Apple iPhone 5 event: Live blog stream roundup

We are within touching distance of Apple’s iPhone 5 event, which everyone seems to be pumped up for at the moment. Whether you are an avid Apple fan or just a general tech lover, Apple’s event is not to be missed and since the company won’t be providing a live video stream, you’ll have to make do with a live blog instead.

That’s where we come in as we are going to round up a variety of websites that will be providing a live blog at the start of the event, which kicks off at 10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern Time or 6pm UK time. You probably already have your favorite live blog bookmarked in preparation, but if you are interested in opening a series of live blogs at the same time to ensure you don’t miss a single announcement, our links will come in useful.

Aside from providing a live blog, the guys over at Engadget have even gone one step further in providing a live video stream, which will provide build up coverage to the event to keep you busy until the keynote starts at 10am. Meanwhile, you’ll find live blogs links from some of the most common tech sites on the net – all of which will be live at the event and typing everything the moment it happens.

Have you found your perfect live stream for the event yet? Again it’s a shame there’s no live video, but it seems like we’ve all become used to using the live blog format now. Let us know what live blog you plan to use, if you tend to view multiple at once, or just the single live blog to suit your needs. Make your last minute predictions here.

Engadget – Live Blog / Live Pre-event video stream

GDGT – Live Blog

AppleInsider – Live blog

The Verge – Live Blog

Gizmodo – Live Blog.



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