iOS 6 and old iPhone satisfaction

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2012

While it’s fair to say that a lot of consumers are going crazy about the iPhone 5 as it prepares to go on sale in a few hours time, there’s also a fair amount of opinion that Apple hasn’t done enough this year to justify a purchase.

Anticipation for the device couldn’t have been helped either by the fact that essentially ALL of Apple’s spec reveals were leaked prior to the event taking place – minus one or two exceptions. The new iPhone isn’t cheap either if you plan to buy off contract and considering that many consumers are still locked down to their current 4S contract with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, Apple may not entice as many fans into their new iPhone as before.

With that said and done, how many of you are simply going to pass on the iPhone 5 this year and just keep your iPhone 4 or 4S until Apple’s next refresh? After all, there isn’t too many groundbreaking changes this time around and you’ll still get a portion of the new features via the iOS 6 update which will hit the iPhone 4 and 4S on September 19.

That is two days before the iPhone 5 is due to launch, so it gives you a further opportunity to test the new software and make up your final decision on whether the iPhone 5 is worth it or not. A lot of consumers expected NFC and wireless charging to be two new hardware features of the device, but it didn’t happen and the biggest attraction that we can see is just the design change and the new claims of it being ‘the thinnest smartphone in the world’.

The Apple Store is down at the moment while it prepares for the imminent influx of crazed shoppers. Are you going to be one of these consumers looking to pick up the device first, or are you still satisfied with the iPhone 4/4S running iOS 6 and will skip the new device this year?

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  • PunjabiSoorma

    Have the 4s, and stuck with it b/c of my contract till next year. The main difference between the 4s and 5 is LTE in the new model, which Sprint doesn’t even offer in my city yet. So no real difference between the 4s and 5 for me. Also the 720p Facetime camera wouldn’t even benefit me, it’s meant to benefit the person on the other side of the call so they can see the iPhone 5 owner more clearly.

  • Existing iPhone owners can actually get it for $450. Just sell your 4S, and the iPhone 5 would be a great deal.

  • Ashley

    I’m happy with my 4s nothing ground breaking to worth spending £600 on

  • Martin

    I like my iPhone4. For starters I use it for radio around the house and it stands on its side neatly (although a little wobbly!). A thinner model will not stand up.
    Oh, and cost of new equipment whilst I have nearly a year left on my current agreement means i will not be changing anytime soon.

    • Marcus

      You do know that the speaker on both the iPhone 4 and 5 are located at the bottom of the phone. Thus standing it on its side has no impact on sound quality, you can just leave it lying flat on its back.

  • I’m on the iPhone 4 and it’s going to stay that way or the moment, I’m always at least a model behind the most current because I never feel I can justify the expense. That said, the price the 4 and 4S will become makes them very attractive to people who don’t have an iPhone at all at the moment and that tactic can only make Apple more money. It’s all win win in the Apple camp I would say.