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Samsung Galaxy S3 waterproof protection

If you are looking for that extra bit of protection for your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3, allow us to introduce you to the Seidio Obex waterproof case for the device, which aims to offer unrivaled complete protection not only against water, but shock too.

Many consumers are under the impression that a rugged case for the Galaxy S3 would just take away all of the natural beauty of the device. While this is true in many cases, the waterproof case from Seidio doesn’t actually look too bad when keeping the Galaxy S3 locked away from liquid and hard drop damage.

The Obex case has passed all sorts of rigorous testing procedures to an effect where the case is even able to withstand being submerged in water that is 1 meter deep – for a full 30 minutes! If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Galaxy S3 will also come out unscathed when being dropped from 6-foot distances.

Combine those two elements with protection against dust, mud, snow and sand – it’s fair to say that this is the ultimate rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The two main obstacles in your way will be the price of the case and if you feel that the design is still too much in terms of removing the slick Galaxy S3 style.

At the moment, we don’t see a price attached to the Obex case, but don’t be surprised if we see this case priced around the $100 mark, given the superior protection and the professional materials used. Having seen the design and the features on offer, is this one case that you wouldn’t mind paying close to $100 for?

If you have used a Seidio case before, let us know your thoughts on their latest effort for the Galaxy S3. Is there really a need for a waterproof case in your daily lifestyle? Head to the official website here for further details.



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