Radio ads ahead of GTA V news

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2012

Are you ready for the next official slice of official GTA V news from Rockstar? The famed developer recently stated that more content was on the way after dropping those beautiful screenshots, and now we have the first possible evidence that they plan to stick to their word.

You probably haven’t noticed, but Rockstar has updated a section of their website, which adds all new classic radio adverts from some of the previous games in the franchise. You can now visit their website and playback an entire catalog of previous adverts and jingles, and we have a feeling that this could be in preparation for some GTA V related radio content.

The random radio ads and classic tunes from the 80s and 90s is probably one of the most popular features of the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise and it is pretty mouth watering from our point of view to find out what tracks and stations are going to be included in GTA 5.

Aside from hearing some of most famous tunes in the music industry, Rockstar always includes a selection of tracks that gamers have never heard before, or in some cases, featuring old tracks that put the artist back into the limelight. Take Dance Hall Days as a classic example, from 80s new wave band Wang Chung. It was one of the best tracks from GTA Vice City and probably one of the main reasons why everyone still remembers the band today.

Rockstar has put these new radio archive clips online on their website for a good reason. After showing us the graphical prowess of the game via those screenshots, it looks they’ll be focusing on their radio ads and track soundtrack next. The possibilities are endless for what tracks will be included, but if you could make your own personal wishlist – what music would you choose for Grand Theft Auto 5?

A bit of Michael Jackson and Steely Dan perhaps? – You can’t go wrong there. Check out the Rockstar Advertising Council here and take a trip down memory lane as we prepare for some GTA V radio-related news. Are you expecting a mix of old and new again, or will you just be happy to play custom music as you cruise through the streets of GTA 5?

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  • Myopinionisking

    Notorious B.I.G. “Going back to Cali”. That would be a fitting song as we cruise the streets on our return to California. Anything by the greatest MC ever would be fine with me.

  • Gongapooch

    If k rose, and k dst are on v, then i shall be a appy man.

  • Got to have the jamaican riddims on again and reggae!

  • marketing

  • were bored of the game and its not even out yet well done rockstar great maketing good job guys

  • MrBippies

    No music with a f—ing saxophone. God, I hate the f—ing saxophone.

  • randalserrano

    Red Hot Chilie Peppers for sure, they are a California legend! They should put out a lot of Cali bands!

  • gtasince95

    if its in modern day LA theyll need dom kennedy, kendrick lamar, tde, eazy e,
    and some ice cube

  • Mike

    has anyone else seen that you can preorder gta 5 on walmarts website and they say it should ship on 12/31/2012

  • Davy

    More Thin Lizzy!!!

  • Well the song in the trailer will be featured in the game as every song used in any GTA game trailer is always featured. So that’s one fantastic song, some more of the Manchester trend they had going with San Andreas, Happy Mondays, Smiths, The Fall etc

  • Isaac

    I reckon they should keep the San Andreas radio stations and update the music on them.

    Radio los santos – Eminem, 50 cent, Dr dre (newer stuff)
    KDST – Red hot chili peppers, Pearl jam, Nirvana
    SF-UR – Dubstep? Could be something new for the players of GTA games.

    What you guys think?

  • ghostghostghost

    i bet all the music will be sh*tty rap, R&b and coldplay etc. it’s going to leave all of us normal, sane and audibly capable people to need to mute the “music” section of the game and then get some real music on by our own efforts and mediums

  • They should add this song in GTA V “Fruer – doot doot” anyone heard that song?

  • I don’t care what’s your favorite genre of music, we need everything. We need Rap,Hip Hop,Rock & Roll,RNB,Techno,House Music, ETC. But it has to be good, Rock Star never disappointed though.I want all Legends on V from every Genre, Tupac,Eminem,Michael Jackson,80’s vibe,jefferson Airplane,jimi hendrix,no lady gag,white artist rock,black artist rock etc.. .But I really want that 80’s,70’s, and 60’s music kinda vibe init. Anyone listen to the music in soul train and American band back in the days? OMGGGGGGGG SO haunting and good

  • The Pumpkin

    want to here some Smashing Pumpkins new album, Oceania on GTA V! The Celestials!!!!

  • Harry

    A bit of everything floats my boat ;D

  • Malesso671

    That page has been up since February 2011 !!

  • what rockstar should do is take the living roster feature that 2k uses to update all current team/player stats and trades etc. and use it for radio stations so that its always fresh material and we will never know what we will hear on the radio

  • Abraham

    Disappointed.. lil Wayne and drake are good, FTW

  • I truly just want good music and this time ggood rap/hip hop and smne good rock oh and put something like the journey from gta iv I loved that station.

  • Rick Astley

    80s and other old classics, Vice City style.

  • Some people are asking for modern songs (within the last half a decade), sorry to disappoint guys but the likeliness of them putting such new songs in is extremely low. It would just cost too much money :l I’d like to see lot’s of 80s again though. Vice City’s music playlist was brilliant

  • Stef

    Also, Curren$y would be great too c:

  • Stef

    It would be a nice touch if they updated the radio every now and then and add some kind of online touch to the radio like pandora or something per radio station. But honestly, PLEASE ADD A DUBSTEP CHANNELLLLL!!

    • dzzt

      i second the dub.

    • Jimmy

      no, games have a soundtrack that stick with the game. Its the whole point of a soundtrack. Turn on the radio if thats what you want. RADIO and Soundtracks are two different things, know the difference.

  • The5howMustGo0n

    More Kino 😛

  • anonymous

    i’d like to hear Chris Brown or The Game on GTA V, maybe even more Tupac, but im sure their gonna put Lil Wayne or some Drake(i hate lil wayne and drake)

    • No thanks, Tupac? Now you’re talking

      • Rapstinks

        Rap stinks. PERIOD.

  • Dr rockso

    More danzig like s.a

  • vin

    lets roll*

  • vin

    yelawolf – lets rolls…would be perfect

  • phipfwe76

    I can’t find anything about this on the website….

  • Richard

    Agreed with underground music, like ICP, Twiztid, etc.. Lil wayne and drake suck.

    • i stay wicked

      Hell ya or pschopathic rydas. Every time i listen to them i feel like playing gta lol

  • Aesop

    it would be sick if they had a place in game where you could hear or buy underground music that doesnt play on the radio. I just hope R* doesnt put shitty Lil Wayne and shitty Drake in their soundtrack for the game. R* GIVE US GOOD MUSIC! dont make gta5 just another place for people to be brainwashed into thinking Lil Wayne and Drake are good lol

    • nick

      or better yet let us play music from our ipod. undergroud all the way!

  • Agree! K-DST was great. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, The Eagles? Some classics would be nice.

  • K-DST!!!!!

  • whhhhhhhhhos

    Kendrick Lemar Feat Dr Dre – The Recipe. This is the perfect song

    • gv

      lol yeah hearing some girl having an orgasm might be perfect for you 12 yr olds. besides adhd is way better

      • Q

        12yr olds shouldn’t be allowed to play GTA… just saying.

    • lol yeah hearing some girl having an orgasm might be perfect for you 12 yr olds. besides adhd is way better

  • Gumby65

    Not to bang your party or anything, but Rockstar has had these up going on about 2 years….

  • brijk93

    Call me maybe? That would be fun killing cops to haha

    • Aesop


    • Me


  • Richard Belk

    Thanks for providing the link.

  • doesitlooklikeifuckencare