iPhone 5 pre-order fever with Apple Store down

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2012

iPhone 5 pre-order fever has officially begun. Apple are due to take pre-orders for the iPhone 5 at around 12.01 pacific time and we can now confirm to you that the Apple Store down is now down globally, to make preparations for the big event.

The question is, are you excited about it and do you have your credit card at the waiting? If you are planning to get one as soon as the Apple Store comes back online, it is going to be an anxious wait as not everyone will have the chance to order one.

Initial stock is usually snapped up in a matter of minutes, with Apple frequently revising their shipping dates as customers buy as many units as they can – some to buy and sell straight away, some to obviously keep. At the time of writing, the Apple Store is down in the UK, US and the Hong Kong store, so get ready to press that refresh button on more than one occasion.

Aside from the iPhone 5, there is also going to be the first opportunity to buy the new iPod Touch and Nano, which Apple are starting prices at $299 and $149 respectively. It is all about the iPhone 5 though and for those that are asking – we are presuming that Apple will allow a maximum of two iPhone 5 orders per credit card / Apple ID.

It’s a shame there’s no exact time for when the Apple Store will come back up again, but that is where the excitement is right? Let us know if you are playing the refresh game right now, credit card in hand ready and waiting.

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  • abishan

    ordered !! wooohooo

  • Perspective

    I was up for this then I watched an oxfam presentation on African Ethiopian famine, saw some child starving to death and wondered if he’d watched apples keynote on iPhone 5 and ordered his. Decided to keep my iPhone 4 and send some money to buy food instead.

  • bryan

    Order with the Iphone app!! SOO MUCH FASTER!!! and at&t still isnt letting me buy one!

  • richdean1989

    Ordered mine yay 😀

  • Ben

    Ordered mine form the apple store app on iphone. Try that!!!!

  • Still no Buy Me button for HK Apple store

  • al

    tried to buy from my phone it is still loading for about 10 minutes now, no luck on website

  • sadisticapethy

    f5 button getting a work out