FIFA 13 demo time raises old wounds

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2012

Following on from our earlier article which pinpointed the exact release times for the FIFA 13 demo, we can now confirm that the demo has indeed gone live for PC and Xbox 360 users with a Gold membership.

As you’ve probably guessed by now though, PS3 users are still waiting for their chance to play the demo and it seems to continue the bad mood that PS3 users have right now after getting a royal slap in the face over the lack of Dawnguard for the PS3 version of Skyrim.

The growing consensus amongst PS3 users is that they are feeling pretty hard done by at the moment and hearing that the FIFA 13 demo has been given a release time estimation of 12 hours after Xbox 360 users get it, is hardly going to improve the situation. For those that are still not aware, EA slapped a 10pm UK time estimation on the PS3 demo, although it could even arrive at 2am at the latest as well.

Meanwhile, some of you have been having your say on the situation, in a heated discussion in our previous article here. We see old arguments brought up such as ‘Xbox 360 users have to pay to play online, so PS3 users who don’t should have to wait longer’.
Then there’s a even a separate argument brought up on how the PS3 still doesn’t have cross game voice chat – although we’re not sure how that comes into a discussion on the FIFA 13 demo.

EA has said on Twitter that this is out of their hands and is Sony’s problem why the demo hasn’t arrived at the same time as Xbox 360 users. Twelve hours is a bit of a stretch though, considering all store items usually arrive sometime in the afternoon, or at the latest around 6pm UK time.

If you are a PS3 user reading this, how do you feel now that you have again been given the short straw compared to Xbox 360 and PC?

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  • Ooohbila Mazzadangilah

    Stop bitching arseholes.

  • Luke

    I think the next console I buy will be an Xbox….

  • jase

    it would be nice to no where we stand anybody no anything??

  • trolley

    13:14 and no blumin fifa demo u have let us down sony

  • Olly

    Absolutely ridiculous 11am next day and still no demo or explanation?

  • Connor

    7:40 and they now say it’ll be availale early today, not good enough for people who stayed up all night for nothing!

  • ducky !

    well it said all over twitter on the official sites 10pm – 2am is the slot given to EA and sony to release fifa 13 .. well its 2:26 and still no demo ? its a joke how sony mess us around something has to be done ! i know we dont pay for our online gaming but hell it dont mean we have to be hacked / messed about

  • Pissed off

    lemmie get this straight.
    Firstly, they delay Ps3 12hours after 360 fair enough.
    but now, we have to wait till latest of 6’oclock in the morning just to download it
    download will take at least two hours average then we can play it

    PIISSSSTAKKKEEE sony you don’t rate us at all.

  • jake

    still waiting……. pissed off to say the least its not the 11th if its technically nearly 2 in the morning is it? im sure thats false advertisement??

  • rick

    so this is what you get for being a loyal ps3 owner grrrrrrrrrrrrr8 way to be treated love you sony

  • cueball247

    its a bit gutting but considering it’s a free item people should just be greatful there getting at all im a ps3 user i’ve waited this long a few more hours dont matter

  • Matt Livesey

    You have to pay for online on Xbox, but PS3 consoles are more expensive!!!!!

  • this is fuc#$%&^ BS with all the games is the same thing…… i have the xbox but i dont like it i wanna play it on my ps3 (

  • Tarek

    I could care less about a 12 hour difference.

  • Calum769

    I couldn’t care less about cross game voice chat but I do feel annoued PS3 always comes second to xbox it’s ridiculous games are advertised like the ps3 doesn’t exist yet I know people that have played both and say PS3’s a better console, I just think it needs more attention. If you pay more sn plus which I do you should receive this sort of stuff in better time.

  • Jordan

    Am just dissapoint that we ps3 users have to wait 12 hours extra!

  • yoyoma

    downloading now. yeah yeahhhhh

  • icelord666

    realy lifes too short , so what it will be released between 10pm n 2am for ps3 waited this long so a few hours wont hurt and its only a demo,, not like the real full version that we cant buy n x box players can ,, is it realy that important !! seriously theres more to life than frigging console games and i like games .

  • Mr pc games

    im a pc and had already played it like 5 times and its great. the mini games before kick-off is so addictive . i love my pc hahahahahahaha shame on you ps3 and xbox users ahahahahaha

  • LeoTheRealOne

    Bing it; it works. Chill out fellas

  • tom

    it’s not working for me

  • Jakk

    Worked thanks man

  • gomez

    go to bing and type in fifa 13 demo mate

  • Jakk

    Me to dude

  • kroft

    bing fifa 13 and it comes up!

  • Spooogey

    Still can’t download it on Xbox! It should be released in Australia tonight, right?

    • Azzzzaaaaa

      i live in australia as well what i wrote at the top should work, it worked for me

  • aqib75

    same. I cant download it either. whaaats gooiinng ooonnnn.!!!!!!!

  • Ory

    I feel bloody pissed off. Thats how I feel.

  • I’m still waiting to play the damn demo here in Australia! It’s not released on Xbox 360 yet!! I don’t see it on Live!

  • Billy1992

    I’m a gold member on xbox 360 and cant download it? I can see it in A-Z listings but no button to download it.

    • Azzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa

      ok i had the same thing, go onto the xbox website and in the search box type fifa 13 it should be there, don’t just look under demos, you have to type fifa 13 in the search box

      • Billy1992

        Thanks 🙂 so happy get to play it now. cant wait. Thank you !!!!!!