Hines talks Skyrim, DLC, but silent on Dawnguard PS3

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2012

So far, there has been no official updates on when Bethesda plans to release Dawnguard onto the PS3. They company has been busy promoting Dishonored, but in a recent detailed interview with Pete Hines, you may be disappointed to hear that there’s still no word on the outstanding expansion.

It looks like the developer were really not kidding when they said they were ‘not confident’ on the chances of Dawnguard ever appearing on the PS3. Sony meanwhile has said that they were ‘working hard’ with Bethesda to ensure that this still remains a possibility in the future, but for now it’s perhaps time to kiss goodbye to hopes of playing Dawnguard in September.

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s main PR man has given a detailed interview with MCV and despite the lack of updates regarding the PS3 Dawnguard situation, it’s actually still a very good read. Firstly, we hear how the company are not tempted to cash in on the successes of Skyrim, by emulating Call of Duty with annual releases.

That would be a mistake in Hines’ opinion and something they couldn’t do in nine to ten months as Call of Duty isn’t a type of game which allows the player to ‘go anywhere or do whatever he or she wants’. Hines also mentioned about the ‘crazy’ success that the company has had in terms of sales with their first DLC expansion, Dawnguard. References to Shivering Isles for Oblivion and Fallout 3 content are made, but apparently none bear in comparison to the ‘ridiculous performance’ that Dawnguard has achieved, to pick out a particular quote.

There’s even talk on Skyrim being compatible with the PS Vita, but content would need to be chopped in order for that to happen and Bethesda isn’t interested in toying with this idea for now. Hines also distanced himself from Elder Scrolls appearing on the Wii U, but didn’t rule out their franchise appearing on Nintendo’s new console in the future.

There’s plenty of other interesting discussions to read through, but perhaps sadly the one key aspect (Dawnguard problems) was missing from the interview. Have you now almost given up hope in the content reaching Sony’s console for good, or do you still believe that it isn’t Bethesda’s fault and don’t mind waiting?

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  • MisguidedSaint

    Sell your obsolete Sony garbage to the local gamestop, pick up a system devs enjoy working with, problem solved.

  • MisguidedSaint

    finished Dawnguard like what 2 3 months ago? Fun stuff, you guys should try it.

  • The Future of Sega

    There’s plenty of room in hell for Bethesda.

  • I want the DLC but by doing that which mean i will have to get an xbox but damn i love Gran turismo 5 ,…….. hard choice to make !

  • Josh Chaletzos

    hey i just want to shed a little light on bethesda’s blight as I’m an IT student at Level 3 National diploma and i’ve only done simple coding and it’s HARD i’ve had a little trouble setting a code so you type something into a text box click a button and it appears in a list and then selecting a specific bit of text and deleting it and that’s simply moving text around bethesda need to build skyrim from the ground up it requires MASSES of code to simply making a characters lips move to a battle of EPIC proportions now if someone is willing to spend their time to create a new elder scrolls like elswyre which is somewhere not seen before so there won’t be any per-written code to cheat with and make it BETTER than skyrim trust me you won’t and I’m not a ‘fan boy’ yes I’m a fan of their games and I’m on ps3 so I’m missing out on dawnguard as much as anyone else but don’t hate on bethesda for something they are trying to fix and yes maybe they should held back the release of skyrim but now they’re holding back the release of dawnguard for the same problems that people bitched about with the release version of the game without any of the patches so make up your minds do you want them to hold it back till it’s done or not because think about it we’d probably still be waiting for skyrim to release let alone dawnguard give the team a break.

    • Jermerk

      Coders don’t use punctuation? Maybe that’s bethesda’s issue…they hired a bunch of IT students to code and they all left out some mundane detail like putting a decimal point in the wrong place or something.

      • Josh Chaletzos

        actually it isn’t punctuation it’s a separator I’ll give an example Label1.Caption = “Hello” so when the program is run text will appear saying hello Label1 is the object you wish to program . seperates it then caption is the function and then “” is for text and then I used text for it and that was quite hard I’m having difficulty with simple programming what bethesda does takes years and hundreds of people and bethesda is building on that and it’s taken a while to get that to xbox it’s just that ps3 is harder to code so everyone should cut them some slack

  • Wolfkin

    If anyone bothered to check with Fallout New Vegas DLC reached PS3 much later than than it did X-Box. So to that end, it will likely be the same with Skyrim, so stop crying over spilled milk and wait it will come, and it will be great, so yeah that’s my two cents just get over your selves.

  • DDuck

    Sold my copy of skyrim. Bethesda has royally pissed me off. About as bad as EA did with mass effect 3. Bethesda can suck it. Not buying any of their games again.

  • person

    bad for business i for one will not even want any other game they produce for ps3 you have lost a costumer that has been playing ever since elder scrolls 2. it was like this with oblivion and i know it would be like this for skyrim way buy a game that you wont get dlc till a year or to after its out on other counsels.

  • Hybrid_Sausage

    I think what this whole situation highlights most is how terrible the “release game first, fix with patches later” culture of games companies today is. There was once a time when a game was released when it was finished, with no major game-breaking bugs, no stupid DLC that should have been included in the game in the first place. I understand modern games are hard to code, but you don’t see the quality of, for example, cars going down because they’re harder to make. And they don’t charge you extra for the doors and seats.
    Oh and to all the Xbox fanboys using the usual “Oh PS3 is harder to code than a Nuclear Missile”, if that were true, why does the PS3 sell better in both Japan and Europe (look at the sales figures if you don’t believe me) and why does every other games dev manage to produce high quality games on BOTH platforms?

    • Seenataur476

      Ummmmm…we live in a throw away society dude….nothing is made with quality anymore. Cars don’t seem to have gone down in quality mainly because that happened in the 80’s…

    • Mark

      Yep. you nailed it right on the head, brother. Ive noticed this disturbing trend you speak of among developers over recent years, and have been bitching about it since day one. However, I am beyond tired of all the blindly-loyal-no-matter-what Bugesda fanboys defending the company (and others), without fully understanding the big picture and appreciating the full ramifications of what is really going on …
      Ever since nearly every single video game produced nowadays contains some form of online connectivity, companies have the consumer by the balls to continue the practice you described above. This includes ANY game that has trophy support, even if it’s a single player (non-multiplayer) game, as it requires online connectivity for your achievements and trophies to register with the network (i.e. Skyrim). If your game has any of those features, studios can (and will) continue to release
      .hunfinished, broke-ass crap, then a retroactively “patch” the game at their leisure. Developers know this, and believe me are knowingly and willingly exploiting it to engage in what you described above. Why, you ask??? Simple. Because they can, and because it’s not illegal. PERIOD. It IS a business, and it IS all about money. I mean, what reason do they really have to discontinue this practice, when fanboys run out in DROVES and buy 2.8 million copies of Skyrim within the first 3 days of launch??? 2.8 MILLION. Think about that number for a second, then multiply that by 60. Now, compare that dollar amount to the cost Bugesda spent on developing the game, and you have your answer. Boom – in 1 fell swoop Bugesda not only broke even, but made like a 500 percent profit, IN JUST THE FIRST 3 DAYS OF RELEASE ALONE. Take that FACT coupled the ability for them to retroactively patch a game after it has been released as described above, and you have your answer as to why this crap is happening in the first place, and sadly, why it will continue. They will listen (and stop this), if we fight back with our wallets, however, because they will HAVE to. In short – stop going out like a massive army of brainless zombies in buying a game online stay by the millions. Instead, wait a few weeks, do your OWN research on the game, then act accordingly. Also, stop defending companies no matter what they do, and no matter what type of unscrupulous/unethical business practices they choose to engage in, regardless of whether it is “legal” or not. WE have the power (as consumers) over this crap – period. Perhaps it’s long overdue that we start doing something about it …

    • Ajifoster3

      If Bethesda hadn’t released Skyrim on the set date there would be people saying the complete opposite, a lot of people don’t mind playing bug ridden games, don’t think of it being a uncompleted game, Bethesda said they weren’t going to have mounted combat, but they listened to their community and gave them what they wanted. A game at release, a perfect game a year or so afterwards.

  • Davis C.

    Disappointing to say the least, I will avoid Bethesda products in the future a shame really.

  • Fox

    Watch. When they finally say “It will not come out for PS3” People are going to respond. Very Very fast and its not gonna be pretty. I hope they don’t think they can shove Dishonored In our faces and forget about Skyrim for PS3 users.

  • Fallout Boy

    I hope the next Fallout game is next gen so Bethesda can sort out the issues they obviously have with the PS3. Absolutely LOVE FO3 and FONV even though the lattert crashes probably once every 4 or 5 hours of gameplay. Also loved Skyrim and am disappointed the DLC is not available. However, people need to remember that Bethesda would not WANT to have no clue about the PS3 issues. I will still buy their games, but I will NEVER buy an XPox.

    • Victor

      Did you have every DLC at the same time in FNV? If you did you will be lucky to play 15 minuts in a row without crashing.

  • joel_zombie

    im a hard core gamer, i never experienced problems with games like bethesdas. crashing glitching what have you, maybe its not the system but how bethesda make games.

  • panda204


  • cris

    Honestly, things like this remind me of why I chose an xbox over a playstation. Best decision ever

    • Victor

      Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1, 2 and 3, Gran Turismo 5. Fine by me. Have fun getting your red rings douchebag.

  • The Future of Sega

    Regardless of what Bethesda does the damage has already been done. There is no taking it back regardless of what they do… They sold their souls to the Devil (Microsoft) and now they must reap the negative consequences for all eternity… even if that means permanently going out of business when PS3 gamers have their revenge.

    You reap what you sow Bethesda. 🙂 For every 1 customer you piss off that 1 customer tells 10 other people. Those 10 people tell 10 other people leading to 100. And those 100 people tell…. well, you get the idea. 😀 Bethesda=BeDEADsda


    • Chonly

      No. Shut up. They didn’t sell their soul to anyone, the reason PS3 has problems is because of the way it handles memory causing stupid amounts of lag. If you think they’re not trying hard to fix it you’re an idiot.

      • TwinStripeUK

        Well said, Chonly! I honestly don’t understand how everyone on here is SO upset by not getting the DLC, but yet won’t support the developers when they’re trying to get it out to them. If they honestly didn’t WANT to release it, they’d just say it’s not available, end of story! And for those who keep whining ‘But I want it, why can’t they fix it for me?’ answer me this; how many other, massive, open-world RPGs have there been for the PS3? And how many ran perfectly?

        • Seenataur476

          Fair point on the open world RPGs, you are right there. But you are failing to account for the fact that Dawnguard has been in development since…early this year? Why didn’t this issue get fixed along the way before launch? Why is it a problem now, almost two months after it should have been released for PS3?
          That is my question, Why weren’t these issues addressed months ago? What terms were in the contract for the exclusivity deal between Bethesda and Microsoft?

        • TwinStripeUK

          @seenataur476:disqus just guessing, but it appears that the issues don’t really manifest themselves until well into the game and once the save games have started to increase in size. if Bethesda are involving Sony in trying to get to the bottom of it, then you can bet it’s bigger than the average ‘undocumented feature’…
          @facebook-646668689:disqus , I think you’re missing the point , the only real open-world RPGs for the PS3 have all been coded by Bethesda!There really isn’t anything else like Skyrim on the market, so if there are any direct comparisons I’ve missed, please mention them because I can’t think of one. The point about the games dev WAS true, but he was referring to the older Gamebryo engine used for Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV, which Bethesda replaced with the Radiant engine (as introduced in Skyrim) because… well, it was old and unusable!

        • theres quite a few that ran great, this is all about bethesda’s inability to code a game for ps3, plenty of other companies manage just fine to get their games that originated on PC only to work on ps3 and xbox alike without problems. also recall what the games dev who left bethesda said about their game engine being old and un-usable on modern systems.

      • Seenataur476

        They are trying to fix something that should have been fixed over two months ago…They apparently didn’t work on the PS3 version during the exclusivty period…oh, and Bethesda did sell out to MS (30 DAY EXCLUSIVITY DEAL)

  • The Future of Sega

    Forget Skyrim, I want an force feedback update for my PS3 copy of Oblivion!!! I also want an update to tweak my magicka, health, fatigue, willpower, and other stats by whatever number I choose saaay…”248,000 Magicka… 20,000 Willpower” and so on for Oblivion. And NO I’m not going to play it on PC because PCs are lame.

    Give us the open command option on PS3 for Oblivion and I won’t even care about Skyrim :-)….until you get the damn working that is.

  • Kevin

    The only way Sony and
    bethesda will reduce this problem if they see a mass loss in profit only then might they actually try to prevent such problems till then they might stop making expansion and new version to elder scrolls. They only understand our pain through their pockets..

  • iamuns

    I hope that they can get this out for ps3. If not, i hope that they atleast choice us an update for the dragon bone weapons and the crossbow. And some extra content leaving out the missions.

  • The Real

    I am a dedicated PS3 owner and have been since the playstation 1. I have always supported Playstation in everything. But when the Xbox 720 comes out you can bet your ass I will be buying one. I am so sick of getting DLC’s a month later, and for once I won’t have to be. I can’t wait to see what its like to get it the day its available.

    • Greg

      Battlefield 3 is releasing all DLC content to PS3 users first (xbox getting 2 weeks later), also Sony will look to avoid these issues with their next console… hopefully

    • mark

      Great. And by doing what you claim you will be doing, you are merely perpetuating the reason Methesda and Microsoft is doing crap like this in the first place, and REINFORCING the likelihood they will continue to do it again in the future. Way to really “show ’em”, you selfish, weak-ass sellout. Now kindly go f*ck yourself …

      • Seenataur476

        I have an Xbox myself, though I got mine for free cause my brother got one with a bigger HDD…though we are both PS3 supporters, and the majority of our games on that console

  • as you can see, we’re angry. and you don’t think you’re losing proceeds in case you don’t read, some of us aren’t buying products from you anymore, that means C.O.D. + you = no proceeds from ps3. that doesn’t look good does it. i’m still waiting but the others, i don’t think so.

    • if that is the case, then Bethesda is truly to blame because they knew before they released the game it wouldn’t be compatible on the PS3; thus purposely goading us into spending $$$ on what they knew was an inferior piece of software.
      If I recall, purposely selling a non-working product to a customer is fraud… let’s sue em.


    i hope the sony team smacks bethesda around while they are there holding their hands helping them with this pile of rediculousness. / P.s. – dragon’s dogma helps me forget, you guys should check it out


      Send me some good stuff please, like a dragon’s dogma sword or the ascalon. all i ever get back is bullcrap lol (PSN- BretonPacMunch13)

      • Anonymoose

        DD helps you forget about ridiculous DLC? Please tell me that is a joke?! 😛 DD’s DLC is the Horse Armor scandal all over again and 1000 times worse..

        PS. Farm the Ur Dragon. Its not exactly hard with the right build. 😛

        • PS3 ARISEN DUDE

          and let the beautiful trade system go to waste? lol no. F U give me a sword . ps, i didnt say anything bout dragon’s dogma dlc

        • PS3 ARISEN DUDE

          dragon’s dogma helps me forget about skyrim 😛

  • Fat Pat

    Im thinking of going to pc. More power, more graphics, more content.


    Don’t care anymore. Sold my copy last week and won’t get anymore Bethesda products. It’s the only power I got. F**k ’em!

  • Scourge

    I feel most disappointed because of the fact that I won’t get to create Dragon Bone Weapons, or alter my Character(s) appearance without this DLC, of course I would have liked to check out the additional Story, Characters, Armor/Weapons, Followers, etc but those 1st two features were things that I felt should have been in-game in the 1st place–and I believe they may have been kept out of the game just to be added as DLC later..

    It never made sense that for each class you could Smith a full set of Armor and Weapons until you got to the Dragon Materials (you can only make Armor) and I felt that this was very suspicious, I already knew it was being held for DLC puposes and shared this idea online whenever the question of “Dragon Weapons” came up, unfortunately many companies I feel have started to hold things that could have (or should have) been included in-game as DLC to entice us Gamers to spend that extra cash.. Bethesda kind of made it obvious by having Dragon Weapons missing from when everything else could be fully Smithed..

    It’s a double slap in the face for us PS3 Owners seeing that not only were we going to pay for a couple things that should have already been included–we may not see any of them at all.. Having been a happy participant in the Gaming World for about 23 years, I can safely say I’ve seen the passion to push games to the limits of QUALITY over profit all but die, it’s gone from a place where Gamers just like us were the ones at the reigns of the industry and the companies within–now there are more Business Men in suits who hardly ever picked up a controller call the shots, buying exclusivity deals and buying Rights to licenses (ala EA and the NFL) are becoming way to frequent–and this half-assing and corner cutting costs all of us in the long run..

    • slender

      i know what you mean, i was reading up on the dawnguard status a while ago and some absolute fool actually said that it was great that bethesda ‘gave’ us mounted combat for free instead of charging for it. they genuinely thought that we probably should of been charged for such a mundane thing (that should have been in the game from the start skyrim clearly wasn’t complete when released) and said that bethesda were good guys. people had no idea how bad they really are until now.

      • Mounted combat isn’t even a bad joke… it’s adding insult to injury.

        • PS3 ARISEN DUDE

          mounted combat kept me playin… for about two minutes. and now i havnt played skyrim in a couple months

    • Victor

      Personally, I hated Dragon Bone weapons. Mainly because when I look at a Daedric Weapon, how it’s made and what I know about the daedra, it makes my weapon seem unique and awesome. Also, because of the aspect of dragonbone weapons, for example: Imagine having a daedric mace in your hand and swinging it with all your strength at someone’s cheek. It looks like it rips of that someone’s entire face. But when I see Daedric weapons I just imagine a boring regular cut, like in steel or iron weapons. What I’m looking for is more quest and places to explore, I cleared every dungeon in Skyrim already.

  • Aric West

    Disappointed. Skyrim’s a great game on the PS3 but the bugs and then the issues with the DLC has convinced me that Bethseda is not committed to the PS3 platform. This leaves me with the option of buying an x-box or avoiding Bethseda products in the future. Sorry, Bethseda but I only pay for quality products.

    • Dalion

      ^ I give you a dusted off interwebz in hopes that you will use this meme well. 😀

  • hubbajube

    Yeah I’ve honestly given up hope on Bethesda. I just look up Dawnguard every few day’s to see if something might bring me back…. Like Hearthfire for free. It’s only five bucks, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big lost with how ever much they got form Microsoft for the Dawnguard exclusive…

    • z’del

      It’s Xbox feature only not even for ps3

  • TuxedoCartman

    Hey, Bethesda? I want a full refund. This has gone PAST ridiculous.

  • john

    they really screwed up and i seriously want that dlc cus it is awsome.

  • Dan Smith

    They should’ve waited a year before releasing Skyrim on PS3 making it for the console instead of a shoddy Xbox port. To put it another way they should make a proper PS3 version for the Game of the year edition and include all dlc. For the moment they could in theory release the dragon weapons, vampire lord and werewolf skill trees and the aesthetic vampire modifications as PS3 dlc because they don’t change the game world in the same way as fitting extra caves/quests/castles onto the existing map.

    • spiritreaver

      Would be nice, and i expressed similar thoughts on PS3 getting some of the Dawnguard package if the whole thing was not possible; but Hines tweeted to another PS3-er that Bethesda is firm on an ‘all or nothing’ stance when it comes to DLC on the PS3. And also in the official forums one poster was good enough to explain to me that much of the stuff outside of the DG quest that ppl may want is actually tied up into the quest….

      Well done all around Bethesda….

    • Why would any self respecting PS3 user buy the GotYE of Skyrim knowing they did nothing to fix the original?
      Why not just give them your bank account number so they can just take your money when they want?

  • Guys remember why they are having issues. They made the entire game for Xbox and then ported the game ( engine and all) to ps3. Patches made it run somewhat smoothly for awhile but you can’t fix an engine with a patch. So as they add to the game it gets worse. I’m pretty sure any money they saved by doing this they threw down the toilet. What do you guys think?

    • mikey_lolz

      Really? I didn’t know they did this! That is completely ridiculous, if they knew that DLC was gonna come out, they would definitely have to change it so it was fully compatible!

    • spiritreaver

      I only think that they actively threw away cash if they actually have been working hard at getting it on the PS3. And i can’t believe that Bethesda has been what with how they have conveniently passed the buck onto Sony and are going ahead producing and releasing other DLC(Hearthfire) without having first given a definite answer on whether or not PS3 will see Dawnguard or any DLC for Skyrim at all.

      • z’del

        Already announced that hearthfire is a Xbox feature only.

        • PS3 FTW

          Sucky Xbox gets mostly every DLC 30 days be4 others. Dumbass Xbox geek.

        • spiritreaver

          Get it straight please. 360 has the last of its 30 day exclusivity with Hearthfire. And personally they can keep Hearthfire.

        • Gaming Loner

          NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :/ i wanted to built a house and adopt some children (not the pedo way lol)

        • i read that its PC only not xbox

  • JPS

    I think it’s absolutely pathetic that they managed to get it working on the 360 and not on the ps3, when the ps3 is supposed to be a superior system (no other game has had trouble with programming for the ps3). Poor show

    • What ? hahaha xD, make me laugh, too many games had problems with the PS3, not this huge but still they had.

      • Dan Smith

        Such as?

        • Lenfred

          The only reason why third party games would run bad on ps3 is because of lazy porting on the devs part.

        • Ray

          2)Splinter Cell – Double Agent
          3)Sonic The Hedgehog (very bad game on all platforms, worse on PS3 though)
          4) Madden 08
          5) Quake Wars
          6) GTA 4 (worse on the PS3 than any other platform)
          7) Both Batman.

          This is just to name a few games, I sold my PS3 when i found out that alot of games had to be ported, and also that it was harder to develop for than the Xbox 360. Sony has learned from its mistake hopefully.

        • hubbajube

          I never had problems with any of those games. And GTA 4 just sucked in general. most disappointing game I ever bought =( I didn’t have any problems in it, but the story was just lame….

        • 12 Sony Fanboys are hating on you because you diss their favorite console. I got both and for years I supported Sony, even bought the shitty PSPUTA with no games and worst of all no support.

        • Are you angry because no one is paying attention to you?
          We heard your opinion, now please be quiet til you have something to say besides fanboy trolling.

        • If Sonic was bad on all platforms, why are you blaming Sony for coding/programming?

        • Seenataur476

          Both Batman games worked just amazing on PS3, I have played them for hours on PS3 myself…don’t know what the hell you’re talking about…GTA 4 just sucked, but it worked just fine…F.E.A.R., well that was a PC only game to begin with (did the first one even get released on console?)
          The other games, well I never played them, but I am sure (considering your choices of “problematic” games) they ran just fine…

  • john

    Not only does Bethesda suck monkey balls, and ps3 users deserve to get a WORKING copy of dawnguard for a multitude of completely valid and warranted aforementioned reasons, but I also wish this and other websites would enact the equivalent of “grammar correct” for those who post comments like a babbling, blathering, brain-damaged 6 yr old who just ate a bucket full of lead paint chips …..

    • Cam

      Nice…yet you start off with ‘Bethesda sucks monkey balls’

      • Being part monkey myself, I find it highly entertaining to see someone make reference to monkey testicles at any point in the statement.

  • Demonicrage

    Damn right I wanna play the DLC’s on ps3, I just if Bethesda and Sony work it out it will be free due to the inconvienience!!

    • As I said, they don’t have Obligation to come out with a DLC, so why would it be free xD.

      • Actually, they kind of do have an obligation to release it once they say they will. it says on the back of the PS3 case “Add-On Content”.

        They didn’t HAVE to put that blurb on the box, they CHOSE to say that they would be releasing DLC for the PS3 version.

      • Oh yes; promising DLCs and add-on content in a public forum is certainly an obligation… they made a public announcement that bonus content would be available to all systems, not only one or two.

      • Demonicrage

        They have an obligation as soon as they announce which platform the DLC’s will be available for, which they did!!

  • it IS bethesda’s fault and yeah i have given up all hope about it….

  • Sky-Rim player

    Does this DLC have something to do with Dawn-Star?

    • mikey_lolz

      No, nothing at all. Haven’t you read any information about what it is?


    • No, not Dawn-Star, nor Rif-Ten, nor White-Run, nor Sol-Itude.


  • ???

    It took less people to put a mobile laboratory on mars successfully than it has for Bethesda & Sony to screw up a dlc for a console! Honestly they can’t even give us a straight answer as to why this problem is such an impossible problem. You would have to assume they had at least an inkling that dlc would never be adaptable to the ps3 before they released skyrim, yet they release it with a false indication that this game will be expandable for all. Misleading management like this will never prosper in the future without either a real explanation or results in the future. Disappointing indeed!

    • The fact that they won’t give you a straight answer IS your answer. Bethesda screwed up on something fundamental and obvious and they can’t cop to it.


    Like i said I ain’t Buyin anymore bethesda games for now on i don’t even wanna see or hear that company name that whole company is AIDS. their a bunch of asses that don’t know crap about programming for ps3 . I won’t feel sorry for that company once the ps4 and 720 comes out then they’ll be whining about they don’t know how to program for the ps4 and 720 as well screw them i will prey everyday for them to go bankrupt.They should go down for advertisement for us ps3 members who paid the same price for that game.Even so that the caseing of the game has add-on content saying on the back of skyrim i still love the game and i think it looks better on my ps3 than a 360 i will never get no crap box .Becuase if i did i’d be takin a step backwards at tech thats older ps3 is newer .I’d rather take a step forward in new tech than back so if bethesda can’t program with new systems their will be no need for bethesda to be making games anymore.Most of thier games are buggy anyway so burn bethesda burn screw all your games….

  • wtf, man

    i dont give a fuckk, i dont play the sh!t, all i wanna do is bust a cap in a nigguh!!!