Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 60MB (updated)

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2012

We just had an email in the last hour from one of our readers, and they claim the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is live and they are downloading right now. We cannot confirm this and they asked not to be named, but we can tell you it is for a Galaxy S3 handset in Germany and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update weighs in at around 60MB.

It is interesting this firmware update is coming today considering we thought Samsung might want the focus on Galaxy S3 during Apple’s iPhone event tomorrow, although the rollout might take a few days to reach users in different countries, so it is likely to include the Apple event day.

Check your Samsung Galaxy S3 for a Jelly Bean update; do you see the new Android 4.1 firmware? If you have the update then please share a comment with the country your in, location, and what time it first appeared. Currently we have only heard from this one email, so it could be one user having some fun by emailing us and other technology websites. We’ll update you if we hear from any other sources later today.

Yesterday we reported that the Jelly Bean leaks for Samsung Galaxy S3 were some of the most stable yet, and this had been a sign towards Android 4.1 releasing anytime soon, so with this in mind it seems like our source might be right and we could be seeing a rollout across Europe at least.

We have also heard from a few people on other Android devices like the Galaxy Nexus, and Verizon customers want Jelly Bean launched on their device before it comes to Galaxy S3 users in the United States. At the time of writing we haven’t heard anything from our US readers in relation to Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean being live.

Update: We’ve seen a couple of other blogs reporting a similar story, so this is either the same user sending emails to different tech blogs, or we are in fact seeing the rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update. Keep connected to PR as we keep you updated on the update process.

Update 2: It seems our initial guess had been right, and this is a tip from a user that is sending the same thing to different tech blogs, which now looks to be fake. Unless we see a number of other S3 users stating Jelly Bean is rolling out, then it looks like this is fake and we won’t see the update until much later this month or more likely in OCT.

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  • omar

    No update in unbranded S3 in uae

  • Mathew Gentry

    My S3 just performed an update yesterday, however, it wasn’t the Jelly Bean update. It simply said that the update would increase stability. So i’m still running ICS. Todays date is October 8…..still no update:/ I’m starting to lose hope. From U.S.

  • muhammad adil

    lh1 update coming runing flash now but not jb still ics after update from uae stock kies my country is bahrain.

  • greypimps

    I just got my s3 yesterday in sacramento.. today I got a
    60Mb update download but when its done im still on 4.0.4. Not sure what I was on.

  • Coolmenskate

    Got an update for S3 Bell version (Montreal) about 100mb. Only 4.0.4 version 🙁

  • Guest

    No update on my S3 for US Cellular.

  • John

    Downloading right now 86MB in Toronto, Canada

  • Will

    Nothing in Montreal, Canada. Rogers.

  • Fred

    It’s not out til October, then by the end of October it will be November and so on and so on!

  • wolverine

    Yesss… running jb now on my gs3.. im frm malaysia

  • g3

    no update in india

  • Nish

    No updates as of now here in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Tobi Tobster

    I got an OTA update here in Germany today. It’s still Android 4.04 with PDA:LH3 / PHONE: LH1 / CSC: LH4.

  • Frank Junior

    No update here in Long Island NY

  • justin

    I tried kies and tried OTA update to jelly bean and there is nothing i’m with Rogers Wireless in Toront

  • skinnman

    86 meg near kitchener ontario canada

  • mohammed Zain Fiaz

    i have an update in dubai 🙂 dont know if it is jelly bean

  • mohammed Zain Fiaz

    There is an update in the UAE

  • Bartman4

    Just checked; Nothing yet in Hot, Humid, laid back Louisiana
    Am in Shreveport aka the other side

  • Alex

    Had a 60MB update come directly through on my S3 this morning… It uploaded, installed, rebooted… And no change. So I’m guessing perhaps it was Samsung’s update in direct preparation for an imminent Jelly Bean rollout??? I hope so anyway.

    • Alex

      I’m in the UK on O2 by the way.

  • Trololol guy

    Wow eveverybody os spreading this and no one ever confirmed if true.

  • Y^3

    No update in Canada yet!

  • jangly

    no updates on india tooo

  • james

    no update on unbranded in Australia

  • lilbitrusty

    80MB firmware update in Toronto is not JB, its a patch release of ICS

  • dallas21

    Got the update too! The new jb works really well on my handset

    • Bartman4

      For Real .? Well we must be next; you know every thing seems to come from
      Dallas–At least thats how the weather “works”
      Stay Frosty

  • escapadin

    fake news! Please stop spreading false rumors.

  • John213

    Downloaded the update as well in Canada. 🙂

  • Themooncat

    Nothing here on my galaxy s3 unbranded uk

  • Gman

    Downloaded firmware update on my Galaxy 3 – in Toronto, Canada. It’s about 80 megs.

    • mary

      Do you have emjoi now on the keyboard it came with

    • Aamer

      How? I am also in Toronto and I’m not getting it! Please share…

  • Peter

    Downloading in Australia now

    • If it’s 90MB then it’s not Jelly Bean, got fooled by that this morning -_-

  • harley

    Why fake??

    • R

      Samsung confirmed to CNET today that the update is rolling out in October

  • peter2222

    fake news

  • Brian

    There ain’t going to be one!…what on earth are they waiting for?…just roll the dann thing out!

  • Jebus

    Or maybe it’s just the latest official firmware LH1 (got mine yesterday). Still no sign of JB here.

  • harley

    Where u at??

  • madwing

    Dowloading what I believe to be JB right now on my S3 – Rogers Wireless.