PS3 update 4.25 with no FIFA 13 demo release

By Alan Ng - Sep 12, 2012

If you are just logging into your PS3 system now from a UK PSN account, you are likely to find two big surprises. The first is the fact that a new PS3 update to firmware 4.25 is available to download, but more worrying for you – there’s still no FIFA 13 demo on the UK PS Store.

We told you that the UK FIFA 13 demo was expected to arrive during a 10pm to 2am time bracket, according to EA. However, at the time of writing, we have now past that deadline and there’s still no demo up for download – so what’s going on?

To make matters worse, the FIFA 13 ‘Soccer’ demo is available on the US PS Store, but not in the main section. We had to manually search for ‘FIFA 13’ before the demo appeared and this method doesn’t work on the UK store before you try it. Who do you place the blame with here on this occasion, Sony or EA?

EA had already given an estimate for the demo to appear, and perhaps it’s now down to Sony on why it still hasn’t appeared. The demo is already live on PC and Xbox 360, as you’ll see in our initial impressions from the Xbox 360 version here. It now means that FIFA fans in the UK are pulling their hair out, as they now have to bite the bullet and play the demo tomorrow instead.

There’s no word from the EA Sports Twitter account either, who originally posted the demo release time estimations. As for the new PS3 update, it will benefit those with a PS Plus subscription the most. Sony has added 1GB of cloud storage for all PS Plus members, increasing the limit from 150MB previously.

As far as we’re aware, there are no other features for normal members, but some ‘hidden’ features may turn up before the end of the week – they always do. Check the US Blog for full details of the firmware update.

If you live in the UK and have been waiting all night for the FIFA 13 demo, let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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  • Before you rant on how ps3 sucks, I you have a ps3 like me and have had one for awhile then you should know unlike pc and 360 demos or any release on the psn are givin usually in the evening so idk if its because of time differences in region or what but if you havent got it yet and reading most of these posts unlike me your not from the states so chill and you’ll the demo what’s a few hourse read a book or something.

  • Antwalk9

    FIFA 13 demo now live on uk psn

  • JohnSUFClarkson

    I only got my PS3 on the 10th, found out I had to wait till the next day to join the PS Network because of maintenance. Waited up all night for the demo till 4am and still it wasn’t there just like this morning when I looked. How long do they want to keep us waiting? I’m beginning to think getting a PS3 over the Xbox 360 elite was the worst decision I’ve made in my life.

  • Olly

    how do you make a US account?

    • NgTurbo

      You just have to complete the steps Olly, including putting in a imaginary address and zip code – it’s pretty straight forward stuff. Good luck!

  • brendy

    its nere 12 noon 12th of sept and still no demo

  • How do I sign in with my US account I’ve made? Everytime I try it says you can’t sign in with another users sign in id?

  • im trying to get it for my fiance i am not very good with computers, never his ps3 either but i still cant find it i am guessing its not there still! he was frustrated this morn saying he had to do an update etc and rushed out the update is complete but still not here. i take it this is not me by what i am reading.

  • Ajgrizzle

    I downloaded it about 8 pm uk time from the us store. Just create an account.
    Best FIFA I’ve played to date.

  • Not Impressed

    I’m so irritated that I’m actually surprised that I’m bothering to write this at all; However – the fact that this demo is still not available on the PS3, whereas it’s already available on the Xbox and PC, is not something that surprised me one bit.
    I, like many other fans of the game stayed up late last night waiting for nothing to happen. For some reason you just know that Sonys dated PSN wasn’t going to deliver something that seems so simple. I hate the Xbox for no other reason than it’s hamburger of a controller, but it’s network rarely let’s it’s users down. Something which I’ve simply grown accustomed to when it comes to my PS3.
    The PSN is a useless piece of crap. It’s slow and dated, and the PS3’s online gaming experience is a pale shadow of what the Xbox delivers. Days like this I would literally give my PS3 away, buy an Xbox and never look back, but I find it impossible to enjoy any kind of game with that brick of an Xbox controller.

    • Dave Schellaars

      Well ps3 network is free.
      Xbox network is something like, €60?

      I own my fat classic ps3 for like 5 years now.

      Damn if i had an xbox it would have cost me like €300, just for internet.
      Not even complaining about the rings of death.

      So if i have to wait 1 day more for a demo, i can live with that XD.

      I have no problems during online gaming because i have NAT-type 2.

    • Waz

      Mate your absolutely spot on. I feel exactly the same way! ps3 are a laughing stock, Everything takes a lifetime to achieve. like you said if Xbox had decent controllers I would trade my ps3 in tommorow. Bloody Useless

  • Dave Lampard

    Is this really worth crying over?!

  • Florin R

    i will wait bcz it is ..FIFA 13 not some pes ugly stuff

  • adam

    ive had to make a us account too , this takes the piss , playstation is goin way down hill , finkin i mite have to trade for xbox 360

  • Jake

    im not very happy got up at 5am to find no demo after reading it was going to be on psn between 10pm and 2am either EA or sony have to get things sorted im hoping that it will be there when i get home from work if not then ill make a US account and download it

  • RICK

    finally USELESSSSSSSS SONY has put a nail in their coffin, next gen console i will be getting WILL be a microsoft product , USELESS update in the place of a game demo that many fans have been waiting for days (counting days myself) then to see every other format get it (not hours but days before ps3 owners ) last straw for me, ive spent too much on my ps3 games etc to change now but next gen i will deffo will be remembering this moment, THANX SONY FOR YOUR USELESS UPDATE GOOD WORK!.

  • Parkes

    Just do what I did. Make a U.S account on your ps3, download the demo, then switch back to your U.K account and play it. It downloads it to the ps3 not to the account. I played it at 9.30pm U.K time last night (11th Sept)

  • Fifa freek

    Getting pissed off! Stayed up until 4am then woke up at 8am n still no fifa!!! This day isnt starting too good for me!

  • Seb

    I was hoping to wake up and download FIFA while I am at school,

  • what can a say shitty EA Sports again. PES give us 2 demos and came out exactly on the days they say PES all the way

  • james

    can someone atchually give me us address

  • Ezz

    Guys simple go and create a new account, than make your address USA, just google some random place and put it up as usa address and after u finished vist ps store and search fifa 13 and there u go download it and enjoy.. sorry for bad english.,

  • james

    matt farmer :p

  • Zack

    How did u guys make a us account? cos it asks u for an address? Did u make one up or actually know an american address?

  • matt

    Been waiting all night for this and it better come out some time between 10 and 2 this morning

  • john

    im getting an xbox fuk sony were always left to the last

  • MR T

    Guys it is a video game. If you get so annoyed over a video game demo being late you need to get a life.

    • FIFA for life

      Dude if ur not pissed with what has happened then u’re surely not a true gamer

    • macopollo

      I totally agree. Its just a demo. can wait one more day. no skin off my nose 😛

  • barryman

    this is stupid my only be demo but for god sake sort it out

  • callum

    I got up thinking the exact same, was just about to go onto the PlayStation store when it asked to update, so i wasted 10 mins doing that, i then went onto the store expecting it to be in the demo section, but no, so i searched for it, still nothing, its an absolute joke!

  • im in the uk, im sooo annoyed it hasnt came out yet! i checked and all i got was an update! ea really fluffed this one up :O

  • The Real Ronaldo

    its not out in australia either! sort this out sony!

  • Ross hull

    I got up at quarter to 6 and no demo,JOKE

  • fifa13YUNODownload

    im from belgium and this sucks 🙁 i wanna play the demo !!

  • EshLad

    I’d just love to be able to play it for free… xbox has made the demo for gold members only and considering my ps3 controller broke last week I’m not even happy. Another reason why sony tops microsoft.

  • Just hope they don’t mess up the season ticket release too

  • I got up early before school to find no demo, if it’s not there when I get back I’m gonna be pissed

    • Rob

      ive done the same, get home at lunch and if its not there im going somewhere where theres an xbox and the demo

    • same here 🙁

  • Dave

    I just did that too, set up a new account from us and downloaded from the US ps store.

    • Shane

      Yh but what address do you put in

      • ali

        43204 zipcode and high road St is the perfect address haha

        • NgTurbo

          not 90120? 🙂

  • Wazik Bruton

    i think they need to just bring them all out at the same time or within a hour of each other cause it is crazy to think EA are only wantin xbox and pc users to have the product

  • Kiwi Wookie

    It is just a demo but they bombarded us with the release times for days, then when it hits 4 hrs past they tell us nothing, just not our fault. Pain the butt when u took leave to play it! Still nothing here in Nz

  • PanchoTaffy

    Yawn… thought I would have a look before I went to work. Pretty funny if you ask me, never had any trouble with the PES demos’s 😀

  • Swag

    I live in South-Western USA and it was out over here when I got home from school. It was like 4:30 P.M. But, NO BARCA OR REAL MADRID IN DEMO??? :OOOO

  • Kevin

    Just make a us psn account then download it from the store 🙂

  • jaws09

    i just set up an american account as we had this problem last year, so i just jumped onto my american account and downloaded the demo and switched back to my english account and i can play it. its that simple

  • Sy

    Absolute piss take, 1st Sony have all our credit card details stolen, and then they keep us up all night waiting for them to disappoint yet again! i aint going to be sticking around on Playstation much longer to find out what happens next…. Xbox is coming my way! Sony Sucks Arse!

    • James

      Dude, you should get a PC or a Wii U. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are getting old at this point, and the thing is if people keep on buying these old consoles the company is gonna believe that its still good enough to keep us waiting another 5 years.

  • oryy

    Im from Aus and i got sick of waiting so I made a US PSN account and the game will finish downloading in 2 minutes. Best decision ive made in a while..

  • I’m gutted I have been going in and out of the store all night! I wouldn’t mind if they just came out and said the 12th or even the 13th … At least then I would know and wouldn’t have to waste my time checking!

  • Scott

    Really starting to lose patience with Sony.. First the Walking Dead, now this. Sort it out!

  • Only a demo, but still pretty damn annoying. Feels to me right now like EA lied as they did not wanna piss off any PS3 users by telling us we will be getting it a day later or so. I don’t see why Sony would refuse to update their store without the demo? Either ways, we got Armored Kill a week earlier than anyone else so can’t really complain. And it’s just a demo..

    • D

      its EA not sony

      • mike

        no it is sony EA have no control over it

  • Daniel

    After what Sony done with the security issues that crashed the ps3 for weeks, I’m going back to Xbox 360 after this disaster. Waited all night for the demo to arrive. Psn store is either always crashing or just is awlays late than everyone else. Poor service from supposedly top brand.

    • Hardware is the bomb, but the service is cheap. Xbox is maybe cheaper made, but at least when I get something promised I get it.

  • Steve

    It’s only a demo but just frustrated that they didn’t just say it will be out on the 12th instead. I really thought it would be on shortly after 10pm yesterday but then 2am went by and nothing. More worrying is that Sony and ea have not mentioned why it’s not on even after there stated time slots anyways thanks for the late night I didn’t really want.

  • kito

    who cares about shitty fifa at last more storage

  • Liam

    gonna give it another hour then i gotta go bed. 2 hours sleep before work is not cool bro. damn you ea/sony!