Samsung Galaxy Note 2 orders without exact date

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 12, 2012

Over the last week we’ve seen a few Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release dates thrown around, and in most circumstances they’ve been placeholders for pre-order pages, which a few of our readers hated the idea of ordering a phone without an agreed shipping date at checkout. The most any website has done so far is give a rough launch date, which stood a good chance of changing.

If you’ve been looking to order the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the UK then you might have found a website called Clove, which we touched on last week and mentioned their pre-order price that some blogs claimed had been confirmation for the UK. This hadn’t been the case and we quoted the red warning at checkout, which explained the price is basically a placeholder and rough estimate.

Today we’re hearing about another website delivering the Galaxy Note 2 to UK customers, and this time it seems that the £544.98 price is correct and comes with free insurance, delivery, and also a handset that works on any network. You can see the product page here on Unlocked Mobiles, which is quoting an expected release date of October 15 and even offers a phone number for UK buyers with questions.

Our United States readers have seen leaked images hinting at the Galaxy Note 2 seeing a launch on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. This had been followed up with some scaremongering towards those people that wanted the device on Verizon Wireless, which seems pretty pointless considering it also looks like Verizon will get the Galaxy Note 2 as well.

Would you order the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 without an exact date? Some people think that you’d be crazy to do such a thing, while others see making a pre-order without a release date as just helping you be one of the first to receive the Galaxy Note 2, which should also mean no money is taken until the phone is shipped. Do you have a preferred carrier for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

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  • gjx she

    i will have to think twice about the preorder….but i will buy it on the spot when i see it in t-mobiles store…love the s3 and will be loving to have the note 2!!! If tthe preorder helps make it faster for the note 2 to get into the usa, i won’t mind preordering the big note 2.

  • Captain Scarlet

    Don’t think I will preorder as with the first Note it was quite a bit cheaper to buy after launch from the German amazo site than the uk one. Hoping the same will apply to Note 2, as the saving will pay for the extras. But then I do want the 64GB model.

  • ע