Hines talks Skyrim, DLC, but silent on Dawnguard PS3

So far, there has been no official updates on when Bethesda plans to release Dawnguard onto the PS3. They company has been busy promoting Dishonored, but in a recent detailed interview with Pete Hines, you may be disappointed to hear that there’s still no word on the outstanding expansion.

It looks like the developer were really not kidding when they said they were ‘not confident’ on the chances of Dawnguard ever appearing on the PS3. Sony meanwhile has said that they were ‘working hard’ with Bethesda to ensure that this still remains a possibility in the future, but for now it’s perhaps time to kiss goodbye to hopes of playing Dawnguard in September.

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s main PR man has given a detailed interview with MCV and despite the lack of updates regarding the PS3 Dawnguard situation, it’s actually still a very good read. Firstly, we hear how the company are not tempted to cash in on the successes of Skyrim, by emulating Call of Duty with annual releases.

That would be a mistake in Hines’ opinion and something they couldn’t do in nine to ten months as Call of Duty isn’t a type of game which allows the player to ‘go anywhere or do whatever he or she wants’. Hines also mentioned about the ‘crazy’ success that the company has had in terms of sales with their first DLC expansion, Dawnguard. References to Shivering Isles for Oblivion and Fallout 3 content are made, but apparently none bear in comparison to the ‘ridiculous performance’ that Dawnguard has achieved, to pick out a particular quote.

There’s even talk on Skyrim being compatible with the PS Vita, but content would need to be chopped in order for that to happen and Bethesda isn’t interested in toying with this idea for now. Hines also distanced himself from Elder Scrolls appearing on the Wii U, but didn’t rule out their franchise appearing on Nintendo’s new console in the future.

There’s plenty of other interesting discussions to read through, but perhaps sadly the one key aspect (Dawnguard problems) was missing from the interview. Have you now almost given up hope in the content reaching Sony’s console for good, or do you still believe that it isn’t Bethesda’s fault and don’t mind waiting?



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