30 release period after Xbox is looking closer and closer to 90 days. if Bethesda cant get dawnguard working while then at least they could get the new DLC Hearthfire working for us.

  • ben

    im building a monster gaming computer so the heck with that just gotta be patient and save my money because even in another 6 months they probally still wont get the dlc’s on the ps3

  • sagacity1g

    more than likely, it seems that they are putting their efforts into the new mmo they are trying to make and put dawngaurd on the back-burner. if they really want to make it up to ps3 users, the next time they decide to come out with ANYTHING, they should make it available to ps3 users 6 months before they release it on any other format…

    • Stupid Sagacity1g

      You’re mentally retarded or lack basic reading comprehension. Bethesda isn’t making TES:Online.

  • Tristanf

    I’ve moved on and bought The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition for my PC. Really regret not buying Skyrim for the PC, but the one i owned at the time of release would not have run it. Now i have an updated PC, but can’t justify paying the money all over again, and investing the 450+ hours (over 2 characters) all over again. Maybe one day when i see a PC version of Skyrim (GOTY?) in a bargain bin i might come back to it, but i am over this. Bethesda have really disappointed me in the way they have managed this.

  • I moved on to other games MONTHS ago, before Dawnguard was actually announced. I’m playing Mass Effect 3 right now. But as soon as these DLC hit the PS3, and they absolutely will, I will buy them and I will play them.

  • Criddy420

    Bugthesda ASSUMED that players would be blown away by this vast land of Skyrim and so Todd Howard came up with the DLC release strategy of ‘we dont know what its gonna be yet, but it will be in small releases that improve the game’. I want well thought out expansions (Shivering Isels anyone?), not useless bits of crap to make the game ‘seem better’. Horse Armour comes to mind when I think of Hearthfire, and Dawnguard for that matter. Who the hell wants to look at the same map for hundreds and hundreds of hours, no matter how big it is. I want new map areas. Plain and simple, not useless add-ons that do nothing except let me pretend im a vampire lord or family man…lame dudes…very lame…

  • Anonymous;

    Well i believe Microsoft may be paying Bethesda to not give us the dlc and using stupid ass excuses to hold us off.

  • BB41476

    It’s so sad that the lives of this many people seem to revolve around one game and whether or not an expansion comes out.

    • Boggles the Mind

      What’s sad is the horde of angry anon emo teens, who feel like they are entitled to something, and demand law suits and refunds (which they have no founding or ground for mind you), all of which are just following suit with mob-mentality.

      They didn’t buy the game for the DLC. If they did, they are lying outright. They bought the game for the game. DLC is a bonus to expand upon the game, but they got their moneys worth from the game right out the gate.

      Right now all these blind PS3 fanboys are crying just because they thing it makes them seem cooler. Blaming Gates (who retired 4 years ago mind you), blaming Microsoft who stands to gain nothing at this stage in the game’s life cycle by suppressing content further because a significant majority of people aren’t going to buy a new system and game to experience smaller additional content in a game they already own in another system (which is the ONLY way they can benefit from it), or thinking this is some elaborate conspiracy from Bethesda.

      People crying and complain with these inept excuses are just profoundly retarded.

  • Okay, first of all I would like to appologize to every PS3 user, for my missunderstanding of the situation in regards of these DLC’s. It is realy a shame that you guys can’t get hands on, on something you were promised and wich was for most people a “big draw when they bought it” – Hybrid_Sausage. I’m still a playstation User in the first place, and the PS3 got amazing potential for gaming. They could and SHOULD have released, from scrap Skyrim on PS3 instead of porting-in. They knew it ain’t going to work, they knew it will screw-up, they did it for saving a couple of 1000$, I hope when Hearthfire will be ready for release, they will release Dawnguard in the same packaged for a discounted price, because it would be seriously ridiculous paying extra money for something that was supposed to come out months ago, they know we can sue them, but they know we won’t because we WANT THAT DLC.

  • Brutus

    I agree false advertisement!!! the DLC to an already vast open world is what made me want to buy the game. I would completely forgive bugsedea if they would refund my 70.00 I payed for the game, and just admit that they made a mistake and will never port a game like this again. As it stands now, i will never buy or play another beth product they can take the elder scrolls mmo and shove it right up microsofts ass.. FF14 online will be out soon. Square has already proved that they will listen to their customers, and do what it takes to give them the games they want and are commited to fixing their mistakes before moving on to other projects. When i say false advertisement it is true if they do not produce the DLC promised they can be sued. Have you noticed that the new games that are coming out i think the new resident evil even says in their add that Xbox will get exclusives to the DLC. They are covering their ass as they even see the potential of lawsuits that may come from Bethsedeas false advertisement…..Not waiting on this anymore will spend my money on other things…Over it….

  • Let me preference this by stating I am an older business
    owner/operator and I deal directly with the public (my customers) every day not
    hiding behind closed doors on my twitter account. When Skyrim was released I
    had a choice either upgrade my older 4GB 360 (never really cared for the
    controller) or buy a PS3, obviously I chose the latter which I would have not
    done if Bethesda had been forthcoming with issues from the start. It’s not the
    content or lack of it in the DLCs, it’s principle. I bought their product and a
    new system to play it on because they stated on the packaging further content
    would become available just as the Xbox package disclosed. I finally became so frustrated
    this week and bought a 250GB 360 and a new copy of Skyrim. I feel at this point
    PS3 owners deserve compensation, yes we had a choice but Bethesda was not
    honest and still nearly a year after its release refuse to openly disclose the
    exact problems or even if any future content will ever be released on the PS3. If
    I sold inferior product under false pretences I would have had every customer
    in my store demanding a refund long ago! On a side note; in just a couple of
    hours of play time on the 360 version I have encountered as many glitches as in
    my several hundred hours on the PS3.

  • ThePatron

    It’s bad enough that skyrim is better on PC due to console commands and mods plus the fact that ps3 has to wait behind xbox but now your denying people who went out bought your product for $60 or more dlc to expand upon their gameplay to top this off a lot of people don’t have enough money to spend $60 again for xbox or pc game and they might not have a xbox or a comp that they can play games on all in all either refund money or make a dlc that only Pc and ps3 owners can purchase….seems simple to me

    • PatronDerp

      I think it’s simpler to call you an idiot. Because you are one. I had this detailed and thought out explanation of why, but judging by your post, you’d never understand. Just kill yourself.

  • cameron

    It’s not Bethesda’s fault the PS3 was designed so poorly. I’m selling my PS3 and investing into my pc. screw this

    • HomicideJack

      Are you stupid? The PS3 was properly designed, it’s Bethesda’s fault for porting the game, instead of coding it for the system from the start.

      • HomoJack

        You’re so stupid it hurts my head just thinking about it. You’re so ignorant and inept. The PS3 was such a broken system long before it hit the shelves.

  • Jordo_Orc

    I am with hybrid_sausage…. i bought it thinking “sweet dlc will be a fun addition to this game” dawnguard seems exciting cause of the dragon weapons but i was digging the hearthfire build a home add on ( i play skyrim like life and sleep and stuff) so it seemed cool! well i hate to say it but xbox 360 is on my b-day list for october…..

    • Don’t Let M$ Win

      Then Microsoft wins and further ports to PS3 will occur. If more sheeple just go out and buy XPoxes, then companies like Bethesda cannot be blamed for designing games for the inferior console. Wait until the Last of Us is released and you will see what can be achieved when the limitations of the XPox do not need to be navigated by game developers. I am just concerned for Fallout 4 as I prefer the Fallout series to TES, even though I own all games from each. What I need is the PS4 to outsell the 720 and then Bethesda/Zenimax may change their allegiance to designing for PS and porting to XPox.

  • Fry-Guy

    How about this, as a kind of thank you for your patience to PS3 users. Scrap Dawnguard for PS3, follow through with HearthFire, THEN with the sony team you apparently have helping fix the dawnguard issues, make a PS3 exclusive Downloadable content, similar to say a questline like Dawnguard, but not along the lines of Dawnguard, something unique to the skyrim world, I mean if they are going Vampirism and Werewolves, why not through Zombies at us PS3 users. Like a real Plague of zombies, that if not taking care of over time could destroy skyrims population for the worse, so taking care of towns and villages, and say transporting survivors to the fortified walls of Solitude, Windhelm, Whiterun, or Riften. It could be genious under the right light.

  • Armored Trolls LOL

    I sold my copy of Skyrim yesterday. I put at least 300 hours into it with my 2 characters, and it got boring. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s the way Bethesda handled this whole situation that rustled my jimmies. Communication beyond, “we have nothing new to say” is hardly an update. I’m still going to buy Bethesda games, just none of the dlc for Skyrim if any comes out. They really dropped the ball on this one, and don’t deserve any more of my money when it comes to anything Skyrim related. If they release a GOTY of it, I’ll buy that used. They won’t see another dime from me if it involves Skyrim. Kinda sucks because I love the game. It’s a real shame Bethesda didn’t think this through before releasing it.

  • demonblade

    Chances of being cancelled 97% chances of getting Dawnguard 3% chances of getting Hearthfire 0%

  • jkinse85

    I mean, what else can we do about the situation? Leave comments to Pete Hines Lmafo like he cares about what we PS3 user’s think or even post about it. He has already made his money from Microsoft, and Sony is just the “food stamps” under his boot. I know most XBOX users comment just buy an XBOX but most of us are way too far into the game to even consider that line of action. Im a fan of Skyrim and Elder Scrolls but Bethesda and Pete Hines can kiss my F**KING A$$

  • Loneranger

    If it doesn’t release I have plenty of time and money to sue them for false advertising on the box says clearly add on so it’s a win situation for ps3 users

    • Truth

      You’re either mentally retarded, or completely inept when it comes to advertising law. You aren’t entitled to anything. Nor are other PS3 users. I doubt Beth will leave you hanging completely over this, but they aren’t obligated to give you a single thing. Plus, the box doesn’t say specifically what DLC will be available and when. They can shut all you retards up simply by putting out some silly DLC like profile portraits and be completely justified.

  • Kim

    If Bethesda isn’t to blame, then who is?

    They have false advertising on their Skyrim PS3 box, so all PS3 users who bought it could potentially file a class action suit against them, right?

    So Bethesda asked Hines to stall the issue as long as possible so they can either fix the problem or sell enough PS3 games to cover the legal fees and a settlement.

    Skyrim PS3 should be taken off the shelves.

    • Kim Derp

      Wrong. If you weren’t as stupid and ignorant as you are, i’d suggest going to law school to learn just how wrong you are.

      • kim

        Wow, what crawled up your ass this morning?

        What is stupid and ignorant about asking a question? If you have anything constructive to say to inform me, please do, I’m always eager to learn.

        Otherwise, keep your fingers in your pockets and join an anger management program.

  • trancestyle

    I know what would happen to Peter Hines If I owned Bathesda right now – I’d fire he’s ass and put every worker there who’s working on Skyrim on a formal verbal warning that if they don’t wake up, smell the coffee and get to give what Playstation 3 gamers want, they’d be fired too.

    And I would apologize to Sony as well as give them compensation.

  • i am so disappointed in bethesda for they’re lack of decent programming on the ps3 i understand trying to port 1 game to all consoles thus saving time and money however in doing so you have released a barely playable game!!! I SPENT $200.00 ON skyrim collectors edition for the ps3 and have had nothing but problems with it i think bethesda needs to refund the players they’re money or remake it for the ps3 with a heavy discount to the players

  • IchiYamamoto

    I am still clutching on to the hope. There has to be DLC. Either way, I find myself searching through google news for anything related to Skyrim.

  • Dan Smith

    Sod Hearthfire, if I wanted to play the Sims I’d play the Sims.

  • Troll

    Lol ps3 sucks nuts

    • BetterTroll

      I’m sorry, let me guess, you’re a Gaybox 360 player?

      • Failtroll

        Regardless of what he is, at least he’s right.

  • at this point Dawnguard better be bundled at half the price with Hearthfire. If none of it is released, then time to call the suits.

    • Henry Derpigo

      Or call a doctor to explain to you just how inept and ignorant you are.

  • Josephc

    it funny that a pc user can make a better mod in less time than Bethesda and with less issues i have the ps3 and skyrim and theres quest that i still cant complete like regain the pale or join the theives

  • Corey

    Gotta say I was angry at first of Bethesda not releasing Dawnguard for the PS3, since I am a PS3 owner, but my one friend has it on his 360, and I gotta say, besides crafting your own arrows, the dragonbone weapons and arrows, and the crossbow, there’s nothing exciting about it, it isn’t worth the $20 that they charge for it, and I’ve always seen Hearthfire(my friend also has it), everything that’s in that DLC is nothing short of useless, safe to say I’m kind of glad that Bethesda hasn’t released any DLC on the PS3 yet, seems like a waste of time and money.

  • Thrash

    These “complications” are a joke, no one is wanting two DLC in one hit. If there were that many “Complications” get Dawnguard ready, release it and then fix Hearthfire. Seriously if there were that many bugs in PS3 version of Skyrim to begin with why release a disaster piece in the first place? Fix your s*%t Bethesda and gimmie my medium armour, pauldrons and complicity in a game, not everyone is simply minded. screw it i’m going to playing Guild Wars 2.

    • Truth

      not everyone is simply minded”

      But at least we now know you are. Have fun with GW2.

  • Sam

    Acceptable, moved on, stopped playing. Will be playing sleeping dogs and fifa 13 till gta v comes.

  • Reddead40

    Forget dawngard just give us hearhfire b4 30 days that may help.


    I was frustrated, but now I’m not. Bethesda has developed great games and I’ve always been a supporter. This can’t be easy for them, and I don’t just mean the DLC. I’m talking about their jobs, and the fact that their jobs, families, and lively hoods may very well be on the line for flopping the PS3’s DLC so hard. The DLC isn’t what is important right now, I hope the development team the best, and send them my best wishes.

    If we really love Bethesda’s games we should be supporting the developers when they’re down instead of acting like enraged video game addicts.

  • soulsrage

    they should look at updting the ps3 instead of changing dawngaurd. its occured to me that i havent gotten one ps3 update since they’ve been trying to fix it meaning it cant hurt to try, plus the ps4 is coming out so its not sony’s only focus to fix some thing on what will soon be an out dated sytem. the ps4 is comin out in 2013 ppl, dont blame bethesda… blame sony they gotta work on to systems now… and if ps4 cant take ps3 games im not buying i said ps3 need to update the system… why do you think xbox was able to take it. its simple really. they update there system at least once every 2 month and sometimes more.seeya ppl Revak-grohiik out ( sacred wolf )

    • Dan Smith

      Is the ps4 coming out? Since when?

  • a guy

    No offence but there are like 30 articles out about dawnguard not being released due to hearthfire and alot of people stopped caring about dawnguard (not all for you thumbs down spammers )

  • just apologize and tell us the truth bethesda ….will it be released ? yes or no dont break our balls

  • RC

    Its gonna be canceled, its just to obvious. To many complications and everything will ultimately delay it and finally they will end up saying. “We give up”. This makes me and Tons of other ps3 users out their bad. Screw bethesda.

  • HeathwhatDawnwho

    I feel from both Bethesda and PS no one has grabbed it by the reigns and dealt with the issue of it not working within a set time frame a good set of programmers could of re-rit the dlc in the time frame we ps users have been waiting,both companies have had more than enough time to sort this out all we are getting is fobbed off,if you were running either company you`d be asking questions of your employees can you do your job, Bethesda releases another dlc and i really think that is bad business being decisive would of been better from the start saying its not compatable and ps users aren`t getting dawnguard or heathfire end of we move on!!!

  • tomtom

    I think they should just release both dlc’s on a disk, like they did with oblivion’s game of the year edition, it’d probably make everyone happier and bethesda’s contract with microsoft won’t have to back fire 🙂 common sense people, common sense, doesn’t take a geeky genius to work it out -.- LMFAO

  • casper13rocks

    stuff heathfire it looks like a total waste of time and money theres 5 houses to own + all the factions to sleep and store things theres nothing new in it from reports so who cares dump heathfire we want new content with new things to do and find ffs are bathesda morons just get dawnguard out ffs this beyond a joke

    • Thrash

      Should have got the PC version. Fan made stuff is the best and always on time. 🙂

  • Hybrid_Sausage

    I accepted a long time ago that PS3 would never get Dawnguard, and frankly I’m not that bothered (its only one DLC). But if PS3 won’t get any DLC’s because of these “complications”, then Bethesda need to refund our money. On the Skyrim box, it clearly states that there is add-on content available, and was a big draw for me when I bought it, having never played a TES game before Skyrim. The ability to continually add to this already amazing world was tantalizing. If it turns out no add-ons will make it to PS3, then Bethesda misold their product.
    Also, fair play by Pete Hines to try and respond to tweets by angry users. Some of the tweets sent his way have been repulsive. We are all disappointed and annoyed by this situation, but insulting and verbally abuse Pete Hines won’t make any difference, and could actually make this worse.

    • Just my two cents: Dawnguard isn’t that great. It’s not worth the $20 bucks, and you’re better off without it. The only reason I keep it installed is dragonbone weapons and arrows. And yes, I’ve completed it, aside from the 360 achievements. It’s very drab compared to the content already in Skyrim, and it’s basically an attempt to cash in on the whole “Vampire/Werewolf” trend that Twilight’s made profitable. Hearthfire isn’t much better. Building a house is a waste of your time and coin as you cannot build a house that has everything in one place anyway, forcing you to go back to what you probably already do: go to Whiterun to craft, sell, etc. I’ll put it this way; I’m playing Oblivion again.

    • Kim

      I agree it’s not his fault that Skyrim on PS3 can’t get DLC. That’s a dev issue, not PR. However his job IS public relations, and the lack of information and transparency on his part has caused this entire issue with users. He failed to inform PS3 owners of Skyrim that DLC would not be readily available after the 30-day exclusivity period. A simple “While Xbox users enjoy Dawnguard, we are working diligently to provide the best experience possible for PS3 owners” on day 31 or 32 would have avoided 95% of this entire fiasco. He needs to be fired, like the guy who chose to port Skyrim to PS3 instead of developping for that console from the start. They cut a corner, now they’re the ones bleeding.

    • MisterNutjomes

      they didn’t miss sell because all games say that and it wasnt advertised DLC WILL COME ever in trailers so you can take that to the bank and remeber to reseach advertising laws next time

  • They’re doing the best they humanely can. Fast delivery but bad produce is bad business. Slow delivery but quality produce is good business. Bethesda has been associated with quality, so I don’t mind waiting for another while. There is a lot more to gaming life than Skyrim, but that does not mean I won’t play the DLC when it finally comes out.

    • casper13rocks

      quality fuke man they should be called glitchthesda evrything is rushed out and fixed l8r oblivion still has unfixed glitches

      • Magus

        I believe there is already a term for this, and it is bugthesda.

      • capser derps

        When they see people like you posting. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t really have half a damn to care. You’re obviously mentally challenged and require professional assistance.