2012 iMac refresh ships with Retina MacBook

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 12, 2012

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard about the new 2012 iMac shipping from suppliers, but this is exactly what we are hearing again today. Back in July we heard that the 2012 iMac refresh would be leaving factories in August, which we have been unable to confirm actually took place, but this week we’ve heard that the new iMac started mass shipping from the supply chain, so it might have been slightly delayed.

A new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro has also joined the 2012 iMac as well, and according to insiders both are being shipped at the same time and should be reaching retailers very soon for consumers to get hands-on within the next month. This means the Apple keynote planned at an event later today could also feature details on the new iMac and smaller Retina MacBook Pro, which are both likely to have a release date in September or October.

It’s going to be a massive couple of months for Apple that should see a large number of new products and refreshes launched. This includes the 2012 iMac, slightly smaller Retina MacBook, a new iPod touch, and of course the new iPhone that should be revealed today at the confirmed event. If you need to know what time the Apple event will start today in your location, then see the worldwide start times here.

The last few weeks have seen users and retailers getting ready for the 2012 iMac, and the constant rumors have created a lot of frustration for potential buyers as well. How have you been getting prepared for the new iMac, and also let us know how long you been waiting for it to arrive? We might see a small announcement at the Apple event today, although both these products could also see a silent launch on the Apple Store as well.

At the end of last week we published some details on the 2012 iMac release date, and the chance that it would ship around the iPhone 5 release date. You can read more in that article here, but considering the event is today it looks like you won’t have much longer to wait until the new iMac finally arrives.

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  • mikbe

    And as everyone now knows there was no mention of any iMacs or iPad minis. Another boring press event with nothing I’m interested in. Nope, not even the new iPhone interests me, I just want a new Mac Pro.

  • imac-convert

    This will be my first imac having owned macbooks for the last three years im looking forward to a new fast imac and to finally bury my Windows Desktop

  • Patience

    Been waiting to order new iMac for over 6 months – some days my current iMac just doesnt cope – but its not worth forking out the $$ for the current model, lol but back then they were saying the 2012 release was not that far away….right!

  • I’ve been waiting to buy an iMac for 2 months now. I had the hope of an iMac announcement in yesterday’s Keynote.
    I need it for work, but it seems that I will have to finish up my project without it. 🙁

  • rmcopt

    I don’t think they will release this year. Apple already missed the single largest sales window (back to school) for desktops for consumer and institutional buyers. The price point is too high for holiday so I would think they would focus a launch in Q1 or Q2 of 2013. It would be a waste of marketing dollars right now as most everyone has already made their purchasing decisions for back to school. If Jobs were with us, I think this would have gone differently. He always focused on the educational market. I buy equipement for an educational institution and we will close all purchasing on Sept. 15 so that it makes it to the state budget for payment for this years budget. We dont; start buying again until Q3 2013. We will not update our Mac’s this year rather we will focus on the PC units this year and see if their is a budget for Mac/s next time around. Bummer.

  • troyhomm

    Disappointed with no announcement today…

  • dave

    Been waiting more then 6 months.. Was hoping for a summer release of the imac and would settle for a simple refresh with a SSD (standard) at this point. I’m getting really tired of my 8 year old PC.

  • Apple pie

    I’ve been waiting 4 days since my iMac’s HD as died a 4 days ago ! Still I very hope today will be the day because I need a new one.

  • Steve Jobs

    i’ve been waiting 8 months. However I still think they will not be released today. Apple love to keep us waiting!

  • rottenApple

    about f*****g time!